🔥 Zamplebox Vape Juice Review

today i got something a little different

we're going to go over a juice

subscription service

you've probably all heard of it before

this is a zample box i got the 11

juice subscription that they sent me in

order to try it out

i went through all the flavor profiles

you get to

like pick what fruits you like what

fruits you don't like what flavors you

like what flavors you don't like

and then they come up with a

subscription for you depending on how

many bottles you pick in that


and you get it every month or whatever

time frame you choose to get it in

now i've always heard a lot about them

i've never actually tried their service

they approached me about trying their

service and i have to say i was pretty

impressed about three days after i

picked my my uh the type of flavors that

i like

i wound up getting the box it was nicely

packaged we're gonna cut down low

i'm gonna show you everything then we're

to come back on top

we're going to taste some juices i'm

going to go over the juices

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check this thing out man it's kind of

cool right this is the regular e-liquid


they also sent me a nick salt one that

i'm gonna go over

a little bit later on i'm not gonna

go over that one in this video but check

this out

11 bottles just for you zample box the

original vape

family and then you get this like this

like menu system right here

check that out man kind of neat you got

this rating card right here where you

can rate your top three

so you give them some feedback i like

that you got this

vapor ham lincoln card we'll file that

and now check this out you got like this

it looks like a menu right doesn't it

like a menu you get in a restaurant

all right and this tells you every one

of them and their flavor profiles

as well as the vg content so you can see

i got assassin

strawberry watermelon nectarine sweet


candy 80 vg right and it gives you the

retail price

i got derby delight i got lychee

lauren meteor milk

particle y blue raspberry and sugar you

guys know that's right up my alley

baker's dozen a creamy blueberry vanilla


on the other side you can see we got

baker's island

french vanilla cheesecake mango warrior

oh my god so good and shortcake

stunner and it lets you know the retail

value of this box is 165.89

kind of cool man the way they laid that

out i like that i like it a lot

let's get back to the box you open it up

and here you go these are all of your

all of your juices laid out

beautifully you got six on the top

and now you take this part out and you

got another

five on the bottom all right kind of

cool man i really like the way they

packaged it

it's kind of awesome we're gonna go back

on top

we're gonna try every one of these

flavors i'm gonna

go over every one of them on top we're

gonna vape on them and we're gonna talk

about the flavor profiles

while you know i normally don't do

individual juice reviews the re the

reason i agreed to do

this one is because it's not just juices

it's a service and you get

multiple different brands on this

service so that's why i agreed to do it

i'm normally not a juice reviewer

type of guy you know it's hard to talk a

long time about

certain juices and stuff like that but

the reason i agreed to do this is

because there's 11 different ones and i

thought it may be interesting

something a little different from the

hardware reviews i'm always doing

so without any further ado let's start

tasting some juices

i arrange them in an order that i think

they'll kind of mix with each other

along the way and let me explain to you

why i did that

the atomizer i'm going to be using today

is the wasp

nano the omir wasp nano i probably own

about a dozen of them it's one of my


single coil rdas i have the trinity

glass cap on top of it

and the reason i decided to use this

particular atomizer is because

this is the atomizer that i use when i

go to shows

when you go to a show and you want to

try juices out they got all these


rubber you know these sealed rubber drip

tips and you pop them in there and you

vape what they have in the tank

i don't like doing that you know i'd

rather just vape on my own stuff

so what i normally do is i bring a wasp

nano with me

and you know i'll bring a i'll bring

enough to re-wick it once or twice

during the day if i have to

but what i do is i bring a wasp nano i

put four or five drops of liquid on it

i take three or four pulls i'm dry and

i'm ready to go on to the next flavor

so that's the way i'm gonna taste these

juices in this video so

but i just wanted to tell you about it

because it's a little bit of a pro tip

for you

in case you ever go to a vape show and

you want to try juices

you'll know what type of atomizer to

bring and what to do

so let's get into some of the juices the

first juice i'm going to try is from

vape craft house this is a french

vanilla cheesecake that's the name of it

french vanilla cheesecake it's already

in there i got it omen out at

0.21 at 54 watts that's the wattage i'm

going to vape them all at

but let's see what it tastes like

i get the french vanilla up front i get

the cheesecake at the end

not a very complex juice very very

simple yet very very clean

it's got a very clean taste to it

it's not in your face flavor it's kind

of on the light side

definitely an all day vape type of juice

if you like

french vanilla and cheesecake it's a

very good juice i have no issues with it

it's a good tasting juice not something

i'd say this is

fire you gotta run out and go buy but if

you like french vanilla stuff

or vanilla's in general you'll probably

like this but it's on the light side

the next juice we're gonna try is from

the same exact

company okay this is oh my god

so good it's a vanilla brown sugar

cheesecake i'm gonna drip it we're gonna

try it out

that's very nice i actually like it

better than the french vanilla


i'm definitely getting the vanilla and

the brown sugar

right away there they're blended really


the cheesecake is coming in at the end

just like on the other juice

but there's more flavor on this one this

one is more

in your face it's still not uh you know

a shockingly in your face juice it's

very mild

not as mild as the french vanilla but

also very nice i like this better than

the french vanilla

again vape's very clean i could see

myself using this in the morning with a

cup of coffee

really really nice flavor i would

actually buy this one in 120 mils

that's how much i like it next up on the

list is from

rocket punch it's called short cake

stunner it's basically a strawberry

shortcake juice i like cake juices i

like strawberries let's check this one


very nice very full flavored

strawberry up front you get a natural


and a little bit of a candied strawberry


the cake is coming through throughout

the whole poll

i'm really enjoying this juice this is a

nice juice

you get that short cake type of flavor

you know it's it's a very yellow juice

so i i got a feeling this thing's got

some sweetener in it

really nice flavor though man if you're

into the strawberry cake juices

you're gonna like this one again this is

another one i would have no problem

going out

and buying it in 120 mils that's how

much i like it

the next juice on the list is from the

chubby baker line of juices

it's called baker's dozen it's supposed

to be a

creamy blueberry vanilla cupcake which

is again

right up my alley when it comes to

flavor profile i already dripped it

let's try it out

very very nice very very nice i like

this a lot

i'm getting a hint of blueberry not too

much blueberry the blueberry is very


i'm getting that vanilla frosting and

that vanilla cake

really really nice juice not

overwhelmingly sweet

and it's not in your face so you can

vape this as an all day vape

the flavors are very subtle but they

blend together beautifully

i'm impressed by this juice i would buy

120 mls of this juice as well

really really nice it's getting cloudy

down here next on the list is

also from the chubby baker this one's


baker's islands it's like a uh

a four fruit pina colada but they're not

telling me what the fruits

are in it so let's give it a vape let's

see what it tastes like

hmm very sweet

very tropical tasting i'm almost

tasting like you know definitely some


some guava maybe some papaya

it's it's got that tropical type of


salad taste to it it's very very good if

you like

tropical fruity style vapes really not

my jam

but it's very accurate and it tastes

really nice

again not overly sweet just a really

nice blend of tropical fruits

i like it i do i do i don't know if i'd

go out and actually

buy this but i don't mind vaping at all

it's actually a very nice juice if

you're into the fruity juices you should

probably check it out

next on the list we have strange clouds

e-juice it's called

debbie delight it's another tropical

fruit blend

that's why i had this one follow up the

chubby baker

i probably figure you know there won't

be that much of a difference between


let's check this one out

you know what this has a real

that tropical fruit tastes just like the

chubby baker but i'm getting some

coconut in it

i'm getting some nice prominent coconut

especially on the exhale

which i think i think i like this one

better than the chubby baker one as far

as tropical fruit vapes go

yeah man the coconut is very subtle

but it's there and i think it adds a

nice element to this juice

i would i would buy this juice on its

own if i saw it out there

i like it it's actually a really nice

fruity vape what i like about the


is it calms down the sweetness on the

rest of the fruits which

the chubby baker one didn't do the

chubby bacon one was kind of

kind of kind of sweet sweet this one is

not as sweet but it's got the same

similar type of flavor so i like that i

like the juices that are not

overly sweet this one is definitely

worth buying on the side

next is a juice from okami it's called

lychee lauren it's a lychee tea

and peach now i'm not big on t vapes


i do like peach vapes i like like peach

cobblers and stuff like that

so let's give this one a try i'm also

not big on lychee vapes

but let's let's check it out let's see

what it tastes like

wow that is surprisingly really good man

the lychee is not overpowering it's


well with the peach and the tea

kind of comes on at the end you kind of

get a little bit of the tea flavor

to offset some of the sweetness i'm

really enjoying that

you know the funny thing is the last

vape convention i was at i remember

being at the okami booth

and i tried a bunch of their juices and

i don't remember

this one standing out it's actually

really good

definitely worth a look next on the list

is from

tyrant e juice it's called mango warrior

this one has mango pineapple and orange

not really you know big on the citrus

vapes but i like mango and pineapple so

let's see how this one tastes

well i'll tell you what out of all the

three flavors that i mentioned the mango

the orange and the pineapple

not one of them is overpowering the

other it seems to be a

very well blended juice i'm getting

all three aspects throughout the whole

pole i'm getting all three flavors

and they they blend together really

really nice i'm i'm kind of impressed

with this one i'm not gonna lie

because i'm not a citrus vapor

that's actually really smooth and really

nice again

another one that's definitely worth

taking a look at next

on the list is from tyrant as well it's

called assassin

this is a strawberry watermelon

nectarine and sweet belt candy juice

i'm not big on the candy flavors okay

but i do like

i do like nectarine i do like watermelon

but watermelon that's done right i'm not

you know there aren't too many

watermelon juices out there that i


buy because i think it's a hard flavor

for a lot of people to nail

a lot of times it's very candied but

let's check this one out and see how it


yeah man that's just that's just not my

jam man

it's it's it's a candied watermelon

i the watermelon is overpowering the


i just it's not it's not disgusting it's


unvapable if you like like that

watermelon now and later type of flavor

you're probably gonna like this one it's

not my deal

probably the only one so far in the box

that i wouldn't buy on a regular basis

or that i wouldn't

buy if i saw it on sale it's just it's

just not something that

that floats my boat next on the list is

meteor milk by space jam you know the

funny thing is whenever i go into a vape

shop i always see these bottles on the


i've never really seen them at a

convention so i've never really tried

their stuff before

i don't remember ever trying a space jam

juice i i've just never had the

opportunity this one is ice cream and

strawberry syrup

so i'm interested to try this because i

do like ice cream vapes and i do like

strawberry vapes so let's give it a


you know man it tastes like a typical

strawberry milk sell out type of juice

right they call it the sellout juice

right everybody had a strawberry and

milk juice

that's what this tastes like

it's nothing spectacular it's nothing


would i vape it if somebody gave me a

bottle or something like that

absolutely would i go out and look to

buy it probably not because there are

other strawberry milky juices that i

like better

but it's not bad and last on the list is

also from

space jam particle y it's a blue

raspberry sugar vape you guys know man

that's right up my alley i love anything

with raspberry

i love blue raspberry problem with a lot

of blue raspberry juices a lot of times

they have blue raspberry slushes and

they have a cooling agent in it

hopefully this doesn't have a cooling

agent in it let's try it out

oh that's nice that's really nice

i like that a lot okay you know what

this tastes like

to me this tastes like the blue

raspberry fun dip

you know that candy with the stick you

lick it and you stick it back in there

you lick it again

i tell you what man i like this one a

lot i would actually

this is probably my favorite one out of

all of them i would actually buy this


in in large quantities that's how much i

like it it's smooth

oh yeah that's probably my favorite one

out of the bunch

so there you have it insiders that's my

take on the zample box subscription

service i wanted to do something a

little different hopefully you enjoyed

this video

want to give a big shout out to

zamplebox for sending this

subscription my way definitely

appreciate it

check out the link down below they

actually got a pretty nice service

i actually recommend it especially if

you're in an area in the country

where you don't get a chance to go to a

lot of vape shows and you want to try

out different juices

i mean they're sending you all 30 ml

bottles so it's not like you're making a

huge commitment to the juice

but once you find something you like you

can go ahead and go buy it in a bigger


so that's kind of cool i definitely see

how a subscription service like this

could be a value to some vapers be sure

to click the link

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and that's it insiders that's all i got

for you today

you keep living that vape life we're

outta here