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Review of Narada- the Augvape Druga Narada Pro

Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

my name is Brian Thomas and I'm a

pediatric pulmonologist and director of

the cystic fibrosis Center at Michigan

State University so the first thing I

think do start with is well what is

vaping unlike traditional cigarette

hookah cigar rolling on combustion

babying uses sort of a combination of

electronic product and a pot or some

sort of liquid and so the vape device

heats and then atomizes this liquid I

think the initial idea was that this

might be slightly less harmful than

traditional combustion based nicotine

inhalation so I think that very much

remains to be seen right now because

vaping is relatively new we're kind of

dealing with to sort of separate

problems the first problem is you know

is this safe in general and that's

mostly looking at people who are using

vaping as a way to put cigarettes or as

a alternative to traditional cigarettes

thinking about both short and long term

or the health consequences of this

secondarily the sort of acute burst of

vaping induce…

What Is The Best Mesh RTA? Geekvape Zeus X RTA

what's happening everybody I'm DJ Osby

Felton welcome back to the channel

geek flip was and still is quite

successful with their zoo series of

atomizers more so the zoos acts that

latest stop airflow dual coil RTA which

was also a big hit and still one of my

favorite artists of all times I believe

there's oosoo bomb tank was quite

successful - what if the zoo's axe was

made to be modular from the beginning

yep it was and now they are releasing

both the zoo's axe mash Edition as well

as just a specific build deck for mesh

these built that can be used in your

zoo's ex RTA if you already own one in

this case we have the focus so we get

the zoo's xrt air with the bubble tank

and the mesh build deck already

installed of course we also receive a

straight glass tank an extra Ultem

driptip a bag with extra post screws

extra o rings extra screws spare spring

spare ceramic block coiling rod 510

driptip adapter as well as its ripple to

another bag with two 0.2 or mes…

Will E-cigarettes Cause Lung Health Problems?

Hi, my name is Eric Hamberger. I am an

assistant clinical professor of

pediatric pulmonology at UCLA, and I'm

going to talk about e-cigarettes and

lung health today. I have nothing to

disclose, I have no relationships to

disclose for this presentation. So,

e-cigarettes are a group of devices that

allow users to inhale an aerosol, usually

containing nicotine and flavoring, for

recreational use, and I wanted to

emphasize recreational use to

distinguish it from other aerosolized

things like nebulizers, inhalers, which

are prescribed by doctors. They go by a

lot of different names, e-cigarettes, e-cigs,

cigalikes, vapes, vape pens, tanks--some

people just refer to them by the brand

name itself, and they become very popular,

especially in the past decade. In 2014,

they surpassed traditional cigarette use

among adolescents and young adults. The

concept of noncombustible nicotine

delivery has actually been around for

quite a long time. The first patent can

be traced back to the 1920s. I…

The Effects That E-Cigs Can Have On Teens

- Welcome back keeping tobacco products

out of the hands of minors.

It continues to be a hot

topic as the popularity

of E-cigarettes,

and vaping continues

to rise just last week.

In fact, we told you about tobacco 21

an ordinance the city of Youngstown

is considering which would

raise the minimum age

to buy tobacco in the

city to 21 years old.

And if you remember our

own Caroline Collins

told us recently about a

hot trend called Juuling.

It's a discrete electronic device

that can be charged up in a laptop.

Some students even smoking

this nicotine-packed e-juice

in school just because of

how discreet that it is.

A very timely subject matter as we welcome

in Dr. Jonathan Winecoff this morning.

Good morning.

- Thanks for having me.

- Thank you so much for

joining us this morning.

Now you're a pediatrician

with Massachusetts General

Children's Hospital.

You're here in town

speaking with clinical staff

from what we've learned at

Akron Children's Hospital.

Tell me a…

Health Officials Warn About Possible Link Between Vaping & Coronavirus

a spike in Kovan 19 cases and people

between the ages of 18 and 49 has some

health officials warning about a

possible link between the virus and

vaping i team reporter brian knew been

digging through the data to sort out

what's fact and what's fiction the fact

is we don't have a study that looks at

those with the corona virus and who vape

it's all simply too new but health

officials say there is enough evidence

that they're worried that vaping may be

making the virus worse it's a question

that has been raised by the governor of

Michigan in the US Surgeon General is

there a link between vaping and

especially the teens who are being

hospitalized with the coronavirus we

want to base everything we do

particularly in emergency situations

like this we want to base it on facts

dr. Rosemarie Robertson is the chief

science medical officer with the

American Heart Association she says

there is little direct data on this

possible connection but here's what we

do know …

Vandy Vape Mato RDTA Review | The Best Of Rda and Rta

what's happening everybody I'm detail

Phillips and welcome back to the channel

very vibe has without a doubt clearly

revolutionized the market have atomizers

all these producing atomizers with

mostly great quality but not many are

DTS when I think of it that's why I'm

really excited today because we are

going to check out their motto our DTI

which is a collaboration between them

and never fear German reviewer if I'm

not mistaken inside the box you'll find

the motto rdta this is the black

coloured one by the way these are all

the different colors available you also

receive a quality control certificate as

well as a user manual a bag with spare

o-rings spare fill port plugs spare

stainless steel rope 510 driptip adapter

squonk pin and both allen drivers one

for the post and the other for the

squonk pin installation last but not

least a 3.5 millimeter diameter triple

fused Clapton coil with all the specs

and even the material huge props to that

the metal rdta is …

THE SMOK NORD 2 Vape Kit Review | 0.69 Inch OLED Display

what's up inside this douches jacket
vaping insider today we're gonna be
going over the smoke Nord
- now the Nord was a pretty popular
device the big question is how does the
Nord to stack up against the og before
we get into the video click the link
down below in the top comment in order
to join our Facebook group see we got
here flat micro USB cable for charging
there is your faux stab wood Nord - they
calling it stab wood they should call it
stab wood look this is not really stab
wood and here are your two pods that
we're gonna go over in more detail right
now ok so this is your regular Nord pod
you can see it's marked Nord on the
bottom here alright
plug and play style coils you could see
regular Nord style coils nothing we
haven't seen before this is the point 8
ohm Nord coil this is more of a mouth to
lung coil made more for your higher
nicotine free base juices or even your
salt NIC juices ok now remember this
coil goes in this pod there are two
different p…