Are Kids Using Disposable E-cigarettes To Get Around The Vape Flavor Ban?

I'm male or GM a cover story it's a
startling headline this morning about
teens and vaping despite the new
flavored vaping bans
some kids are finding a way around it
Paula Faris is back with details about
this good morning again Paula Murray
Robyn good morning ladies yes these
teens are finding a loophole over 25% of
high schoolers used e-cigarettes last
year according to the CDC most of them
flavored but since the flavor ban many
teams are finding a way around it
they're turning to disposable flavored
cigarettes high school sophomores Nicki
McClure and Nate Albritton do almost
everything together classes studying
hanging out after school they even
started vaping together we were just
like let's just try it because like to
us everyone was doing it the best
friends from Paducah Kentucky say they
quickly became hooked and when flavored
Jules went off the market last year they
switched to puff bars a brand of
disposable e-cigarette when the ban came
disposable was like you saw them
everywhere and that's what everyone was
talking about joe is like not cool
it's the puffs bar the Food and Drug
Administration's new rule bans the sale
of flavored ecig arrests with refillable
cartridges but a loophole allows
disposable ethics which come in flavors
like watermelon and blue razz to remain
on the market this one is pink lemonade
if you just smell it you'll realize what
it is this has as much nicotine as a
pack and a half of cigarettes cool
clouds the company that owns puff bar
told ABC News it is vehemently opposed
to illegal use of the puff bar by minors
has not engaged in any marketing and
does not operate any e-commerce websites
or social media I calculated all the
money that I've used on puff bars in
like the last two months and it was like
$300 it makes me mad at myself almost
because I hate that and I don't want to
be addicted the partial ban coming about
after a string of vaping related
illnesses all in an effort to curb
access to sweet flavors that appeal to
young people now these teens are urging
to close the loophole Democrats are
taking strong action to protect
America's children the house passing a
bill last week to ban the sale of all
flavored tobacco products something Nate
and Nicki hope will prevent other teens
from becoming addicted and struggling to
quit it's just the hardest thing to do
because once you finally feel like
you're getting somewhere it just pulls
you back in yeah they are hooked and the
makers of puff Barre say they are no
longer distributing puff Barre products
here in the US and the vapor Technology
Association told us that youth should
not use any nicotine products period
it's illegal and they also add that a
total ban would ruin it for the many
adults who are using e-cigarettes to
desperately kick their smoking habit was
one disposable has the same nicotine as
a pack and a half of cigarettes
incomprehensive a lot of teens don't
know this and they're just getting
hooked on the nicotine yeah all right
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