Congressman Frank Pallone Talks To Students About The Dangers Of Vaping

it's the flavors it's the online sales

and it's the advertising Congressman

Frank pallone talking to the group most

affected by the growing vaping crisis

high school students vaping has impacted

millions of teenagers across the country

and tens of thousands in the state so we

know almost 10% of youth are smoking

e-cigarettes a little bit broader of a

number is twenty thousand nine hundred

high-school students that are smoking in

general so it's not broken down by just

eat cigarettes but still an alarming

number because they're using tobacco


that's why pallone is pushing for his

protecting American lungs and reversing

the youth tobacco epidemic act to pass

the bipartisan legislation that passed

in the house would prohibit all flavored

tobacco products including e-cigarettes

banned most non face-to-face sales for

tobacco products and protect kids from

the predatory marketing of tobacco

products the fact that the legislation

would prohibit the sale of menthol

cigarettes is also a major win for

Public Health

menthol is added to cigarettes to help

the poison go down more smoothly

according to the US Food and Drug

Administration and just one year alone

between 2017 and 2018 a cigarette used

by high school students increased by an

alarming 78% see what happened is when

when we passed laws that prohibited for

example advertising and had the graphic

warnings on cigarettes and we spent

money to try to explain to people why

you know smoke and cigarettes were bad

that did not apply to vaping

advocates say big tobacco campaigns were

so successful that they were able to

rapidly reverse years of progress to

bring down teen smoking rates these

predatory cigarette companies were

marking their tech chic dessert flavored

high nicotine containing ecig or devices

to our kids on social media platforms

using young influencers and cool parties

to promote their highly addictive

products teens in the crowd got a lesson

on the potential consequences of the

highly addictive vaping products through

an anti vaping PSA created by fellow

students for students I feel like they

know that there's consequences but it's

like once again peer pressure

they start vaping the nicotine just

takes over and do you don't know how to

get out of it when you see these someone

your age sort of spread this message

that's when it's the most effective the

bill is now headed to the Senate for a

vote in Edison Raven Santana and JCV