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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

COVID-19 Starts To Affect Vaping Industry|Precautionary Measures To Take

the rising concerns regarding

coronavirus or the official name kovat

19 are leaving many people worried with

the continuing crisis Chinese government

announced that they will be holding

millions of people in quarantine to

prevent the virus from spreading and

this goes hand in hand with their

economy and with China being one of if

not the largest players when it comes to

manufacturing many people are voicing

their concerns on importing products

from China due to the virus and today

we're gonna be talking about this new

virus and how it affects the vaping and

some precautionary measures you should

take hey how's it going everyone Dave

here from - vapes and welcome back to

yet another video now coronavirus or

kovat 19 has many people worried

including vapours being that over 90% of

the products come out of China this has

a huge impact on the actual product

itself so I thought why not make a video

to address some of the common questions

we're getting about this topic but

before we get into it be sure to have to

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little bell to stay up to date with

their latest videos okay so one of the

biggest or most repeated questions we

get regarding this topic is that

coronavirus can actually transfer and

get spread through the actual product

itself and in theory it does make sense

there's a virus going around in China we

get product shipped from China and it

makes its way over here however looking

a little bit deeper into the virus

itself will show that it's highly

unlikely for that to happen studies that

were conducted on coronavirus show that

it can survive without a host between

five to nine days meaning that the virus

can linger and live on surfaces for over

a week however this is under perfect

conditions under optimal temperature and

a completely clean surface also

according to the studies normal

disinfectant so you can find on the

house can efficiently inactivate

coronaviruses within a minute so if you

are worried about corona virus traveling

through products or devices or anything

like that just give it a quick clean and

I should eliminate that fear I wouldn't

worry too much about that however there

is a certain aspect that we really need

to pay attention to and it's stalk again

almost all the products come out of

China and with the outbreak came many

shutdowns for factories in China on top

of that we also have roadblocks and

giant quarantines cutting the production

for products even further this has

essentially halted all manufacturing for

vape products and there's no telling

when things will resume back to normal

we're currently speculating roughly

around late April until things start

going back to normal but a lot of other

retailers and distributors I started

feeling the heat of the virus for

example vapor DNA which is a large

retailer out of the states posted

they're experiencing issues with stock

and direct result of a factory shutting

down in China so we strongly advise that

you stock up on vape gear and everything

that you need for the next four to six

weeks at the least liquids should be too

much of an issue but hardware like pods

coils and batteries definitely will be

so I definitely start placing those

orders whether it's at your local shop

or online if you do decide to order

through - beeps we do have free shipping

throughout Canada and the United States

for orders over $35 Canadian but you

definitely want to be stocked up as

again we really have no clue where this

could potentially go end that pretty

much wraps up this video now if you have

any questions or comments feel free to

leave them in the comment section down

below or contact us through any of our

social media platforms at - babes if you

like this video please be sure to that

like button down below and it's

subscribed to save you day of their

latest videos as always I'm Dave from -

phoebs and I'll see you in the next



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