Does Vaping Lure Kids With Flavor? E-cigarettes Contain Toxic Metals?

what's up everyone juices jacket beeping

insider you know I was sitting back

thinking about the situation at vaping

Zin right now and there's just a ton a

ton of misinformation myths and just

general lies out there so I wanted to

make another video going over some of

the other more popular myths out there

okay so that's what I decided to do

today we're gonna do another top 10

myths video hopefully you'll enjoy this

one let's get started

myth number 10 ecig arete lure kids with

flavors let's get something straight

ecig arrests are made specifically for

adults they're packaged for adults

they're sold in adult vaping stores they

have warning labels on them for adults

there's no doubt about it they are made

for adults in fact if you walk into any

brick-and-mortar vape store they won't

even let you in unless you are 21 years

or older and as far as the flavor

argument goes adults like flavor too why

else would there be flavored alcohol why

does ice cream come in dozens of

different flavors because adults like

flavors too if everything in life was

just one flavor it would be pretty dull

now we can dig a lot deeper into this

kid issue and the so called vaping

epidemic in 2011 according to all the

anti vapor stats fifteen point eight

percent of all high schoolers smoked the

last survey that came out only 5.8

percent of all high schoolers smoked

now if you're a person who's worried

about your kids smoking or if you're a

politician who's worried about the youth

smoking you should be jumping for joy

over those stats you should be doing

cartwheels but they're not why because a

lot of kids have experimented with

vaping not too many of them actually

stick with it

in fact studies show that the kids that

are vaping now have transitioned over

from smoking so that old line that you

hear that kids who vape are more likely

to smoke is a bold-faced lie it's

exactly the opposite the kids who smoke

are actually more prone to become vapors

so shaping isn't a gateway to smoking

smoking is a gateway to vaping now we

don't want to see any underage kids

vapor we don't want to see that no

responsible adult wants to see that

however I am the father of two teenage

boys and I can tell you right now if I

quote either one of them smoking or

vaping of course I'm gonna sit them down

and have the talk with them I'm gonna

tell them why they shouldn't put nothing

but fresh air in their lungs

given the choice though between vaping

and smoking I'd rather have my kid vape

because I know that it's 95 percent

healthier than smoking now the numbers I

quote are true

you can even go check with the

Australian tobacco harm reduction

Association they did a study and they

found that seventy to eighty percent of

the kids that vape are actually vaping

to quit smoking myth number nine e

cigarettes contain Fleur maldehyde toxic

metals and antifreeze let's tackle these

one at a time let's start with the

formaldehyde myth in 2015 a report was

published in the New England Journal of

Medicine stating that the vape that we

expel has an unusually high amount of

formaldehyde the paper in the journal

was quickly debunked by leading

scientists including dr. mark Siegel

from the Boston University School of

Public Health moving on to the

antifreeze myth in 2009 the FDA did a

study and they found that out of 18

ejuice samples that they tested one of

them had trace amounts of ethylene

glycol ethylene glycol is a common

ingredient found in antifreeze and it's

known to be toxic to humans what the FDA

didn't tell you was that the amount

found was significantly under 1% till

this day 11 years later there has yet to

be a case of anybody coming down with

ethylene glycol poisoning from VAP yet

this dangerous rumor still persists and

you're gonna see the anti vapors roll it

out in their talking points on a daily

basis now it is absolutely true that

most liquids contain propylene glycol PG

as their main ingredient propylene

glycol has been associated with

antifreeze as well the fact of the

matter is though PG or propylene glycol

has been gamed safe for consumption by

the FDA in fact it's a commonly used

ingredient in a lot of the

pharmaceuticals that you use every day

it's in food additives colorants it's an

inhalant it's even in toothpaste

unfortunately these facts have not

stopped the anti vapors from trying to

advance their false narrative let's

cover the toxic metals now John Hopkins

University did a study that said the VAP

that we are taking into our lungs is

exposing us to toxic metal dr. Farr

cellino's a world renowned cardiologist

from acting's Greece took the numbers

from the John Hopkins study and crunched

them for us as a vapor would look at dr.

Farr cellino's found out that the

average human takes about 17,000 breaths

a day the problem with the John Hopkins

University study is they use the numbers

that they got from the vapor production

and assume that every breath of vapor

took had vape in it which is simply not

true most of us that vape take anywhere

from 400 to 600 puffs a day on the high

side if you take the numbers that John

Hopkins University came up with and you

times them by the 4 to 600 puffs a day

that most vapors take you'll find that

most of the time in all

every scenario vapors are well below the

toxic level when it comes to the metals

that John Hopkins University tested now

out of all the metals that we vape on

the one that is probably the easiest to

get over that toxicity level is nickel

and there's an easy way to avoid that if

you are a nickel vapor and that stat

bothers you don't vape on nickel or

nichrome the point of the whole matter

is John Hopkins University skewered the

numbers in order to make it look like

vaping was dangerous they knew well and

good that every breath every vapor takes

is not full of APE in fact most of the

breaths we take are not full of APE and

John Hopkins University knew it and they

skewered the results in order to get the

result that they wanted myth number

eight nicotine causes cancer most

experts agree that nicotine by itself

does not cause cancer they all agree on

it what they don't agree on is nicotine

may cause some type of damage to your

DNA that may make you more susceptible

to cancer the jury is still out on that


nothing is conclusive however nicotine

by itself is definitely safer than say

delivering it through a combustible

cigarette that is why most scientific

studies conclude that vaping is 95

percent safer than smoking a combustible

cigarette because you're not getting all

those other added chemicals that you get

with a cigarette combustible cigarettes

contain thousands of different chemicals

especially in the smoke that you are

inhaling as opposed to vaping where

there's really only three or four

ingredients you have propylene glycol

which we already went over you have VG

which is vegetable glycerin you have

flavorings and you also have nicotine

now the nicotine is optional some people

vape on zero nicotine juices common

sense would dictate that a product would

only three or four chemicals is much

safer than in

hailing a product with thousands of

chemicals myth number seven

banning cigarettes is just common sense

the people who spew this lie just have

no idea of what our history is they need

to pick up a history book and read it

history has shown us that prohibition

does not work they tried outlawing

alcohol in America and that didn't work

in the 80s they tried to just say no to

drugs campaign and that didn't work

America is more hooked on drugs than

they've ever been before fact of the

matter is if you ban e-cigarettes you

are going to create a huge black market

and then there's gonna be no way to

regulate it and no way to make it safe

for people because everything's gonna be

done under the table I mean it's human

nature right the more you take something

away from somebody the more they want it

everybody wants what they can't have

what really cracks me up about the ban

happy people is the numbers and when you

crunch them they're astounding right we

had 42 people die because of a valley

those were people that they illegal THC

cartridges bought by a drug dealer now

I'm sorry for every one of those 42

people their friends and families I'm

sure it was a terrible way of dying okay

however there are also four hundred and

eighty thousand people a year who die

from smoking yet I don't hear anybody

calling for smoking to be banned forty

to 480,000 huge huge difference and if

anything should be banned it should be

combustible cigarettes but you'll never

see that happen because our government

makes too much money off of the taxes

from cigarettes now please don't think

I'm making light of the people that have

died from a valley I do think it's a

shame and I do feel bad for them and

their family however the fact still

remains that no one has ever died from


vaping myth number six vape companies

want to normalize smoking again this has

got to be one of the stupidest things

I've ever heard first of all every vapor

I know does not consider themselves a

smoker not one of them okay

most vapors that were ex-smokers

consider themselves vapors not smokers

we we don't classify ourselves as

smokers we don't think like smokers

anymore we want nothing to do with the

taste of tobacco or menthol and that's

part of the reason why we like our

flavors in fact most vapors hate the

fact that when we have to go outside to

a smoking section that we have to be put

in the same section as smokers most

vapors would like to have their own

vaping section because we just don't

identify with smokers anymore and that's

just a fact so to say that we want to

normalize smoking again is just a

ridiculous statement myth number five

vaping is gonna give you pneumonia

you're gonna get water on your lungs you

hear this one all the time and it's an

absolutely untrue unproven fallacy these

rumors were started with a study that

used very questionable procedures the

study in question actually stated that

the bacteria that causes pneumonia can

actually stick to your lungs because of

the vaping residue what the study didn't

mention was even if that specific

bacteria is present that doesn't

necessarily mean you're going to get

pneumonia in fact that exact bacteria

can be present in your airway and that

doesn't mean you're going to get

pneumonia they also fail to mention the

antibacterial properties of propylene

glycol the PG that is in our eliquid

studies as far back as the 1940s show

that PG is actually a very effective

antibacterial the antibacterial question

of PG is an important one that most


fail to investigate or even fail to

answer now I'm not saying P G is going

to protect you from pneumonia or any

other respiratory illnesses but I do

think it needs to be looked into I can

tell you this from personal experience

since I've been vaping I get sick a lot

less often than I used to

myth number four vaping is gonna make

you more susceptible to Kovac 19

otherwise known as the Wu Han virus this

one was perpetuated by New York's mayor

and New York's lieutenant governor New

York's mayor Mayor Bill DeBlasio got on

TV and told his constituents that if you

want to make yourself less susceptible

to Kovan 19 you should quit smoking or

vaping he did this without absolutely

any scientific knowledge at all he

basically just made it up there is no

proof that if you are a vapor you are

going to be more susceptible to kovin 19

it is an outright lie lies like this and

politicizing possible pandemics is an

absolutely disgusting practice the only

thing that I find more disgusting is

when these anti vape groups drag the

kids out and put them in their photo

opportunities in order to advance their

narrative both practices are deplorable

in my view myth number three vaping is

healthy the reason I want to cover this

is because whenever I do a video like

this I always get some Yahoo in the

comments that says but vaping isn't


we know that vapors know that vapors are

well aware of that

every vapor that vapes is aware that the

best thing that you could actually put

in your lungs as fresh air I say it all

the time what most anti vapors don't

understand is that most of us are vaping

in order to keep off of cigarettes we

don't want to smoke we're using it as a

harm reduction product we're doing it so

we don't smoke we're not saying it's

healthy all

we're saying is that it's 95% healthier

than combustible cigarettes and there's

nothing wrong with that

you know what cracks me up about the

anti vapors is they're all for harm

reduction when it comes to illicit drugs

opening up free injection sites and

stuff like that but when people like you

and I want to get off cigarettes and use

a harm reduction product they want to

come in

ban it and take it away from us it's

absolutely ridiculous yes all you anti

vapors we know the best thing you can

put in your lungs is fresh air and I'll

leave it at that myth number two no

long-term studies have been done on

e-cigarettes we don't even know what's

in them in 2018 the National Academy of

Sciences released a report saying that

there are no long-term effects

associated with vaping see the problem

here isn't that there aren't any

long-term studies there's been studies

done all over the world about vaping the

problem is America is basically behind

the world when it comes to vaping vaping

has been around for over a decade it

only got popular in the US over the last

five years and for some reason the

politicians the media and all the anti

vapors want to ignore the science that's

been done all over the world and they

just want to exist in their little

bubble in the United States and the

reason the mainstream media and the

politicians don't want to look at the

science that's been done all over the

world is because it doesn't agree with

the narrative that they want to push on

the uninformed American public in fact

when you're done watching this video do

yourself a favor and try to google some

of the things that I was saying in this

video and the only thing that you're

gonna get on the first three pages are

going to be anti vaping results even

social media and search engines have

come out against vaping they're

controlling what you see they don't want

you to see what's real they don't want

you to see the fact they make sure the


Arivu here is the anti vaping narrative

and the last myth the number one myth

the biggest myth of all time start

vaping and you'll save money that one

always makes me laugh the only way

you're gonna save money is a vapor is if

you buy one device by yourself one

atomizer and use that device until the

wheels fall off and then buy another one

if you wind up like most of us and you

go down that rabbit hole you are going

to spend a ton of money you're gonna

want the latest and greatest every time

something new comes out you're going to

want it you're gonna want the best RTA

the latest mod that came out the latest

pod that came out let's not forget about

all the accessories that you're gonna


you're gonna need batteries to power

those new devices you're gonna need an

external charger for those batteries

you're gonna need cotton

you're gonna need coils you're gonna

need juices you're gonna need all kinds

of stuff and you're gonna want the

latest and greatest when a new juice

comes out and somebody says it's great

you're gonna go out and try to buy it if

you fall into the rabbit hole of vaping

trust me when I tell you it can be very


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