Health Officials Warn About Possible Link Between Vaping & Coronavirus

a spike in Kovan 19 cases and people

between the ages of 18 and 49 has some

health officials warning about a

possible link between the virus and

vaping i team reporter brian knew been

digging through the data to sort out

what's fact and what's fiction the fact

is we don't have a study that looks at

those with the corona virus and who vape

it's all simply too new but health

officials say there is enough evidence

that they're worried that vaping may be

making the virus worse it's a question

that has been raised by the governor of

Michigan in the US Surgeon General is

there a link between vaping and

especially the teens who are being

hospitalized with the coronavirus we

want to base everything we do

particularly in emergency situations

like this we want to base it on facts

dr. Rosemarie Robertson is the chief

science medical officer with the

American Heart Association she says

there is little direct data on this

possible connection but here's what we

do know according to medical studies

coming out of China smokers there have a

higher risk of severe illness and even

death if they get the coronavirus the

non-smokers one study says the risk of

severe illness is as much as 14 times

higher for smokers dr. Robertson says

that should tell us something about

those who vape we know for sure that

people with chronic respiratory diseases

have very a greatly increased fatality

rate they die more often if they get

infected over the past year the CBS 11

eye team has reported on Texas teens

hospitalized struggling to breathe as

the result of their vaping addictions

combine this with the corona virus which

is a lung disease and health experts say

you can connect the dots if you can do

anything to reduce your risk it's to

make sure that your health is as good as


so why medical officials are going to be

looking for this possible connection the

reality is as these hospitals become

overloaded with patients they may simply

not have enough time to take those

detailed medical histories so by the

time we have

a complete study many worry it may be

too late

with the i-team Brian new CBS 11 News

Brian thank you