How COVID 19 Should Effect Your Vaping | How to Vape Safe

hi guys I'm Dam Hoff chief operating

officer of honey stick and Gold Line and

today we're not going to be making a new

product introduction or talking about

some vaping tips today we're actually

going to talk about some safe vaping

practices that you can practice with the

onset of this coronavirus Kovan 19 that

is a pandemic affecting the United

States today so our customer service

lines and phones and agents here at

honey stick and Gold Line a lot of

people have had a lot of questions about

vaping and what they can do to keep

their vaporizers clean or practice some

safe vaping practices in the midst of

this pandemic now as a disclaimer I am

NOT a medical professional but I do know

vaporizers and I'm simply here to tell

you how to keep your vaporizers clean

and we do know vape culture so we're

going to try to make some of the best

efforts in the midst of this period of

social distancing that you guys can can

continue to vape and just do it more

carefully more cognizant ly so that you

can you can be aware of what you can do

to keep yourself safe and healthy so

let's let's go ahead and talk about some

vape culture no vape culture there's a

lot of I've been to a lot of cannabis

Cup events and things like that and it

is puff puff past culture where

vaporizers are passed amongst groups of

people and they might not even get a

t-shirt wipe off of the mouthpiece in

between uses and in this time of social

distancing and with this coronavirus

that seems to be a very strong and

respiratory borne illness it that's just

not going to fly and a vaporizer is a

very since you put it into your mouth

you inhale and exhale onto it it is

actually a very easy way to transmit

disease let alone the time that you're

taking the vaporizer you're putting them

in your purse

you're putting them down at the register

multiple people are touching them you

don't even know where this vaporizer

will go and what things it will come in

contact with so more importantly now

than ever before is a time that you guys

need to know how to clean these

vaporizers so first of all let's talk

about the puff puff passing the vape

share culture now normally sharing is


when it comes to vape and especially out

there in the cannabis community however

in this time sharing can be dangerous so

what you want to do is if you guys are

sharing vaporizers okay

don't view this as a vaporizer and a

party tool and the thing that people

take a hit off of imagine that this was

a thermometer okay and now let's say you

take your temperature now you know you

take your temperature you come in at

98.6 degrees you tap your friend on the

shoulder hey man you know what's check

your temperature they they what if it

was actually at their mom they'd be like

ill know you know and they would want to

either get a new thermometer or make

sure they took proper precautions so

that it is sterilized so you always want

to make sure that your vaporizer is

properly sterilized now there's two

things that you are actually taking the

vaporizer and you're putting it into

your mouth and the other part is that

you're inhaling and you're exhaling your

vape back on to it so not just the

vaporizer in the mouthpiece but the

whole vaporizer can be not sanitary so

we are gonna run through basically that

if you are vaping what steps you can do

to sanitize your vaporizer without

harming your vaporizer but more

importantly keeping yourself safe so

there's a few options that are available

so if you ER if you're looking at just

protecting the mouthpiece which since

you are putting it into your mouth is

probably the most essential there are in

the vape community things that are known


replaceable disposable mouthpiece covers

people use them as as little covers that

go over the actual mouthpiece of the

vaporizer so I think we have some of

these on our site that are sealed in

individual little silicones and what you

would do is if somebody these are things

that we use a trade shows regularly when

we have vaporizers for tests is is will

have them out on the table so before

somebody use a vaporizer they can put it

over the mouthpiece so that the

mouth-to-mouth contact will not be there

now there's large one which is more of

like a hookah style tip it's much better

because it covers a big area the

vaporizer it fits on very tight and as

you can see your mouth goes nowhere near

now this this works however if you want

to really get technical before taking a

vaporizer from somebody especially

somebody that you don't know then you

definitely want to want to clean off the

surface of it as well and for surface

cleaning you have a very nice array of

disinfectant wipes like here you have

these antibacterial wet ones that are

great that can go into your pocket if

you really want to go extreme you have

these Clorox they're antiviral

antibacterial disinfectant wipes they

work great on all these stainless steel

surfaces which most these vaporizers are

a steal they also will clean up the

glass and the mouthpiece they have Lysol

wipes saying I only had a couple because

that I could pick up because the

supermarkets are pretty dry on this kind

of disinfect and stuff right now but I'm

sure that you have some around your

house you can even take antibacterial

and put it on to you know the paper

towel and clean it up you can even use

isopropyl alcohol which is like rubbing

alcohol that you can use to clean it up

so you want to make sure before you take

a vaporizer from some

that you make sure you take the

percussion so that you do not come in

contact with whatever was on this

vaporizer and get it into your system so

you want to make sure to disinfect it

now one thing that a lot of people don't

consider and they clean the outside of

the vaporizer and even the outside of

the mouthpiece one of the key places

where you get buildup and things like

that or actually on the inside of the

mouthpiece people are putting their

tongues on them they're blowing you know

the vape smoke back into it that is like

a harbor for bacteria and viruses to be

so where things build up and if you wipe

off the outside that inside could still

be bad now here's our another vape where

you can see which is a more of a wide

bore mouthpiece that these can be

problematic even if you're not sharing

your vaporizers this is a time that you

definitely want to clean your own vape

more because you're putting it down

those mouthpieces are coming in contact

with things so you definitely want to

keep them clean now for these larger

ones several companies we don't have

them available but a lot of companies

online you can just google it

these mouthpieces are a standard

diameter size you can order these in all

different shapes sizes colors all

individually wrapped in sterile you can

just have a bunch of them so when you

get done for the day you just take it

off and throw it in the garbage if you

want to and just pop on a new one you

definitely want to clean and change

those more frequently like you can see

here with our extreme tank it's a

standard size alone this mouthpiece also

removes I can even switch it with this

sub ohm tank which you see these are all

interchangeable because the vape

industry made these a standard size for

the most part so you can take these off

you can switch them out and you can

order new ones from a variety of

different companies and just make sure

you're constantly switching your

mouthpieces another thing that you can


is I love the idea as in I showed you

guys in a video that I did a while ago

about cleaning your vape tank which is

more of the functionality in the

internal care for your vape tank which

is to give it an isopropyl alcohol bath

you just take a little isopropyl alcohol

you put it into a cup make sure that

it's submerged submerged and you just

drop it in there that will do a really

good job of cleaning and disinfecting it

getting all the germs and all the gunk

out of it and you just let it sit there

for a couple hours

take it out dry it off and it is good to

go now when you are cleaning the surface

of these vaporizers or cleaning the

tanks one of the questions that we got

to our emails today to our customer

service email is a lot of the medical

professionals are saying to keep your

hands clean use soap and water which is

a great suggestion because a great


however with vaporizers you can't you

really use soap and water on them

without ruining the actual vaporizer so

we're gonna tell you to stick more with

with a damp surface cleaning products

like disinfectant wipes a lot of them do

have a high alcohol content or use

isopropyl alcohol do not just use water

because you can short out your vaporizer

there are electronic components in there

so it's not a good way to clean your

vaporizer without actually ruining your

vaporizer so stick to the damp wipes

that I that have alcohol or

antibacterial agents in them stick with

your your wet one style wipes you can

even use your hand sanitizer very

lightly onto a onto paper towels or you

can use isopropyl pretty freely on the

vaporizers I mean don't take your

vaporizer and dump it in there we don't

want the battery the internal circuitry

of the battery coming in contact with it

but in terms of rubbing the surface down

the isopropyl should be fine because

they have

operates rather quickly off of a

vaporizer so you can do that now we also

want to talk about making sure that you

the once you keep these surfaces clean

that you are doing them regularly so

even before all of us and going into flu

season I would clean off the surface of

my phone using an antibacterial wipe but

now with the onset of this pandemic and

the increased risk and you know I'm

taking my phone I'm putting it down I'm

leaving it all over the place I put it

down at the cash register I could put it

down at the store I'm putting in my

pocket putting it in my car showing

people things on it I make sure to wipe

it off at least twice a day now with an

antibacterial wipe or using hand

sanitizer and the cloth just to make

sure that I'm not carrying around

residual germs on and for surface of the

vaporizers you guys should definitely

whatever you were doing definitely

increase the frequency absolutely if you

have shared your vaporizer with a friend

absolutely if you are putting it down

places like I am and it's your daily

your daily driver you want to make sure

at the end of the day you're cleaning

the surface you're sanitizing you're

making sure you're taking care of that

mouthpiece and that those are taken care

of to make sure that you're safe because

anything that you actually put into your

mouth and you're inhaling and exhaling

on is definitely something that you want

to take seriously in this time so next

we're gonna move into something there's

more of vape more into vape culture but

now goes into common etiquette with this

pandemic going around so there's a lot

of times that you vapors a lot of people

are guilty a lot of people in my office

are guilty you know you have an awesome

vape you know whatever it is whether

it's a juice whether it's your your

favorite brew of skittles and you have

it or a monster tank it might be a honey

stick of mine on but you take that

monster rip and you blow that big cloud

out and walking down in a on Figaro and

Los Angeles I can remember all the

different cartridges that I could that I

could just smell by walking

on the street it was like a busy Friday

and everybody's outside hanging out it

was after 5:00 right before a Lakers

game it was a really cool vibe and I

must have smelled all these different

strains of cartridges however right now

and everybody is paranoid about getting

germs on them you know

don't go blowing that free vape cloud

out in the crowded areas because people

do not want to inhale what you are

exhaling even though you know people

like myself and my employees might enjoy

the smell of secondhand skittles

you know people are not going to

appreciate inhaling whatever you're

exhaling because they're scared that

they might be getting this terrible

virus this disease so try to be mindful

of that you know people are looking at

you funny if you're clearing your throat

people are very on edge right now is

safety and rightfully so so please be

cognizant that what you're inhaling what

you're exhaling you know taking these

deep hits and taking these coughs you

know they could definitely be construed

as not a vapor cough of a great rip they

could be construed construed as I have

the flu or I have this Corona thing as a

cough so we'll definitely put people on

edge in a crowd and as vapors and as a

cannabis community as a whole we

definitely want to avoid conflict so

please also be cognizant of that now

another question that we have gotten to

our sites since this virus popped up is

about cartridges and we don't really

have an answer for you know what

cartridges to get what is safe and what

is not safe all we can do is apply a

little bit of common sense to it and

tell people is you know look at the

source as to where they're trustworthy I

mean we work in our line of business and

white labeling for medical grade

extractors that have very clean and

instruct facilities and guidelines that

make cartridges you know prefilled style

510 cartridges for cannabis for medical

use in a several states and they have

very strict guidelines and they have

clean rooms and all of those things

to make sure that they are not getting

foreign or dirty materials into their

cartridges when they are filling them

they are basically made and

pharmaceutical style standard

manufacturing compliance so we believe

the purchasing cartridges and things

like that from those sources are much

more safer than purchasing them from

sources that you don't know or and just

any other company that might have popped

up in a dispensary in whatever your

state is or just any random CBD person

online is maybe do a little bit more due

diligence into how that what type of

manufacturing practices these cartridge

producers are producing under before you

make that decision because you know you

want to make sure that your cartridges

that you're putting into your mouth and

vape that you're putting into your lungs

are made in the most sanitary way that

you can so we don't really have an

answer for you because we don't know but

from a we've seen and the different

clientele we've interacted with we know

that a lot of these big medical

producers these big ISO and GMP

producers go the extra mile to make sure

that they're making good clean products

for people of vape under good practices

versus other sources so make sure that

you do your research there maybe take an

extra step as you normally would

before you vape and if this was a

question that you had you know hopefully

that helps you what also comes in you


so you pick up a new vape from a box I

mean these things are being shipped

around the country and all these things

they're packaged differently people

touch them is before you get it now make

sure that when you take it out of the

box what I would do is just you know it

doesn't take you much work at all take

it use one of these sanitary wipes or

well these little disinfectant wipes and

just wipe the surface off before you

bring it into yourself and you call it


and it is now in your safe space and you

are putting it you know into your mouth

you're inhaling exhaling off of it just

to be safe than sorry

I know the post office our UPS reps and

FedEx reps and people who ship out for

us are saying they're taking extra


to handle boxes and things like that

properly but whenever you're opening and

touching things that came out of mail a

lot of people touched to take that extra

step and before you bring it in and

users on your own give it a good wipe

down and rest assured that at least that

part of your daily function and your

routine is at least gonna be disinfected

so guys I hope that that answers a lot

of questions that we have gotten to our

online or phone portals I hope this

video can be helpful for you guys

definitely in the time was a country and

as people as a community industry we

need to pull together hunker down and

just try to be as sanitary as we can and

be as courteous to each other as we can

also so if you guys have any questions

for us our phone lines are open we're

where our emails are open you know

supportive a punny stay calm we'll try

to answer the questions as best as you

can and we'll be here to try to serve

you as best as we can with your VAP

needs I'm Dan HOF make sure to stay safe

stay healthy most of all when you're

sanitary vaping make sure to do it

responsibly thanks guys