🔥 Lost Vape Orion Q-Ultra 40W Pod System Review

what's happening everybody on details
pivots and welcome back to the channel
how many of you own or are even vaping
on a last vapor Ryan or Orion Q right
now while watching this review perhaps
even the Orion ultra with the new pods
and the new replaceable coil heads how
many of you are there well it looks like
lost WebQuest is back with another
device this time dropping the name of
Ryan and simply calling it the Q ultra
let's check it out shall we
inside the box we find the Q ultra AI
yoke it user manual we also find the key
ultra with the pod in the coil head
inside this one is the black colored one
with carbon fiber panels or carbon fiber
looking panels it's hard to tell we also
find an extra replaceable coil head last
but not least a type a2 type-c USB
charging cable let's talk about the Q
ultra and how it compares to the other
lost web series of devices here are both
side by side and aside from the height
they both look very much alike well
aside from the height girth and
everything else but the design that is
because even the pods and the coil hands
are different and not backwards
compatible anymore which may be a bummer
for some of you however we gain a screen
on the new one and variable wattage 2
and that's a very welcomed addition to
say the least
much like the Orion series of devices we
still have a plastic drip tip and an
airflow adjustment ring around the drip
tip is actually held in place with
orange and is removable Dell proprietary
we still have the same top view system
and the same top fuel cap you can
unscrew to fill and refill the tank the
tank section is still removable in the
same exact fashion with the lever on the
side though like I said not backwards
compatible moving on to the side we have
the control area where we can see some
changes aside from the fire button
changes like the control screen up and
down buttons as well as the type-c USB
charging port and like the previous
Orion's thank God for that also the
construction is a combination of
aluminum and plastic compared to the
Orion I don't know if because it isn't
as heavy as the Orion but it feels cheap
real cheap compared to the Orion series
of devices which is strange considering
lost vibes history of devices being so
solidly made
the panels on the black colored ones
though maybe just imitation I'm not
quite sure yet they feel like real
carbon fibers to be honest these silver
colored one has leather looking panels
that are actually quite creepy a lot
more than the carbon fiber panels on the
black coloured one between the aluminum
frame and starting from here all the way
to the other side we have plastic in
some series ventilation on this side for
the internal and non serviceable very
inside however see how the black one
already came cracked right there at the
bottom the silver one didn't so I hope
these are just pre-production units and
the final retail devices will be
flawless let's hope so
the buttons both the fire and the up and
down buttons all protrude about the same
the fire button is a little mushy but
also clicky but the up and down buttons
Walla is mushy on an else clicky as the
fire button however see how the up and
down buttons are together and so small
these may pose a problem for those of
you with rather large fingers also see
how the type-c USB port on the black
coloured one is a little crooked come on
and lost vibe let's have a little bit
more attention to detail and better
quality control please as I said earlier
the tank section is removable and
replaceable in the same fashion as the
Orion with the lever on the side and
when removing it we can then place and
replace the coil head it's a plug and
play style coil head and as you can see
in the side from those little flat edges
on both sides they don't really matter
you can place and replace this coil head
in any possible orientation it doesn't
really matter to be honest city's little
hole down here at the bottom of the tank
that's the main airflow channel so the
air goes in from the top and through the
airflow adjustment ring slots into a
little chamber situated at the top of
the tank it travels all the way down
through these airflow channel an airflow
hole down at the bottom and finally
feeds the coil head installed however
this is a major problem right here
because as I will show and talk about
once we go back on top as a result of
the way the tank section fits into place
and possibly because of all the gaps
between the tank section in this frame
and will find its way in through all
those gaps and make the air flow just
moving literally use
no matter how much you close the airflow
control ring the airflow passing through
the coil head that amount of airflow
remains pretty much unchanged which is a
big con for me the coil has included in
this skin are a 0.6 on mesh co-head
rated between 20 and 28 watts and a 1
ohm coil head rated between 8 and 15
watts both of which with no material
mentioned and that's a major con the
mesh coil head uses a net style coil
inside and it is made for direct long
vaping while the other one has a tighter
airflow and uses simple spice round wire
inside they call it a mouth DeLong coil
head however like I said the airflow on
this one is pretty much not adjustable
so forget about a good and restrictive
mouth to learn from these device even
with their mouth will uncoil hand
installed the coil has the sides they
also send me their RBA section for this
device you came with cotton to pre rep
little 2.5 millimeter diameter spaced
coils with no other specs spare o-rings
spare grub screws allen driver and 510
adapter to help you build and rebuild
attach to a real mod with the 510
connection this is how I receive the RBA
section in its goodies so I'm not sure
how it will be packed to be sold retail
honestly the RBA section looks much like
the other coil heads but of course
unscrewing the chamber section reveals
the build equity two little posts a
bottom airflow hole in the bottom
airflow slot as well as two weaking
channels on the sides really tiny to
build but I'm going to do it right now
as I mentioned we have the 510 adapter
that screws right to the bottom of these
building allowing you Dan to screw the
whole thing to a mod in order to build
with more stability and to be able to
fire and test the coil in style
before building and screw both post
screws using the little allen driver
provided or any other you may have that
will fit install the coil using the help
of a coil rod of the same diameter if
you want and screw both posts screws to
trap and secure the coil in place just
make sure you space the coil from the
post just a little in order to have the
coil more aligned with the bottom
airflow but in the end making sure it
doesn't touch the posts or the building
even if you lower it down closer to the
airflow hole and slot it
look close to what mine looks right now
clip the excess leads on the other side
flush with the posts feel free to fire
and blow the coil if you want more so if
it's a contact coil but it's not really
necessary if you build or assembly
that's paste coil once you weak your
little coil make sure you fluff both
ends of your wick and then trim both
protruding from the bill deck about this
much this is just to make sure the
cotton doesn't interfere or hang over
the airflow hole or it may end up
linking if there's no cotton hanging
over the airflow hole or you move it
away yourself go ahead and trim each
side these much yeah leaving just these
tiny bit of cotton protruding from the
coil just a tiny bit of cotton hanging
from both sides and you are about to see
why we can now go ahead and prime our
wick and once we do can you see how the
cotton is just naturally hanging over
the wicking slots this is all you need
to do there's no need to feed those
wicking slots as as long as your wick is
sitting perfectly right above just make
sure you gently move any cuttin away
from the threads go ahead and screw the
cap slash chamber back to the bill deck
and you are done you can now go ahead
and plug these RBA section back onto the
pot or tank section if you will you can
also replace the tank section in the
device and fill it up fill it all the
way up to the top and feel it from the
top of course with regard to the
controls we have the usual five clicks
on five clicks off which will obviously
turn this device on and off we also have
the up and down buttons which will allow
you to adjust the wattage from five
watts all the way up to 40 watts in
point five Watts increments it's quite
slow actually however once you reach the
stopping points either one of them if
you release and press the button again
it will round-robin anyway which is nice
the screen also shows the battery bar
the attached resistance the time of the
last buff as well as a puff counter
which will count the puffs as you vape
of course if you hold both the minors
and the fire button at the same time for
a few seconds you can clear both the
time of the last puff in the puff
counter if you press and hold both the
pause and the fire button together for a
few seconds you are also able to
fuck the power adjustments while still
be able to press fire and vibe which is
useful if you don't want it to
accidentally come off of its setting
while you fight by accidentally pressing
the up or the down button same procedure
to unlock them of course to recharge the
internal battery you will have to plug a
type-c USB cable to it and let it charge
there's no vibe while charging or
pass-through capabilities on this one
you have to wait for it to be charged
and it even tells you what that on the
screen - which is funny and that's the
cue ultra in a nutshell a bigger brother
of the regular Orion and Orion cue a
little cheaper made but with replaceable
coil heads in an RBA available
separately separately which is
unfortunately let's see how it vapes so
the cue Ultra by lost vibe quest is
available in carbon fibre black nebula
purple Marvel white leather black linen
gray as well as exotic fantasy for 48
dollars a pack of 2 replaceable pots for
18 dollars a pack of 5 replaceable coil
heads for 15 dollars in the RBA section
for $14 as you may have already guessed
you have to search online and find
yourself places selling it as YouTube
policies prevent me from telling you
what can I say about this one well it
really feels cheap specially if you are
coming from a regular Orion or the Orion
queue I don't know if because of the
choice of materials are because the
aluminum frame is so thin but it doesn't
it feel cheap for a lost my product I do
understand lost WebQuest is a cheaper
budget brand under the lost weight but
Briella but come on the 0.6 of mask oil
has actually vibes quite nicely though
especially at the highest recommended
wattage of 28 watts which provides a
warm and rich and flavorful direct-line
vibe it does keep up with wicking
beautifully to
really good indeed let me switch to the
Matalan coil head no one no mouth will
uncoil had installed at 15 watts that
was with the airflow wide open let me
close the airflow all the way and by all
the way I mean although I completely
shut yes you heard right completely shut
same thing same exact amount of airflow
so as I said the airflow control on
these devices is clearly a gimmick for
this kind of airflow coming from the top
to actually work and be adjustable from
the top the tank section should have
sealing gaskets at the bottom sealing
the gap between the tank and the device
when both are connected as it stands yet
a restricted vape but not what I would
consider a mouthful on draw because the
airflow sucks now the RBA though let me
switch the coil head with the RBA real
quick all right the bill from the up
close vaping it at 36 watts as a matter
of fact here it is vaping it at 36 watts
let's have a vibe or maybe a few
awesome this is an awesome vape in an
awesome RBA section for a direct long
vape almost on the restricted side but
not too restricted again with no matter
the airflow setting the airflow ring
does nothing the airflow is always the
same and obviously when you switch
between coils or between a coil and the
RBA section as long as you have as long
as you only have half the tank of liquid
if the liquid does not protrude the coil
half and as long as you keep the tank in
this orientation feel free to switch the
coil head or even the RBA section
because you don't have the liquid
protruding from the coil if you have a
full tank of liquid you may need you as
a matter of fact you do in fact need to
drain the tank before you switch the
coil head or you switch the RBA also
another thing to keep in mind with these
kind of devices more so this one because
the tank is bigger and because the area
that holds liquid on the other side is
actually a lot wider than the area well
where the coil sits in it is I do
recommend that you vape it this way if
you vape it this way I've run into
situations especially with the RBA
section where I got dry hits because the
liquid wasn't getting to the core so
this is the kind of device that you
kinda have to vibe this way for the
liquid to reach the coil as far as Barry
it looks like 1476 milliamps our
capacity from the tests it charges and
recharges averaging 1.4 amps and in
about one hour and seven minutes just
seven minutes over an hour not too bad
so I like the RBA section the new tank
still have a convenient top fuel system
the coil heads are in do perform good
and literally make this one an AIO and
more cost-effective than replacing pots
I also love the fact that we have
adjustable wattage in the screen as well
as a Type C reversible USB connection to
recharge the internal battery on the
downside though there are quite a few
the material the coil heads are made
with is not stated the device feels
overall shape in comparison to previous
Orion's the airflow control doesn't work
it doesn't adjust anything last but not
least I found a couple of times that
when the screen is in standby I had it
set to for example 36 watts and when I
go to
vipin press the fire button to wake the
screen and vape to wake the screen up in
vibe it resets itself to a random
wattage always around 20 watts and times
20 sometimes 22 sometimes 26 even though
kinda hard to catch that on camera it
happened to me a couple of times already
which as a reviewer is something you are
really only going to catch a few vaping
tests the device thoroughly before you
review it instead of reviewing it
straight from the box also having a
screen I'd like to see battery
percentage as well as applied voltage
because it helps a lot of people that
are used to voltage as well as figuring
out how much the device is putting out
which is especially important when they
don't even state the voltage range of
these device still hard for me to
measure by the way because of the lack
of a 510 connection unfortunately sadly
that goes for all these pod systems in a
iOS anyway lost weight you guys have to
state have to leave season on the manual
or on the website the output voltage of
your devices if I was to write this one
I would have to write this one a C+
maybe a C++ and only because the RBA
section while being small to build it
vapes great also because it uses a type
C USB port which is the latest and
greatest standard maybe I would give a
slightly higher rating if it didn't feel
so cheap hmm but the gimmicky airflow
would still prevent me from doing it
anyway I think still want a special
opportunity paired with the pack of
extra coils by the way YouTube doesn't
allow it to be conducted on the platform
anymore so it will be conducted
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