Lost Vape Q-Ultra Pod Kit Review | A Very Simple Device

hello and wrong oh my god hello I'm

Sophie and I have this crazy idea not to

be crazy today I'm gonna try really hard

not to make you laugh I'm just gonna do

a regular vapor review so this one comes

to me from lost vape and it's called the

Q ultra let's check it out up close here

is a closer look at the Box upon opening

the box I have stumbled across the

manual the box also contains the Q ultra

with a coil already inside an additional

quilt in this package and over here is a

type-c USB cable for charging inside of

this device is the battery 1600 milliamp

hours and it is rechargeable recharges

to the port or right here aside from the

port there's also a fire button which is

the on and off button as well there's a

little screen plus and minus buttons or

up and down and this right here is to

release the pot if I tried to put in the

pod see you won't let me but if I hold

this down that part goes away hold it

down put the pot in and now it stays 1 2

3 4 5 clicks turns it on

1 2 3 4 5 clicks turns it off this

device goes as low as 5 watts and it

round rabbits so it goes between 5 and

40 watts I can hold one of these buttons

down to do this quicker it'll stop at 40

and if I keep going at round robins

there's a battery life indicator would

have preferred this in percentages or at

least both there's also a puff timer

below that is a puff counter and over

here will be resistance once I stick in

that pod it is incredibly simple the

only other things on here if I click the

plus button and the fire button at the

same time I really click if I hold it

down and just kind of keep waiting I

think this takes too long but it locks

the device

so once it's locked I can't bump my

settings out of place so I can't change

any settings here but this button still

works if I had a pod on here it would

fire the device to unlock it plus button

fire button once again hold it until it

says unlock if I hold down the minus

button and the power button at the same

time right now it's not gonna do

anything but what it does is it clears

out the puff counter here's a closer

look at the pod this thing holds four

milliliters of a liquid

unless you're in a country that doesn't

allow for and then they do make one that

holds to the drip tip it is removable

but it's not your standard drip tip it

just kind of appears to be like a little

cap and the airflow on here it is

adjustable the drip tip although

removable is not a standard size it's

more like a cap that just kind of goes

over this part and as you can see

there's a little slit here there's one

on the other side this is for airflow

adjustable airflow over on this side of

the pod is the fill hole it is located

underneath this cap the cap twists off

like so when this is brand new the coil

will have this little bit of plastic so

now you don't accidentally fire it dry

what the plastic removed the coil is

able to make contact with the device

once of the device it displays a

resistance of 0.5 9 the coil is

removable so the only thing that's being

replaced is the coil the other coil is

the ultra boost one ohm MTL coil this

can be made between 8 and 15 watts it's

not a mesh coil it is standard and it is

meant for less vapor once again I'm

gonna use some tea time and no there's

none of this stuff in there I don't use

nicotine I actually quit a while ago

once the pod has been filled with a

liquid I like to give it about 5 minutes

so that cotton can saturate yes the

manual does indeed show four coils two

are included the other two are available

for separate

here is a gander at the ultra boost 0.3

ohm mesh coil this one can be they

between 30 and 40 watts the most

cost-effective of the bunch will be this

the ultra boost RBA rebuildable base

atomizer here's a closer look at it

you're basically just looking at the

build deck this is not the coil the coil

still has to be attached as you can see

this came with some extra parts

including a couple coils it's been a

little while since I've done anything

like this but I'm gonna give it my best

shot the post with insulation around it

is the positive post one lead goes into

negative one lead goes in to positive

and I am trying to position this coil

over that hole that is for air flow

I like to take a little mini screwdriver

and make sure that my coil goes

relatively even I think I'm gonna scooch

it just a little bit closer to the post

once I'm relatively satisfied with my

installation I do like to trim my leads

one way to do this is with wire cutters

another way like that I like to double

check and make sure everything is

tightened down next I'm going to attach

this to the base I like to attach the

coil to a mod so I can fare I attached

my coil to the Innokin pebble this way I

can actually see what's going on with it

because it is a space build you see how

the wires are spaced apart I don't

actually need to dry burn it then I'm

gonna it ensures that the coil is firing

properly from the inside out and it also

removes some schmutz --is the final step

in this foil build is adding cotton I'm

trying to get a piece of cotton fat

enough so it doesn't move too easily

inside of that coil I want it not

incredibly too tight in there but not

loose either this was way too much

cotton I'm really disappointed it needed

a lot of help and it was not giving it

from this point I can trim this very

nicely with some scissors

I can make a gigantic mess like this oh

and now you've seen why it's better to

use scissors hmm go ahead and cut the

excess eyeball it I like to help it out

the final piece to this coil so there it


my first opinion on it is it's a little

bit on the lighter side I would have

preferred a heavier vape but maybe they

were going for something a little

lighter with an aluminum alloy body it

just makes it feel a little more

inexpensive than some of the heavier

stuff one thing I have noticed as I'm

switching out coils the device does

automatically set the wattage based on

the resistance of the coil however it

doesn't seem to do this if I change the

wattage turn off the device turn it back

on and stick the same coil on it only

seems to work if I change the coil

completely to a different coil now if

you do end up getting the RBA coil that

is rebuildable and you notice a burnt

taste that means you just have too much

cotton take it out try again it's a

trial and error kind of thing I have

removed at the bottom piece of the coil

this is a 510 connection basically it

allows you to fire the coil on a little

mod or well not necessary a little one

any mod that has a 510 connection

I'm gonna put it on to here and hope it


yes I do believe I used a little too

much cotton and something this tiny it's

not the easiest thing to work with but

at least it's just a single coil just

loosen up the screws pop it in tight and

they cut the lead and then try to figure

out how much cotton it really needs it

is a basic device and it serves its

purpose which is to get people off of

cigarettes the weight I think it should

have been made out of like steel

something heavier

it doesn't made out of aluminum maybe

it's still it's not like dragging you

down as you carry it in your pocket

maybe that was their intention I don't

know the airflow control ring at the top

could definitely be a little bit tighter

it's kind of loose locking it is not a

quick thing I was just hoping I'd be

like a click but no you do have to hold

the power button the plus button at the

same time and just sit there for like

three seconds I think it takes too long

honestly to lock the device and I once

it's locked you can still fire it but

you can't change any of your settings

there should be an option to completely

lock the device and that is the Q ultra

by lost faith and now I gotta get lost

well not really I gotta go edit this

video I hope to see you guys next time

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