Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

my name is Brian Thomas and I'm a

pediatric pulmonologist and director of

the cystic fibrosis Center at Michigan

State University so the first thing I

think do start with is well what is

vaping unlike traditional cigarette

hookah cigar rolling on combustion

babying uses sort of a combination of

electronic product and a pot or some

sort of liquid and so the vape device

heats and then atomizes this liquid I

think the initial idea was that this

might be slightly less harmful than

traditional combustion based nicotine

inhalation so I think that very much

remains to be seen right now because

vaping is relatively new we're kind of

dealing with to sort of separate

problems the first problem is you know

is this safe in general and that's

mostly looking at people who are using

vaping as a way to put cigarettes or as

a alternative to traditional cigarettes

thinking about both short and long term

or the health consequences of this

secondarily the sort of acute burst of

vaping induced lung injury that we were

seeing there is data out there that as

many as 30% of college-age people there

have tried vaping or maybe someone

regularly which is a tremendous increase

from the area of where the total

cigarette use in the community

less than 10% it's a really large

increase and I think that's what's so

concerning about this is we had over the

course of decades app the number of

people who are using nicotine containing

products regularly and now what we're

seeing is a rapid increase in the number

of young people both college-age and

high school aged kids that are using

these products and getting addicted

I think the way MSU can help with this

issue is really to help us gather more

information I think both from an

epidemiologic standpoint and from a

public health standpoint we still are

struggling in the medical community to

effectively quantify how many people are

they being regularly my place for

students really to try and stay away

from it as much as possible and that's

important because the Joule products use

nicotine salts that allows you to

tolerate much larger amounts of nicotine

in any given dose and so there's really

evidence is playing a huge role in it

because in Europe they have regulated

the amount of nicotine that can be

present in these products and we're not

seeing nearly the rate of teen and young

adult addiction that we are in the

United States I think we can pretty

directly believe that that's related to

the high levels of nicotine and the

products they're just so much more

addictive than any of the other

preceding products or before so Michigan

State's been really committed to

healthcare in general MSU has made a lot

of investments globally and nationally

on improving public health or

moving access to resources michigan seat

is actually top ten and combined NSF and

NIH funding so there's a lot a really

important science and medicine research

Kingdom what we're trying to do is take

that wonderful place where we're

learning a lot about basic science and

public health and try and integrate it

into what the health team is doing Emma

C has really made a tremendous

investment and making sure that we have

the resources to community needs