OVNS Saber 2 Kit | Exceptional Design And Sword Shape Appearance

hello I'm as OFI getting you the news

today's pressing question is can I buy

toilet paper I'm here at Publix about to

find out oh yeah that's really helpful

with the tree in front of it the only

reason I'm even able to shop at Publix

is because of sponsors so big thanks to

ovince tech for sponsoring this video

because of ovens tech I hope I can get

some toilet paper I'm not doing this

because of the coronavirus I'm not

stalking up or anything I'm just out of

toilet paper and if it comes down to it

I guess a squirt bottle we're gonna have

to do buy it I'm gonna try to get some

toilet paper

it comes with Dew pods and in here is

the battery it's 600 milliamp hours and

it recharges through the bottom and it

uses a type seer

there's also a quality control pass

which they just kind of tossed in there

in case you still need a user manual

this is the saber - it is a vaporizer to

be honest I don't even use nicotine I

used to smoke then I got into vaping and

was vaping I was able to reduce my

nicotine content until I got to nothing

no that's what's in here nothing all

right I do have a little bit of a liquid

in here but there's no nicotine in it

it's just propylene glycol vegetable

glycerin and some flavorings it's an

open pod system so you just take off

this cap and then you fill through one

of the two holes on the side yes once

it's filled and give it a couple minutes

so that cotton can saturate and they

stick it in and that's it yeah that's it

there's no button so you just

for adults only out like this phone it

just overheated and shut off what the


my cell that's a Google pixel 3a yeah I

cheaped out cuz I drop my really

expensive phone broke

that was Samsung off to public to find


can I still bite


okay I honestly thought that I was gonna

be driving from store to store to store

to get toilet paper I just needed one

one thing a toilet paper any toilet

paper because I'm out I lucked out as

I'm walking in the ladies handing out

toilet paper

I'm not even this excited about toilet

paper that's really sad if you're still

here and you don't like vaping I don't

give a crap because it helps people get

off of cigarettes which helps save so

thank you to OpenStack for the toilet

paper you guys are the best in the

groceries - without companies like you I

I wouldn't have gotten toilet paper

today yeah I would I would have went to

make dollars or something like that

gotten back at them for it for my bread

burger here it is what do you think of

that McDonald's if I run out of toilet


I'm coming for your toilet paper because

of that hammer Bradford yeah watch out

they owe me they owe a lot of people

look at this do you see this this is a

real picture

I've proof there's some more proof yeah

yeah I feel like oh and I guess I could

wipe my butt with it it's good for that

I don't know I haven't tested it maybe

it will next time when I go get toilet

paper that's right I'm coming for your

toilet paper so if I want some toilet

paper I'm gonna go and McDonald's

because I feel entitled to some toilet


please subscribe bring that as well