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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Smok Fetch Pro 18650 Vape Kit Review|Renowned For Releasing A Multitude Of Coil Variations

this is what the video is all about

smoke not smoke smoke if you've been

watching my channel for a while you may

be wondering what's going on with all

the fake videos I do apologize but there

hasn't been many vape videos recently I

will explain later why but first let's

check out the bench bro by smoke smoke

Tech let me state the obvious there the

device two cartridges each one has a

coil and there's also a charge cable and

the charge cable it is seat type this

color is orange it's also the only one

they sent to me usually they send me a

lot more as I can show you other colors

but in this situation I can't I'm sorry

I'm a clammy girl I should be able to

mess this up pretty quick and here's

what it looks like after my filthy paws

touched the whole thing screen up and

down are plus and minus buttons and this

thing uses 118 650 battery which is not

included I use Sony v TC 5 this is the

positive side and that is the negative

when I stuck the battery in the screen

did turn on but the device is not on one

two three four five clicks turns it on

one two three four five clicks turns it

off the device goes between five and 80

watts and I love that around Robbins so

you can go up or down in increments of 1

watt and if you hold down one of these

buttons it'll do this a lot faster to

lock in the wattage so you don't

accidentally bump it out of place click

this button and then the other button at

the same time so now it's locked I can't

change anything but if I click them

again at the same time I can all Mach it

1 2 3 clicks

locks the whole device I can't fire it

and I cannot change my wonít 1 2 3


unlocks it by clicking the fire button

and the plus button at the same time I

can change some of the colors on the

screen this thing also keeps track of

your puffs so if you click the down

button or the minus button and a fire

button at the same time you can clear

the puff counter the kit comes with two

cartridges each with their own coil so

the coils on this they just pull out

like so this one holds 4.3 milliliters

and the other one holds 4 cuz of the

bigger coil airflow can be adjusted like

so air flows adjustable on both of them

it fills from the side so you got this

little stopper dealio that just lifts up

like so I'm not a fan of these unless

it's a disposable cartridge I think it

should have been a latch or something

more substantial

since these things are reusable the

smaller coil is called an RPM mesh it's

mesh style and this is point 4 ohms the

much bigger coil is called our GC pod

coil that's point 1 7 ohm resistance

it's also mesh but the mesh is shaped in

a conical shape I got this stuff from

zero it's a vanilla custard and

I don't use nicotine so I only vape zero

once it's filled up give it like 5

minutes so that cotton in there can

saturate if I do need to pull out the

coil while there's still liquid in there

I put it on its side like this with this

side facing down

and then I pull out the coil the big

quill it can be vape between 40 and 80

watts the full art quill doesn't have a

range it just says its best at 25 watts

so this plops into that I think it

should snap in there more I mean I'm

hearing us now but I don't feel like

it's really tightly in there I'm gonna

start with a big boy the point one seven

ohm grill that can be made between 40

and 80 watts

I'm gonna leave my airflow completely

opened I'm actually gonna start this

lower than 40 Watts about 25 I like to

break in the coil cycle 2530 and now I'm

at 40 watts would be kind of neat if I

could adjust my airflow from the outside

but I do have to take this whole thing

out and then adjust it but I don't

really adjust it very often most of the

time I just have it completely open so

I'm gonna keep vaping this until I get

to 80 watts I kind of want to see where

my sweet spot is I want to see it what

wattage I like best

I'm at 60 watts it's getting a little

hot but I'm also chained beeping it

which I'm just gonna make it hot

the flavor is definitely there it is a

really flavorful coil I will see that

but a B it's just too much it's too hot

for me I like the best around

60 60 watts for me

this one's best at 25 watts but I'm

gonna play around with it I'm gonna

start at 15 I'm gonna start at 15 and go

all the way to 30 15 watts 20 watts

definitely more flavor on on that one 25

watts this is very supposed to be

and I'm gonna try 30 not supposed to hmm

yeah no 30 is too much for that coil I

found it to be best at 25 watts I love

vape stuff because it gets people off of

cigarettes and with this you wouldn't

have the potential to quit nicotine

which I have so I'm gonna keep talking

about this stuff until they quit sending

it to me all right so the vape portion

of this videos done and it might it

might be done soon forever I don't know

don't pet it's not penny yet

first the fake beep epidemic like really

ruin stuff for everyone the coronavirus

the thing that's like the flu and you're

probably gonna get it at some point in

your life it might even be here to stick

around forever it's spreading but it's

really not as big of a deal as people

make it seem to be so stop panicking

just wash your hands don't buy out all

the night and 95 masks leave the toilet

paper at the grocery store you only need

like one bag of that stuff you don't got

it buy the whole aisle this isn't a

hurricane it's it's like the flu we

might not be able to stop it so so yeah

if you see someone coughing if they have

any symptoms just just don't be next to

them don't breathe just stop breathing

completely you'll be safe

that virus has caused quite a ruckus

especially over in China where

originated the Chinese government shut

down factories there for quite a bit I

mean they were already shut down cuz of

Chinese New Year but then the government

extended it so they're just behind

unlike everything and they had they're

not really worried about sending stuff

to reviewers at this point so I have not

been getting much at all I mean I do

feel bad for the people that have died

but I also feel it really horrible for

the people who have died from the flu

and other stuff as well that's no

laughing matter

speaking of laughing matter

I have been kind of busy on the other

channel I'm working on a video that's

gonna be taking a lot of my time up but

I don't discuss it yet that's kind of

top secret but I can discuss the recent

video let's just toss up the thumbnail I

should pretty much explain everything

haha I have also been in kind of waste

of spending a lot of time in another

world that I really enjoy spending time

in they let me build there so I built an

entire city there's a 45-minute video

about that on my other channel yeah I

should be working on more home up

projects and I do once in a while by

I reveal a lot of my deepest darkest

secrets on that channel so once you go

there not only will you be unsubscribing

from this channel you're also going to

unsubscribe from your other channel

Alyssa have a sense of humor then you

might you might enjoy the other channel

so if this isn't enough and you want to

see more of my mug go ahead and check

out gist and I'm gonna go to Lily



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