SMOK Fetch PRO AIO Kit Review|Highest Quality And Amazing Vaping Experience

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be verbs and welcome back to the channel

how many of you either watched or even

owned a fetch AIO from smoke I'm not

sure how popular it's been but it sure

looked like it had a lot to be popular

about well much like their other recent

products such as the rpm 40 and the rpm

80 the fetch is also receiving a pro

update so let's check it out inside the

box we find the user manual a battery

safety card the warranty and

authenticity verification card the fetch

pro without a pod attached and this one

is the orange and gold color scheme we

also received two pods or tanks if you

will one for the RPM coil heads and the

other for the rgc ones and dropping

compatibility with North Quayle hats

this time around last but not least the

type-a 2 type-c USB charging and

firmware upgrade cable he has finally

typed seed Thank You smoke the fetch

brow appears to be designed along the

same lines as its predecessor but a

little bigger this time around it's now

also an 80 watt device as well but still

with glossy plastic panels that almost

look and feel like less it sports a zinc

alloy frame tube but this time gaining a

fire bar on the side instead of a button

as well it has a new battery compartment

that will take one 18 650 battery

dropping the internal and non

serviceable battery the pods are tanks

if you will are now different to in not

backwards compatible with the original

fetch they come with a removable delrin

drip tip and are comparable with others

though I found it is a quite tight fit

for some of my 510 drip tips these kit

comes with two because one is comparable

with the RPM coil heads while the other

is comparable with the new rgc coil

heads introduced with the RPM ad kit the

tank for the RPM coil heads has an

adjustable airflow ring and it's quite

tight in my opinion it should be a

little more loose and also spins freely

all around the coil heads are plug and

play style as they are rpm coil heads

the one included here is the 0.4 own

mesh I talked about before in previous

reviews I did for their other a iOS the

other tank the one with the red plug is

made for the new rgc coil heads and has

air flow adjustment to the soup

lose it also does not allow for a very

tight airflow setting as it starts

exposing the other airflow slot on the

side while you close one as far as the

coil had included it's the same 0.17 ohm

conical mesh coil head I just talked

about in my review of the RPM 80 it's a

great sub ohm coil head with a great

flavour but definitely way outside of

restricted vibe or even mouth alone more

for an airflow passionate out there as

always we primed the coil head first

then plug it in afterwards aligning the

coil with the slot will lift the fill

port to fill in refill the tank which by

the way exposes a rather large and

therefore convenient fill port this

makes the process of filling and

refilling quite effortless the tank is

dark yes not the darkest by any means

and you can still see the liquid level

inside though I wished it was just a

smidge more clear than this as it might

still be too dark to check the liquid

level when you are indoors and in a low

light situation the tank section in

regardless of type attached rather well

in place the magnets however are not the

strongest and the fit is not the most

secure it wobbles a lot to be honest and

I think there's a lot of room for

improvement here for sure as I mentioned

previously we have a firing bar this

time with a very short travel and a very

silent click we have Air Flow Intake

slots on both sides a control screen and

the up and down buttons that do protrude

and are in fact more clicky than the

fire bar beneath the fire bar we have a

type-c USB port for charging and

firmware upgrades Thank You smoke in

underneath a battery door a small

battery door but a solid one went closed

we also have very orientation vibrant

inside the battery compartment though

hard to see on the battery door itself

smoke please paint the very orientation

white on the battery door to contrast

with the black background a little

better please again as mentioned earlier

we need a 19-6 50 battery which is not

included you have to provide your own by

the way these neon tech batteries now

also include the lowest resistance you

should be vaping with this very which is

pretty cool it takes away the guessing

game for those who don't know Ohm's law

and especially for the ones using mech

mods with no protections or safety

features like most mods we have the

usual 5 presses of the fire bar to turn

it off

and again five presses to turn it on to

be able to use it

pressing it three times locks the device

entirely which again is very redundant

when we can just turn the device off

with five presses of the same fire bar

this device detects when you remove the

pot though when you attach it back you

have to press the firing bar for it to

read the resistance so it reads

resistance passively on the screen we

have smoke a very bar the wattage locked

or unlocked applied voltage attached

resistance time of the puffs in puff

counter instead of displaying smoke on

the screen they should have used that

spice to display battery percentage for

instances that would suddenly be a lot

more useful to adjust the wattage simply

use these controls down at the bottom

you can adjust the wattage in one watt

increments from five all the way up to

80 and it does indeed stop if you press

it again it does round robin too which

is convenient also if you press both

together we can now lock the power

adjustments but still be able to fine

and vibe this is very convenient to

preventing the device from coming out of

the wattage setting we've said before

thank you smoke as before with their

previous IO devices pressing both fire

and left clears the path counter while

pressing fire and right allows you to

change the color of some icons on the

screen but not everything unfortunately

how do you know if you lock the power

output or the adjustments well look at

the little padlock if you locked the

power output it will show a P while if

you lock the adjustments it will show an

A instead that's pretty clever indeed

almost missed that one to be honest

finally to charge the battery inside we

can now use a type C cable and I will

measure the amperage later on too also

we have very percentage on the screen

when charging and that tells me we could

have it on the working screen too still

you can still vibe it while it's

charging by the way while comparing both

the old fetch and the new fetch Pro you

can see an increase in size girth and

weight too yet there's still not a huge

difference in size considering in its

housing an 18 650 battery and still

keeping the same sexy look as its

predecessor it's more durable too now

with plastic panels as opposed to glass

the predecessor had finally of course

the size comparison with the RPM 80 I

just revealed a week or so ago and a i/o

that introduces the new RG c coil heads

but at the

is that he's a lot taller and out of

shape for me personally that is the

reason why I lean towards the fetch size

and form factor a lot more for sure the

fetch is a much more appealing device to

me more so the pro now with a convenient

fire bar so the fetch now turned into a

pro is available in six different and

beautiful colors for around 50 dollars

yet you'll have to Google yourself and

find and find places selling it as

YouTube policies prevent me from telling

you as far as performance there's really

not much I can add or change from my

previous opinions and previous

experiences with both of these coils the

RPM one I talked about in multiple

reviews and the new conical mesh rgc

coil head I recently talked about in my

rpm ad review it's a really good coil

head for sure but it's a shame that they

are changing the size of the coil head

and the fittings once again making it

not backwards compatible anymore

therefore creating more market

fragmentation so I do wish they would

stick to these rpm and RDC coil heads

for a while and still make them

compatible with future devices with that

said smoke already does a great job

including two different tanks to keep

compatibility with previous coil heads

even though they are introducing a new

one that's great also great is the fact

that both tanks offer ad adjustable air

flow though when you close both down to

the tightest you can go they are both

about the same what I would consider a

restricted direct long vibe so if you

are looking for a muffling IO I would

pick something else as this one is more

of a savant type of AI oh yeah you can

restrict the airflow a lot but it's

still along the lines of the direct line

a restricted direct line I wish they

would keep compatibility with North

Wales - as those are a lot better

mouthing long coil heads compared to the

newer rpm and our GC yet with that said

I never tried their higher ohm RPM coil

heads but still all the devices that

take them have the airflow too wide even

closed downs so I don't think it will be

easy to find a good mottling vibe from

devices that take RPM or our DC coil

heads however if what you're looking for

is a direct lung

kind of device absolutely these are

great devices for that without a doubt I

also specially like the fact that the

size of the new fetch Pro didn't

increase all that much of the read over

the regular fetch even holding an 18 650

berry inside as well I like that the

screen interfaces modern the screen is

bright not the sharpest but still a

decent quality screen where everything

is easy to read I just wish the pod was

more secure as it does annoy me quite a

lot the wobble on the pod finally we

have removable 510 driptip yet the

connector is a little on the tight side

for some of my 510 drip tips very wise

it uses the battery between 3.32 and 4.2

volts recharging it inside up to 4.2 of

course an averaging one point 14 amps I


love this form factor being more boxy it

makes a lot more sense to have a firing

bar the battery door closes well in

securely the panels are now plastic as

opposed to glass so more durable we

finally have reversible type-c USB port

the screen is bright and vibrant and

having the ability to lock the wattage

buttons is a must having airflow control

with both tanks is amazing also the fact

that it comes with two tanks and two

coil heads is already beyond what other

companies offer finally even though it

uses a new style of coil head they still

make it comparable with previous ones

including that tank that right there is

a major pro even though I wish they

would keep compatibility with North

Wales - for mouth alone on the downside

though the pod our tank if you will

wobbles quite a bit the screen shows

branding as opposed to something more

useful such as very percentage as it

does when charging the voltage output is

still limiting with lower ohm coils

showing a significant drop on the low

battery which tells me just like other

areas of theirs it doesn't have voltage

boosting capabilities and that makes it

more suitable to be used with higher own

coil heads finally not so much of a

deal-breaker but I wish the feel part

was a top feel part perhaps on this

slanted area of the pod it would have

been so much more convenient to feel and

refill without the need to pull the part

out every time we need to do so

if I was to write this one I would still

give it a beat I will actually keep on

using it hopefully with the RBA section

that I think is coming if it had a

higher voltage output better airflow

ring tension and the tank more securely

attached in place I would easily go as

high as an a4 this one Oh

the material the coils are made with two

because they are instated

smoke come on how hard is it to state

and print the material your coil heads

are made wait just just do it one a

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