The SMOK Nord 2 Pod Starter Kit Review|Comfortable Hand Feel With Large 1500mAh Battery


if you've been liking what smoke has

been doing with their pod systems lately

with those rpm coils and things like

that you like the nord but you'd like it

to be juiced up a little bit well check

it out it's the Nord 2





welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm

Tony today we're looking at the smoke or

smoke Tec Nord - now the Nord was a

really popular small pod device but it

didn't have a display and options for

different wattages and all that kind of

stuff so the Nord - takes care of all of

those little things I just noticed that

this actually has a cover on here I

suppose you could leave it on there if

you wanted to but it's just so

satisfying to peel those things off also

one on the back so on this one you

actually do have a display on it which

is well it's very nice liquid that I'm

using today is unsalted designed for MTL

and pod systems is a blueberry morning

it's powered by flavor art the insulted

line is a collaboration between Dimitri

the vaping Greek pitas our dough mat

from suck my mod and - vapes and I

believe the whole idea behind this is

that they weren't real happy with salt

NIC liquids that are out there and they

wanted to have a higher nicotine liquid

this is 12 milligrams bit high for me

actually I know if you've watched some

of the videos where I'm vaping 18 and 25

milligram Nick salts there is definitely

a fundamental difference between how

standard nicotine and Nick salts perform

when you're vaping them Nick salts are a

lot less harsh but this definitely does

the trick if you just want to get

yourself a quick fix and move on I know

some people will vape 12 milligrams all

day but yeah for me just a couple hits

and I'm done they have a couple of

different flavours cool citrus which I'm

usually not a fan of coladas or cooling

agents and stuff so I'll try it we'll

see and then they've got watermelon

peach which this one smells and tastes

good on a little finger test there so

I'll try this one out - so the box for

the Nord 2 kit I do like that they're

putting the pertinent details on the

front of the box here so they've got a

0.8 MTL coil then they also have a mesh

coil in here the RPM coil the same one

that's been in several of their devices

lately and I think that's good if you

find one that's good stay consistent

that's your direct to lung coil and then

they have 1500 milliamp hours for the

battery and variable wattage 1 to 40


this one is a 7 color Cobra back of the

box it tells you what the kit includes

but all your authenticity stuff over

here when you open up the box you're

gonna get a QC pass card tells you about

their warranty as well and verification

for authenticity and then you get a

manual oh this is the sticker that was

on this

Green and the manual is very very easy I

mean it's it's a super easy to operate

device got specifications right there

I'll leave that up here on the screen

for a second if you want to read those

again 1500 milliamp hours 1 240 watts if

you want to read the rest of those go

ahead and pause it it'll break down of

all the different parts to it and how to

operate it and those six steps are all

of the steps you need something to take

note of though some people like to keep

track of their puff settings and if you

have a screen you'd like to see that

well when you detach the pod from this

thing it clears them alright and also if

it gets the 999 puffs then it will clear

it automatically as well you get the

obligatory silica gel in here another

one of these little screen covers that I

pulled off and you've got a USB cable in

here this is a standard micro USB there

are two pods inside the package this one

right here is the MTL pod it's got the

0.8 ohm coil in here and you're familiar

with this coil right here both of them

they work the same way no air flow on

the bottom of them no air flow controls

that is and then you just grab that and

pull it out just like that to replace it

also you can clean it really easily open

up the fill port over here on the side

both of them have the same fill port and

you can flush the water through there

shake it out real good let it air dry

and you're good to go now this is a mesh

coil here and this one is rated up to

let says best at 25 watts or 0.4 ohms

this one would be for more direct lung

type stuff and I did test it out had

another unit here and this coil seemed

to be a little bit more consistent than

the one that's in here I don't know if

this is gonna do it well I'll show you

this thing but the ohms jump around a

little bit and I don't know if it's

because the pod is loose or what but I

can tell you that it doesn't feel loose

I mean it's it's locked in there pretty

good you have to give it a good tug to

get it out and when you do the light

comes on I keep getting tricked because

that looks like a screen I was like why

is this thing not working the screen is

over here now when you plug this thing

in it actually does give you a estimated

time for how long it's going to take to

charge it so I think that's pretty cool

so you've got your puffs right there

it's five puffs hundred percent battery

voltage right there ohms there and

wattage right there

once again this pod is the same as the

other one just pop this open to fill it

and you just pull this out to you know

replace your coil can't do it right now

because it's filled with liquid course

your positive and negative are on here

that's gold-plated I believe and then


your contacts down inside of there no

magnets in this one but it fits in there

man it just pops right in and you'll see

that it does come on here and if you

pull it out then it says pod detached

you see that it reset it to zero on the

puffs down there I do like that it has

visual feedback for both the percentage

and the fullness of the battery because

that does deplete as it goes down so

when you take it out it says pod

detached and when you pop it back in it

doesn't it doesn't say pod attached but

if you push the button then it's gonna

read now right now it's saying that the

ohms are 0.9 ohms and because I said

something about it it probably won't

jump but if I see that so if I move this

even slightly it's jumping around quite

a bit and I've tried to push it back on

they're jumping around and even the

other unit that I had did that so that's

not great now this might be because it's

a pre-production unit or something but

when I pull this off then I stick it

back on there then it reads it properly

well it says 0.9 1 it's supposed to be

0.8 I believe yeah it says right here


DC's 0.8 um MTL coil pre-installed oh

and the capacity of this is 4.5 milk so

I have noticed that changing a little

bit sometimes when I pick it up or use

it and regular use just putting your

lips on here and hitting the button

because you do have to hit the button to

fire this one I don't seem to have any

problems but if I start to fiddle with

this thing so you look at that 21.5 all

right sticking the other pod on here

will hit this and it's a 0.4 that's

pretty accurate that's what it's

supposed to read once again if I move

the pod a toff see it starts to change

that is something that they need to work

on for sure again could be this is

pre-production I got these before they

you know final stuff for production but

it's something to keep in mind so yeah

you have an LED on here that indicator

will flash if you're having issues or

anything like that they have a full

glossary of that in there and you know

it reads fine again if you just if

you're vaping it it doesn't seem to do

that jumping around thing but if I've

got it in my pocket or something and it

gets jarred look at that 2.2 1.0 yeah so

that's not accurate and it's gonna hit

much differently but when it's reading

correctly you know I just pull it off

and reset it like that it

does work well I mean six watts and

that's all I need says it has the IQ end

chip inside of it and there's your USB

port right there the finish on this

thing is really nice okay it looks

really good and when it's performing

properly it performs properly I'm just

I'm hoping that you know the things that

I pointed out are just things that were

part of the two units that I received

both of them did that so that got worked

out before they went into final

production it does work well so it's a

good sized little device it does have

that display on there which is good it's

just funny because there's something

that looks like a display over here and

then there's a display over here and

there was a few times where I was like

wait a minute it's not turning on oh

yeah over there so yeah the displays

over here on this side of it and 1500

million powers it's gonna give you a

good amount of time especially if you're

using the mouth to long coil because

that one is well it's supposed to be 0.8

it's showing up on here 0.9 0.9 2 and as

I showed you up close it seems to

fluctuate and I don't know if that's

just because the pot isn't seated in

there well enough maybe it's the coil

that I've got in here early production

unit something like that I don't really

know when I use the RPM coil is a little

bit more stable but even then I seem to

have a little bit of jumping of the ohms

on there again you have to keep in mind

that the stuff that said to me is

usually pre-production or pre mass

production you know what I mean they get

their samples done and then they'll do

the major run so yeah it could be that

it's a good size the weight on it is

pretty good I mean if you put it in your

shirt pocket it's a little heavy for

that but if it's perfectly in your

pocket and you barely know you have it

since so many people use that

duck-billed type of mouthpiece on there

I've gotten used to it it still isn't my

favorite of course I'm using that mouth

to lung coil and I'm using a 12

milligram eliquid

the unsalted line this one comes from

pea Bussard Oh Demetri the vape and

Greek and also Matt from suck my mod and

- vape so yeah a lot of people involved

in this one again the whole thing with

this is that they weren't big on the

salted juices so they wanted to have

unsalted to use in their mouths along

devices I still think 12 milligrams is

pretty strong I mean if I was doing an

18 milligram of Nick salts or a 20

milligram of Nick salts to me it it it's

just much smoother you know when you get

12 milligrams of standard nicotine for

me it's kind of like whew alright I get

that nicotine buzz and my mouth is like


not faster but for me when I use one of

these devices I use it more for I don't

know when I'm using a sub ohm tank I'll

use it as much for enjoyment of the

cloud and the flavor as I do the act of

vaping and getting that nicotine when

I'm using something like this it's like

let me just get my fix real quick so

typically two to five puffs and I'm done

for at least that session I don't really

know why they reset the puffs every time

you take the pod out of there I guess

you know the sense it doesn't have a lot

of controls on here that's probably the

easiest way to do it and also because

there's not that many controls you have

to be careful sometimes you might just

have a twitch and hit that button three

times next thing you know you're

changing your wattage you want to make

sure you don't go like you know 25 Watts

on this thing with the 0.8 ohm coil I'm

literally running six watts on this

thing right now and it's just fine

little baby clouds because I'm not

trying to make big clouds here now if

you want to do that you can use the RPM

coil and you can do the big clouds it'll

do that up to 40 watts so that's good

but yeah six watts battery's gonna last

a long time I'm not going to need that

many hits on this thing because I'm

gonna use higher nicotine liquid whether

it's salts or unsalted now I got to say

the flavor on this blueberry morning is

actually really good I'm looking forward

to trying the watermelon what is this

one watermelon peach and then of course

they also have cool citrus which I don't

know if I'm gonna like that because not

big on menthol or any kind of cooling

agents or anything like that but the

flavor and the blueberry morning is very

much like a I don't know it's kind of

like a blueberry muffin type of flavor

it's kind of got a deep rich body to it

and while that is mouth to lung it's not

a really super tight mount along I'd say

it's on the loose side of mouth to lung

and there is no airflow adjustment on

either one of these coils as far as the

Nord 2 goes I think the overall look of

this one is really nice of course there

are other colors I just hope that that

ohm jumping thing gets fixed because if

I have this thing set at 6 watts and

then all of a sudden it goes up to I

don't know at one point it said two

points something and it's not going to

be a real pleasure full vape if you hit

that and it's you know it's actually

reading at a higher ohm is it an

improvement over the original Nord I

would definitely say so so if you like

the Nord

you want to get another one well you

might want to grab yourself a nord two


it's a nord with improvements hey I want

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