THE SMOK NORD 2 Vape Kit Review | 0.69 Inch OLED Display

what's up inside this douches jacket

vaping insider today we're gonna be

going over the smoke Nord

- now the Nord was a pretty popular

device the big question is how does the

Nord to stack up against the og before

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here flat micro USB cable for charging

there is your faux stab wood Nord - they

calling it stab wood they should call it

stab wood look this is not really stab

wood and here are your two pods that

we're gonna go over in more detail right

now ok so this is your regular Nord pod

you can see it's marked Nord on the

bottom here alright

plug and play style coils you could see

regular Nord style coils nothing we

haven't seen before this is the point 8

ohm Nord coil this is more of a mouth to

lung coil made more for your higher

nicotine free base juices or even your

salt NIC juices ok now remember this

coil goes in this pod there are two

different pods that take two different

coils now in order to install it make

sure you line the flat sides up with the

flat sides and just give it a push I

don't know if you can see that or not

but on the fill port tab there it says

Nord identifying that this is the pod

that takes the Nord coils now this is a

very comfortable drip tip kind of has

like a nice curve to it see that very

very comfortable to use there's you draw

a hole right there

the tank itself or pod whatever you want

to call it holds 4.5 ml juice the real

reason you'd want to buy this kit though

is because you also get an RPM Quayle

let me explain to you you can see this

one says right here rpm coil

alright again another plug and play

style coil just get in there pop it out

you might remember this coil from some

of our other reviews the RPM 80 take

and the fetch the fetch Pro take it this

is the point 4 ohm Nord coil good for up

to 25 watts it's a decent coil as far as

this kit goes this is my favorite out of

the two just to give you a quick

comparison you can see the RPM mesh coil

is definitely bigger and a little fatter

as well also wanted to show you the

difference between the pods you can see

that the RPM coil right here has a much

wider hole there for you to slide the

coil into the Nord coil has a much

narrower bore so that's why you can't

interchange these pods they both hold

the same amount of liquids 4.5 ml let's

go over the inside what we have here you

got two gold plated pins right here

those two gold plated pins are gonna

make contact with the gold plating on

the coil right here and when you snap it

in it's got a nice snap to it you feel

that definitely has a nice snap to it

one thing I do wish I wish they would

have done a deeper cut here or maybe put

a cut on the front so I could actually

see my juice level I mean what's the use

of making the pod clear if I can't check

my juice level it just doesn't make any

sense but they did do a nice job with

the fitment and it does go in either way

it doesn't matter it snaps down really

nice take a look around the mod remember

this is not draw activated this is your

fire button right there it is a one

button mod there's your screen right

there you can tell it goes up to 40


here is your wattage your resistance

your battery life your voltage and your

puff counter right there

very simple menu system in order to

change the wattage all you have to do is

click it three times like that see the

wattage blinking now I can scroll up I

can only scroll in one direction up to

40 watts it does round robin okay very

very simple very very easy menu system

we're gonna pull it up to 25 watts where

the scale is

best that's the whole screen that's the

whole menu system wanted to give you a

quick size comparison I thought a really

good comparison would be between the

vopo Navi and the Nord - they're both 40

watt pods /a i/o systems you can see man

you know different types of form factors

right but I mean the Nord 2 is not that

much smaller than the Navi right the

navvies kind of like a cross between the

Nord 2 and a fetch right so you know

just about as thick as each other so I

just wanted to give you a size

comparison show you both of them put

together this is the one I just unboxed

this is the one I've been using not a

bad little piece of kit let's go over

those cons and pros we're gonna start

off with cons as usual first cons gonna

be no RBA base that's a con especially

with the new pods coming out today gotta

point it out that font that font on the

screen is tiny I believe they did the

best they could do with that font but

man sometimes it can be tough to see I

give them credit for making it as big as

they could possibly make it maybe the

only other way they could have gone is

by putting the screen on the big side of

the mod that probably would have been

preferable to the geriatric people out

there to people like me who can't see

like they used to they're calling it

stab wood it's not stab wood let's get

real okay nobody's gonna give you a stab

wood anything at this price point I just

wish they would label things correctly

call it a stab would look but don't call

it stab wood when it's not stab wood no

adjustable airflow in my opinion the

mouth to lung coil is a little too loose

for my liking

and the last cons gonna be you gotta

pull that pod out to see your juice

level I hate that man why do I gotta

pull it out if I want to see my juice

level put a cut out in there do

something so I can see my juice level

you know as I'm using it while I'm

vaping I don't want to have to pull the

pot out to check it it's a car

but that's it on the Khans a lot of

nitpicky stuff yeah I know it's kind of

what I do let's move on to the pros cuz

it's got plenty of pros first pros gonna

be man it's small and it's got

adjustable wattage I love it it's got

great flavor right now I got the point 4

ohm coil at the max wattage at 25 Watts

check it out not too bad for 25 watts

it's got really nice flavor clouds are

there I'm happy with the cloud

production for such a tiny little device

it's good-looking

it fires fast it's got a nice capacity

it does very well with Nick salt juices

I like the brightness of the screen you

can see it in most lighting conditions

very pocketable you can put this one in

a shirt pocket inside jacket pocket

front jeans pocket back jeans pocket you

can throw it in a bag either way you're

just good to go baby

it's got real nice battery life and I

like the power to size ratio the fact

that this little thing does 40 watts is

a big win so there you go inside us

let's score this one on our five-star

grading system in the looks department

I'm gonna give it a 3.5 because it comes

in a bunch of different colors and I

like that definitely better than average

when it comes to color selection smoke

always rolls out the color in the coil

performance Department we're gonna give

it a solid four and a half stars and let

me explain why number one you get two

coils in the kit you get the dl-coil and

you get the mouth to lung coil now the

mouth to lung coil is a little too loose

for me I'm also gonna give it a pro in

the coil performance area because

there's a bunch of different coils

available for this device that's a huge

win how many times do we buy small

devices like this and we can't find

coils for it three to six months later

you're not gonna have to worry about

that which smoke the other reason I'm

gonna give it a four and a half in the

coil performance department is because

it does have an optional RBA

I think it should have been included in

the kit but it is out there and you can

buy it separately if you want to all

those factors put together make this

thing score high in the coil performance

department in the airflow category I'm

gonna give it a 2 it definitely under

performs because there is no adjustable

air flow there should be adjustable

airflow on something like this it's

below average as far as I'm concerned

should have been there in the value

Department we're gonna score it at two

and a half stars and I'll explain to you

why I've been seeing it for 19 to 29

bucks I think that's a fair price you

know if you get it anywhere in between

you probably did okay I think it's a

fair price for the performance that you

get off of this little device so now

we're gonna take all these stars we're

gonna add them all up we're gonna get a

total star count of 12 and a half we're

gonna take that 12 and a half we're

gonna divide it by 4 we're going to get

an overall score of 3 point 1 to 5 stars

just over 3 stars just to give you guys

an idea I consider two and a half stars

average so I'm putting this a bit above

average which is where I think it

belongs I mean it's nothing that's gonna

knock your socks off but it's a good

solid performer and by the way you know

I stopped saying it in my smoke videos

but before somebody mentions it in the

comments the name of the company is

smoke not smock it's called smoke Tech

and the reason I know this is because

I've spoken to upper management at the

company I've asked multiple employees

there how they pronounce the name they

pronounce the name smoke so for all you

people that are gonna put your clever

comments that it's mock it's not smoke

it's smoke what's a smock anyway what

are you supposed to do with a smock tech

company it's a silly argument I'm sick

of seeing it in the comments okay so I

just wanted to add that in let's go over

some of the specs on the smoke Nord - it

measures it at nine

five by thirty point five by twenty

millimeters it weighs 79 grams

it has a 40 watt maximum output with a

1500 milliamp hour battery and a 4.5 ml

capacity it will fire down to 0.3 ohms

and it has a point six nine inch display

1.2 amp charging is on deck

it takes nord coils and RPM coils

included in the kit you get a point 4

ohm mesh or PM coil good for 25 watts

you also get a point 8 ohm nord mouth

talung coil good for 16 watts it's

available in red black rainbow gold

white red resin black slab wood and red

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