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what's up insiders deuces jacket vacant

insider today we got something a little

different for you yeah this one kind of

shocked me a little bit not gonna lie

talking about the bling-bling smoke

fetch check out that gold rose color

whatever you want to call it it's way

too loud for me but I gotta tell you man

so far being impressed with this one

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out that Funkadelic color I'm just I'm

not digging that color man

they're calling it orange it looks like

I don't know man it looks like gold to

me way way way too flashy for me I

really wish they would have sent me

another color as you can see you get two

tanks and you get a Type C charging

cable let's go over this ridiculously

colored mod first of all what's with all

the branding smoke I I can't man how

many times you guys got to be told

listen if you're gonna put branding put

it in the corner somewhere I don't need

a mod that big letters in fetch it just

looks stupid man I don't want to see

that on mods I just don't up and down

buttons screen right there okay there's

your fire bar kind of raised nice and

clicky kind of got a click it from about

60% down to all the way up you click it

the more towards the bottom you go the

more resistance you get this is where

you're gonna get your airflow again

again some gory fetch branding I hate it

can't stand it on the bottom here you

got your battery door pop it open no

spring load just pop it open like that

it does take a single 18 650 battery

door markings are black on black that's

a bad job smoke down the tube you can

see it's got a red plus sign on the

bottom with a spring-loaded gold-plated

battery contact poppin 818 650 and air

just like that closed the door kind of

got to pull it down and then push it in

just like so

by the way handle

this thing for a few minutes and it's an

absolute crime scene it is a fingerprint

magnet all right so basically this comes

with two different pods they may look

the same but they are not the one with

the red plug is the rgc pod the one with

the black is the RPM pod that takes RPM

coils this one takes our GC coils they

both have adjustable air flow on the

bottom as you can see they both have

coils pre-installed they're definitely

on the dark side when it comes to seeing

your liquid level I would have liked to

have seen them been clear let's go over

the our GC coil first pop it out just

like that it's a plug and play style

coil this is the 0.17 ohm coil good for

40 to 80 watts you can see the minimum

level right there okay and you can see

it says our GC conical mesh coil and you

can see the mesh inside this is the RPM

mesh coil this one is point 4 ohms and

it's good for up to 25 watts we've all

seen this before in the other rpm mods

both have adjustable airflow that just

keeps spinning no Stoppers since we've

already gone over the RPM coil and other

reviews let's try the new conical mesh

one you want to take your coil now you

got the RDC coil so remember you want

the one with the red stopper then you

take your RG c coil you just pop it in

there boom just like that plug and play

style coil open up your airflow if you

want to you take your mod and you pop it

right in there just like so

not bad as far as being able to see your

liquid level I just wish this was a

little lighter now let's go over the

screen you got smoke in the corner there

I don't know why they feel the need to

do that I know it's a smoke mod there's

smoke all over the mod battery meter

wattage lock or unlock there's your


there's your puff counter in seconds

there's your puff counter and total

amount of pop here's your up-and-down

button it Scrolls in 1 watt increments

all the way up to the full 80

wotz it does round-robin alright we're

gonna start this off at around sixty


okay if you hit the plus and minus

button together your wattage is locked

okay hit it again unlock it if you hit

the minus and the fire button together

it clears your puffs hit the plus and

fire button together and it changes the

color see that blue pink white blue and

green yellow and green red and green I

like the blue one we're gonna keep it on

the blue five click shuts it off five

clicks turns it on and that's all she

wrote let me give you one last look at

it all put together nice and shiny a few

people like shine you're gonna like this

mod alright before we go back on top I

just had a leak cutting to do smoke sent

me a more acceptable color right here

you can see I got the black one they

also sent me the RPM 80 rebuildable kit

so this kit will work on this it'll work

on the RPM 80 which I'm gonna review

really soon will work on both of them

let me show you how it works so let's

open this thing up get this little box

right here right and inside you have

some cotton which we're probably gonna

use you have a Phillips head screwdriver

with a bunch of spare deck screws and a

couple of spare o-rings that's nice you

have your actual deck section then I'm

gonna show you in more detail in a

second and you have this nice piece

which is very well thought-out this is

the piece the 5/10 adapt that it lets

you dry fire the coil awesome job on

that smoke here's the deck section right

here it screws off just like that

threading on it is actually surprisingly

nice and there is your deck you can see

the coil is pre-installed simple round

wire coil you could probably get a

simple clapton in there

but for now we're just gonna use the

coil they installed I want to show you

the poster offset really really nice

that they pre build it for you now

here's the neat part this part is kind

of ingenious look at the bottom there

right you don't see anywhere to put the

510 adapter right wrong check this out

510 adapte screws right into that part

on the inside there are threads and now

you can dry fire your coil and see what

its owning out at before you actually

wick it so let's do that let's take our

trusty 521 tab plus you guys have seen

this in my video before and let's give

it a quick dry burn let's see what its

own went out at 0.53 okay so we're gonna

switch it to fire mode give it a quick

dry burn you could see it's pulsing from

the inside out it's a space to coil so

we got no issues but the main thing is

now we could see what it's only out at

0.55 so now we're gonna do is we're

gonna take that little strip of cotton

right and it seems like they folded it

in half and I think they folded it in

half so you could cut it in half and get

at least two wicks out of it so what

we're gonna do is we're gonna take the

cotton right here right we're gonna fold

it in half kind of make like a little

loop there right then we're gonna take

our scissors and we're gonna cut it in

half just like that so now we get two

wicks out of it at least get rid of one

take the other twirl it between our

fingers make sure we get it nice and

tight cuz this is a small simple wire

build get those extra fuzzies out of

there see how that's nice and tight and

now we're gonna take it and we're gonna

put it right through and you need

delicate fingers to work with this thing

man because this is very dainty

now when you wick this thing see your

wicking ports right there I would say

cut your wicks right above that oh ring

so that's what we're gonna do we're

gonna measure it out and we're gonna run

our scissor right along that o-ring

we're gonna do the same thing on the

other side we're gonna run right along

that o-ring and cut now you take your

vape tool I like to use a dental pick

especially on dainty stuff like this and

just tuck your wicks in nice and gently

- Oh Mason loose that is that's how you

want it nice and loose turn it around

do the same thing on the other side and

now you can see your cotton right over

there now it's time for juice juice

we're gonna be using today is juice by

the Batman his line of juices this is

the guava flaky pastry so now what you

want to do is you want to take some of

that juice and you just want to lay it

right on there man

just get that cotton nice and saturated

get it started and at this point in time

if you want you can give it a test fire

make sure you got vape we got vape and

then put a little bit more on there so

now we take our juiced up section off

the stand we remove the 510 adapte which

is by the way is ingenious now you want

to take your barrel section make sure

you try not to get any cotton cord in

the threads and just thread it on nice

and easy nice and smooth and your

section should look something like that

right remember I showed you the two

tanks you want to use the tank with the

red fill port the other one will not

work only use the tank with the red fill

port now you take your rebuildable

section line it up and pop it in once

your coils all popped in you can see you

still have adjustable air flow

now it's time to fill it up now you take

your open fill port stick your juice

bottle in that just give it a nice

squeeze until it's all filled up might

not be a bad idea to let it sit for a

minute or two let it kind of wick up a

little bit alright and there you go

filled up to the top now we take our

plug pop it right in there after you're

all done take the mod pop it in there

and you can see we Roman out at point

six three all right and now you can

adjust the wattage and V let's get into

those cons and pros we're gonna start

off with cons on the fetch Pro first

times gonna be no mouth to long coil in

the kit

no RBA deck in the kit in this nice

little kit that they did so well that's

a damn shame it's a con and the only

other kind of guy

this I'm not crazy about the color they

sent me I think the color sucks it

really does I hate this gold bronze Rose

whatever you want to call it it's putrid

I would have much rather another color

why would you send the review is the

ugliest color you have I just don't get

it but that's a subjective god but man I

like this device so much I hate the fact

that I got it in this color but that's

it on the cons let's move on to the pros

we got plenty of pros here first pros

gonna be it's a single 18 650 mod baby I

love it it charges at 2 amps and it's

got Type C charging all other vape

companies need to take note it's time to

move to type C charging got it evolved

it's got a real nice color display it's

got a nice capacity love the form factor

it's got all the same coils as the RPM

line the airflow cutouts right here

they're adding away

I'm never covering up on accident they

did a nice job where they place them I

get really nice flavor and clouds off of

this one let me show you what I'm

working with here I got the 0.17 mesh

coil in here at 78 Watts got a little

bit of Johnny's juice in here check it


not too bad right not bad for this

little guy 78 watts the flavor is fully

saturated the juice tastes great the

clouds are nice

I got smooth airflow just a really

really pleasant experience in a tiny

little package I mean can you believe

this little thing does 80 watts

that's another pro I love the power to

size ratio of it if you're weren't able

to tell I actually really like this

little device and I gotta give smoke

credit the last couple of devices that

I've reviewed from them they've really

upped their build quality man definitely

definitely impressed I wish they would

fix the TC now on their on their chipset

on the bigger stuff but they've really

upped their build quality I mean the


privily had some nice build quality to

it and so does this one really really

nice job on this smoke

so let's score this one on our five-star

rating system in the looks department

I'm gonna give this a solid four I love

it man

I love the form factor I love the way it

feels in the hand it just looks great

I would definitely buy this one just on

the looks alone that color screen makes

it pop they did a good good job with

this device in the coil performance

department we're going to give it a

solid four as well let me explain why I

love the conical mesh coil the one that

you saw me vape on it's fantastic

because unlike a lot of devices in this

category the conical mesh coil takes

full advantage of the wattage output of

the actual device awesome job smoke

you're getting a four for that plus

there are other coils available for it

and there's an RBA section as well in

the airflow Department we're gonna give

it a solid three little better than

average it's adjustable and it's smooth

I like that it's a pro they're getting a

three for it as far as the value goes

I'm gonna give it another solid three

I've been seeing anywhere from 30 to 50

bucks I think 50 bucks is a little on

the high side definitely shop around if

you can get it for around the 30 the 35

dollar range I think it's well worth the

money so we'll give it three stars we're

gonna take all these stars and we're

gonna add them up we're gonna total out

at fourteen stars overall we're gonna

take those fourteen stars we're gonna

divide them by four and we're gonna come

up with a three and a half star rating

so on my rating system I can set a

two-and-a-half average this puts this a

full point over average I actually like

this kit a lot

I think it's small its stealthy and it

vapes really well the bottom line is

when I compare this to something like

the VIN CX by booboo I actually like


better strictly because of the coils

that are available let's go over some of

the specs on the smoke fetch Pro it

measures in at 93 by 46 by 22

millimeters it is a single 18 650 mod

with an 80 watt maximum it's got Type C

charging at 2 amps it's got a point 9 6

inch color display it has air flow

control and a 4.3 milliliter capacity

it's available in black green orange

blue silver and red in the kit you'll

get a point 5 ohm RPM mesh coil and a

point 1 7 ohm rgc mesh coil be sure to

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