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Vandy Vape Mato RDTA Review | The Best Of Rda and Rta

what's happening everybody I'm detail

Phillips and welcome back to the channel

very vibe has without a doubt clearly

revolutionized the market have atomizers

all these producing atomizers with

mostly great quality but not many are

DTS when I think of it that's why I'm

really excited today because we are

going to check out their motto our DTI

which is a collaboration between them

and never fear German reviewer if I'm

not mistaken inside the box you'll find

the motto rdta this is the black

coloured one by the way these are all

the different colors available you also

receive a quality control certificate as

well as a user manual a bag with spare

o-rings spare fill port plugs spare

stainless steel rope 510 driptip adapter

squonk pin and both allen drivers one

for the post and the other for the

squonk pin installation last but not

least a 3.5 millimeter diameter triple

fused Clapton coil with all the specs

and even the material huge props to that

the metal rdta is clearly a taller

detail like many others yet nice-looking

though measuring 24 millimeters in

diameter and 55 millimeters in height

measuring to the top of the included 18

millimeter diameter 800 tip which is

removable and gun compatible the tank

810 gun compatible obviously as well and

I actually like the design and looks at

the included drip tip too even though

this is a single coil rdta as you are

about to see we have two air flow intake

holes adjusted with the cap which does

have stopping points though it's still

removable exposing than the post screws

as well as the feel part protected with

a sealing membrane that allows you to

stick the bottle tip in there in sealing

the hole at the end inside the cap you

can see both the little pins providing

airflow adjustment stopping points and

the interior slightly domed but more so

in the center looking at the bill deck

you see a few things we see the air flow

coming in from both sides literally a

honeycomb style air flow in

configuration we can also see the

posters holes where you install the coil

however only allowing you to install

coils that are wrapped counterclockwise

so that is something you need to be

aware of

finally we have the stainless steel

ropes four in total that will be

carrying the liquid over to the wick

which will be sitting on top of them

down below we have our tank not a glass

tank but a food grade piece etg kind of

tank finally at the very bottom

our 510 connection with a positive

center pin that does stick out quite a

lot therefore it should be safe to be

used on hybrid mechanical mods if you

want to be using these rdta on top of a

squander in bottom feeder configuration

all you have to do is into the stock pin

and screw the squonk pin in its place

this way when using the metal attached

to a squonk mod every time you squonk

you will be filling and refilling the

tank underneath the building like some

other rdta as I've reviewed as of late I

also quite like the dual or rings

holding the cap in place and especially

the sealing membrane in the feel part

you know that many Rd TAS of this style

are always messy and full of you liquid

around this area when you pull the top

cap don't you well that's the reason why

I love this sealing membrane which seals

the fill part right after it's done

filling and refilling the tank if you

want to you can also in screw the bill

that from the tank section which will

give you access to the tank section

which like I said is made of food great

piece EDG from here you can also place

and replace our service your stainless

steel rubs as well from underneath the

building by the way see the fill port

chamber right there with a tiny hole

inside that's the hole that will supply

the tank with liquid when you have the

squonk pin installed and you skunk with

your spunk mod when you screw the tank

section back together make sure you have

both bottom and top or rings in place

and you push the stainless steel rubs

all the way down as well to assure a

flawless and clean operation of these


the coil included with this Eddy which i

spiced myself by the way is clean yet

not the most evenly wrapped coil I've

seen especially when compared to coils

made by great coil builders particularly

when we see these uneven reps

still see how it was Rev

counterclockwise that's how your coil

must be to fit this building as I

mentioned earlier another thing included

in the box that I forgot to show

previously is this coil measuring tool

to help you

the leaves in advance almost like the

coyly tool I use all the time which to

be honest these a lot more useful yet

the one included comes with the right

measurement marked on the side and

that's the length II need your coil lead

sticking out there for where you have to

trim them even though we can pretty much

consider this one posters anyway once

you unscrew the per screws all you have

to do is drop the coil in and tighten

both back to secure it after that use a

3.5 millimeter diameter coil rod in this

case in the line that coil making sure

it doesn't touch the airflow sections on

either one of the sides

from here you can blow your coil lightly

if you want to work out all the hot

spots especially if you are assembling a

contact coil or just to burn and get rid

of any possible oils or debris when it

comes to wicking this one once you run

your wick through I strongly recommend

that you fluff each end and just a

little trim them about this size

protruding about this much so then you

can bend them and lay them down on top

of the stainless steel rubs just like

this filling up the entire reeking wells

to prevent any leaking in case you light

the tank down on its side at this point

you can and you should

prime your wick and coil with liquid

even before you fill up the tank I

decided to fill the tank first by

sticking the bottle tip in the hole and

tilting the tank just to show you how

the liquid is flowing really well

through the stainless steel rubs in

soaking up both ends of the wick still

let me prime the coil in weak better and

faster myself anyway all that is left to

be done now is attaching the top cap

back onto the building aligning the

little knobs inside that will provide

stopping points to the airflow control

and you are ready to roll with the meto



d'amato rdta will be available in matte

black sandblasted gray stainless steel

gold and gunmetal and I've seen it

retailing between 35 and 45 dollars so

I'm not quite sure what's going on with

the pricing varying about ten dollars

between different retailers I've checked

the bill from the close up came around

0.23 ohms 65 watts and with the airflow

closed is much let's wipe it really good

warm and extremely flavorful vibe with

these air flow configuration I'm really

pleased with the vape quality honnestly

so it must be because of the honeycomb

style airflow this one is clearly a

collaboration between Vandy vaping the

German reviewer without a doubt just

knowing how popular this style of RDT is

is in Germany not just by its size and

looks but more so because of the

stainless steel ropes of course you can

use it without the stainless steel ropes

just like other rdt icin simply sticking

the wicks down the holes but since we

have two holes per side you would have

to split the weakened two on both sides

to place inside the two holes we have on

each side the airflow is actually really

smooth and quiet wide-open yet

it still feels smooth when you start

closing it down but it becomes louder

and louder a little annoying after a

while yet I prefer the airflow closed

this much because it provides a

restrictive and very good flavorful

restricted direct line vaping oh boy it

is flavorful and dense

overall if you don't mind the size this

is an extremely good performer aside

from some machining marks on the bill

that the overall machining quality is

great it's functional the airflow with

stopping points and must have the filled

part sealing membrane keeps everything

clean the bill that is easy to build and

it comes with a ton of spares and even

510 driptip adapter on the downside

though and there's not many is how the

building only has two holes as opposed

to four so your coil can only be wrapped

counterclockwise finally the size even

though we're very subjective and

personal con I still think they should

have included a smaller a smaller size

tank section for the folks who are going

to be vaping it attached to a squat mode

anyway if I was to write this one I can

only give it a name - if the build egg

had four holes the trap coils wrapped

counterclockwise as well or clockwise as

well sorry it would have been a solid a

do you want a special opportunity

YouTube doesn't allow it to be conducted

on the platform anymore so it will be

conducted externally through my websites

newsletter which you have to be already

signed for or signed for right now with

the link in the corner or the link in

the description down below you also have

to add hashtag motto to your comment

just to let me know you want to enter in

the same newsletters send every Sunday

with the winners for the previous week


alright I'm done

stay sexy and very fun



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