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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Vaping In Italy Under The COVID-19 Pandemic

as of this video Italy has encountered
the worst-hit when it comes to the Cova
19 outbreak with a death toll now
surpassing China with the healthcare
infrastructure under immense strain the
government took drastic measures to try
and curb the spread of the virus banning
all public gatherings closing schools
and shutting down all commercial
businesses including bars and
restaurants the only exemptions to the
shut down essentials such as pharmacies
supermarkets news agencies and tobacco
shops with close to a million vapors in
Italy they just got left in the dust and
are now unable to get their vape
supplies until dr. Ricardo pilosa spoke
up about it
dr. pilosa is a world-renowned scientist
and researcher on vaping and harm
reduction he is also the founder of the
center of excellence for the
acceleration of harm reduction in
Catania Italy and has published dozens
of studies on topics related to vaping
when news broke that the government
exempted tobacconist but not vape shops
from the lockdown
dr. pilosa was incredibly confused and
it completely makes sense in these
incredibly stressful times people are
going to consume nicotine more so than
usual and with the lockdown in effect
this now exposes a lot of people to
tobacco smoke which isn't good alongside
that the hundreds of thousands of vapors
across Italy are now forced to revert
back to smoking for their nicotine needs
overall it was a nightmare for public
health let alone vapors and smokers in
general and doctor Pelosi expressed that
to the government well kind of he got in
contact with the National Association
for electronic smoking which is one of
if not the biggest organizations for
vaping in the country and they had close
contacts with the government doctor
pilosa then used their contact and
connections to voices opinions on March
11th and shortly after on march 13th
public health and the prime minister
announced that besides tobacconists vape
shops can also remain open during the
lock downs which is absolutely amazing
now I gotta say I really hope that other
countries follow similar footsteps
during these lock downs every day we're
seeing more and more foreclosures and
lock downs to help curb the spread of
Kovan 19 for example New Brunswick here
in Canada just announced a full lock
this means that all retail outlets
except grocery stores pharmacies and be
liquor cannabis and be hardware stores
and vehicle garages were ordered to
close also restaurants were only allowed
to operate on a pickup only basis and
even here in Toronto Ontario many
businesses are closing with others
operating on a pickup only basis us
included we have closed all of our
retail stores and they're currently pick
up only locations to help limit the
spread of Kovan 19 now if you wanted a
bit more information on that then click
the card that's gonna pop up on the top
right side of your screen I'm hoping
that if things go even further south
that governments here in North America
will follow similar footsteps to Italy
keeping vape shops open to a pickup only
basis but it's very hard to tell because
even with all of the chaos going on
right now some quote unquote researchers
are still trying to throw dirt on vaping
for example this new report from vaping
x' best friend stanton glance stating
that vapors are actually at higher risk
of corona virus but more on that in our
next video for this video I think we
just need to acknowledge the great work
that dr. pilosa has done for this
industry which has essentially saved all
vapors in Italy without him vape shops
would still be closed forcing many to
continue smoking cigarettes but in these
hectic times I'd also like to take a
moment and thank all of the work is
helping us get through all of this the
doctors medical professionals
restaurants grocery store workers anyone
that's currently working while all this
is going on you the real MVP s and I
appreciates ya and that pretty much
wraps up today's video now if you like
this video please be sure that like
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as always I'm Dave from - peeps and I'll
see you in the next video


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