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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

What Is The BEST SALT NIC JUICE In 2020?

Today we're gonna go over

the top 10 nix low pieces of 2020 coming

in at the 10 spot

we have Freeman vape juice this is when

Avista this juice by Freeman is a blend

of vanilla tobacco and caramel pretty

much this flavor profile is right up my


I like vaping tobacco sort of flavors in

devices that do well with mixels I just

feel like the draw on Nick salt devices

makes me gravitate more towards tobacco

flavors with Buenavista you get vanilla

and the caramel right up front and on

the back end of the poll is where the

tobacco comes in this juice is available

in 35 milliliter bottles and it's also

available in only one strength that is

35 milligrams of nicotine coming in at

the nine spot we got the boss line of

juices by Apollo this one is called

kingpin and I gotta tell you I'm really

not a big fan of peanut butter juices in

general I find peanut butter juices to

be a very tough flavor to nail it's

either way too strong or way too light

and never anywhere in between well with

this kingpin juice from Apollo vapes

they've really nailed the peanut butter

flavor its profile is peanut butter with

a slight hint of tobacco the tobacco and

the peanut butter really complement each

other well on the initial poll you're

going to get tobacco right upfront and

then on the exhale is when the peanut

butter really comes through this juice

is available in 30 milliliter bottles

and it's available in 20 35 and 50

milligrams strengths coming in at number

eight we have propaganda frost I believe

when this juice first came out it was

called blue slushie but later on

propaganda e-juice change the name to

frost doesn't really matter no matter

what you call it fact of the matter is

this is one hell of a juice

normally I don't like blue slushy juices

with any type of cooling agent in them

but when I use this juice in a map to

lung system I find it to be quite

refreshing this juice has a very

prominent taste of raspberry and

blueberry right up front you don't get

the cooling agent until you start to

exhale frost comes in a thirty

milliliter bottle and it is available in

35 or 50 milligrams of nicotine strength

it is a 50/50 blend

we got a newcomer to the list this year

squid industry spritz line this is their

custard tobacco as I said early in the

video in general when I vape freebase

juices I'm really not a big fan of

tobacco juices but when I vape Nick

salts and devices that are meant for

Nick salts I do tend to enjoy tobacco

based juices this juice by squid

industry is very on point it's rich it's

got a full tobacco type of flavor that

you get right up front when you first

start your draw on the exhale you get a

really nice creamy sweet custard that

just blends well with the tobacco truth

be told if you name this juice the way

it vapes it probably should have been

called tobacco custard this juice comes

in a 30ml bottle and it is available in

35 or 50 milligrams of nicotine coming

in at number 6 we have the fruit monster

strawberry Kiwi pomegranate or as the

people who vape it affectionately call

it SK P I've always been a Jam monster

juices fan I'm a very sort of vapor and

Jam monster knows how to do berries this

is a mixed fruit juice when you vape on

this juice you get a blast of strawberry

right up front and in your face with a

really nice pomegranate kicker on the

end somewhere along the pole there's a

slight hint of Kiwi that actually makes

the juice very refreshing in the summer

time this juice has a sweetness and a

tang enos that goes very

well together fruit monster skp is

available in two Nick strengths 24 or 48

milligrams it is sold in 30 ml bottles

coming in at number 5 we have another

entry from squid industries from their

spritz line we're talking about the

vanilla cookie they had two juices make

our top 10 but this one is probably my

favorite out of their whole spritz Nick

salt line it's a vanilla cookie that is

very simple yet decadent as soon as you

take a pull off your device that's

loaded up with this juice you're gonna

get that vanilla right up front with a

cookie chaser it's just a very nice

juice that goes well with a morning cup

of coffee it's available in 25 or 50

milligrams of nicotine and it comes in

30 ml bottles at the number four spot we

have Freeman juices again with their ry

for listen if you're a mouth to lung

vapor and you like tobacco juices ry for

juices just really never seem to get old

having a solid ry for juice in your

arsenal as a mouth to lung vapor is

absolutely imperative this is a very

solid ry4 by Freeman you get a nice

tobacco flavor with plenty of caramel

and in ever so slight hint of chocolate

it's just a solid all day vape that

should keep you coming back for more

another juice that's great in the

morning with a cup of coffee crack in

the top three is Jam monster black berry

this juice is a carryover for me in

other words I really like the freebase

black berry version of this juice so

when I saw that jamaats I came out with

a nick salt version

I just had to try it I was not

disappointed I'm not gonna say it's as

good as the freebase version because I'd

be lying but as far as blackberry vapes

go this is probably my favorite when it

comes to nixels

you get the BlackBerry upfront and in

your face right away and then at the end

you get that nice warm toast taste this

blackberry juice by Jam monster is

available in 24 or 48 milligrams of

nicotine and it comes in a 30ml bottle

at the two spot we have another boss

salt tobacco line by Apollo beeps I'm

talking about Havana nights I don't know

what it is about that vanilla caramel

and tobacco profile but I just really

like it in Nick's salt devices this is

probably my favorite juice when it comes

to this type of profile Apollo did up

bang-up job with blending all three of

these flavors the vanilla caramel and

tobacco blend together seamlessly

throughout the whole poll it's just an

extremely satisfying vape this is a

50/50 blend juice that is available in

20 35 or 50 milligrams of nicotine it

comes in 30 ml bottles it's definitely

worth a shot if this is your type of

flavor profile and the number one spot

the big dog goes to Apollo's vanilla

creme if you've been watching this

channel for any time you know that I'm

pretty much a vanilla custard head this

juice is not really a custard it's more

of a cupcake type of eight but it's got

a strong French vanilla taste to it

if you like vanilla this is the juice

for you as far as I'm concerned this is

the best juice to have in the morning

with that first cup of cold alright

inside is you saw my top 10 picks of

2020 those are my best

Nik salt so what exactly is a Nik salt

juice an ick salt juice is basically

nicotine in its most natural form from

the tobacco leaf Nik salts are basically

created when you take the base nicotine

and you add an acid or multiple acids to

it normally we're talking about citric

acid or benzoic acid now contrary to the

name Nick salts there is no sodium in a

Nick salt juice

however Nick's salts in general are

absorbed faster into the bloodstream and

they allow you to vape on higher

nicotine juices without getting a very

harsh throat hit now when you compare

Nick salts to high nicotine freebase

uses a regular juice the reason you

don't get such a harsh throat hit with

Nick salts is because the pH level in

the nicotine is considerably lower than

the pH level in a freebase nicotine so

what I'm trying to tell you is between

the two nicotine's freebase and salt

Nick the reason you get a Harsha throat

hit with freebase nicotine when you vape

it in higher forms is because the pH

level is much higher chemically in

freebase nicotine what kind of devices

should I be vaping mixels in and that's

always a common question that I get and

no doubt if you've been following vaping

for any time now you've seen the

popularity of pod systems slash AIO

systems right these are some small

systems with some smaller capacity that

are generally meant to handle Nick's

salt juices in general you do want to

vape Nick salt juices at a higher

resistance than you would your regular

freebase juices

generally speaking you probably want to

be in the 0.8 to 1.5 ohm range when

you're vaping these types of juices

whatever you do please don't take any of

these juices and put them in your

regular sub ohm tank it's going to be a

very unpleasant harsh expiry

now most of the juices that you're gonna

find in a Nick salt line I've seen them

as low as 18 milligrams of nicotine I've

seen them as high as 50 milligrams of

nicotine and anywhere in between I've

seen 20 25 35 so you got a shop around

and find the nicotine level that's right

for you

remember inside is we got a Facebook

group go on over there and join up for a

more exclusive behind-the-scenes content

don't forget make sure you hit the

thumbnail right here and check out our

best pods of 2020 video


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