What Is The Best Mesh RTA? Geekvape Zeus X RTA

what's happening everybody I'm DJ Osby

Felton welcome back to the channel

geek flip was and still is quite

successful with their zoo series of

atomizers more so the zoos acts that

latest stop airflow dual coil RTA which

was also a big hit and still one of my

favorite artists of all times I believe

there's oosoo bomb tank was quite

successful - what if the zoo's axe was

made to be modular from the beginning

yep it was and now they are releasing

both the zoo's axe mash Edition as well

as just a specific build deck for mesh

these built that can be used in your

zoo's ex RTA if you already own one in

this case we have the focus so we get

the zoo's xrt air with the bubble tank

and the mesh build deck already

installed of course we also receive a

straight glass tank an extra Ultem

driptip a bag with extra post screws

extra o rings extra screws spare spring

spare ceramic block coiling rod 510

driptip adapter as well as its ripple to

another bag with two 0.2 or mesh strips

and cotton with all the specs on the

side huge props to that last but not

least - 0.17 own mesh strips cotton and

again all the specs on the side as well

these are nichrome strips as opposed to

candle as far as the tank itself there's

really not much to talk about that I

haven't already gone over in my previous

full review which I will

in the top right corner the top feel

part is still the same the drip tip is

also the same super low-profile a tendon

style G tip even the top air flow system

is still exactly the same to summarize

everything about this tank excepting the

build deck included and also available

separate will be just the same even the

inner air flow chamber is the same here

too notching onto the build deck and

allowing the build deck and base to be

removed and replaced into the tank so

here is the bill deck and doesn't it

look familiar

exactly it's a profile style bill deck

which is nice with clamps on both sides

to trap the mesh strips with Phillips

head screwdrivers we also have a

spring-loaded ceramic block in the

center to push the wick against the mesh

much like the profile build deck indeed

in this case actually a little more

stiff which is nice finally we have

massive wicking slots on both sides in

order to feed e-liquid from the bottom

liquid well if you need to replace a

ceramic block or the spring you can do

so by unscrewing this flathead screw

inside the ceramic block both mesh ribs

included here are very similar net style

strips our plexus style if you will get

the cantle one on the left is still a

different pattern compared to the

nichrome on the right I will still they

both and see if the eye-fi can spot any

differences before you assemble your

mesh rip you have to bend the strip to

shape with the help of the included

plastic rod which will give the mesh

strip the perfect band for it to be

dropped inside the clamps and be then

clamped down by tightening these side

Phillips head screws if you want to you

can also use a low wattage to make this

rip glow and get rid of any your oils

are possibly debris from manufacturing

to weak your coil of course you can

simply use the cotton provided which I

believe they will also be selling

separately simply slide it through after

collapsing the spring-loaded ceramic

block yet if you want to use shoelace

style cut and wigs like fire bolt cotton

by vape fly you will have to use three

stacked together like these like a

triangle or like a pyramid when it comes

to wicking this one it's actually rather

simple I still recommend that you use

some pointed tweezers and fluff each end

of your weight gently not too much once

you do

simply trim the wick aligned with the

edge or the end of the base where the

base ends if you will then use your

tweezers to bend and place that massive

amount of cotton inside the also massive

wicking slots both ends of course once

built and wait to go ahead and premiere

week really well I mean really well and

saturated which is extremely important

for a mesh coil with this much cotton

when we notch the airflow chamber onto

the bill deck we can clearly see how it

was originally designed with mesh

already in mind as it looks like it will

supply plenty of air right where we need

it for a mesh crown such as this one

don't forget to place the airflow

chamber back inside if you pulled it out

there and then go ahead and screw the

bill deck back to the tank open the feel

part and you can fill it up

I can only assume at this point the tent

will be available in the same colours as

your original Zeus XR ta as far as

pricing for this version of the tank and

for the bill Dec only sold separately

for those of you who already owned the

original Zeus X at the time I'm shooting

this review I cannot find such

information as a matter of fact I

already had this thing for months got it

before the Chinese New Year but they set

the embargo for the release date to be

today or passed today so I wouldn't be

surprised if they'd release all the info

and pricing the same day I'm dropping

this review how does this one perform

that is the question and not so much as

far as the flavour because as far as

flavor it is as good as most other mesh

rebuildable tanks I can already say as

far as it being able to keep up with the

with wick efficiently or wicking

efficiently at the highest wattage I can

handle this is the cantle mesh strip at

70 watts with the airflow wide open


very rich and saturated flavorful days

and it keeps up with the wicking just

perfectly which is awesome and a

characteristic we need to be good

especially when we are vaping in mesh

coil dry aids from mesh coils are quite

nasty and to be fair they actually hurt

that's why my recommendations remained

the same as for other mesh rebuildable

and something I would not recommend to

an experienced two inexperienced vapors

are inexperienced builders even though

this is such an awesome performance that

weeks pretty much flawlessly of course

your mileage may vary specially

depending on the type of mesh you build

but more so in regards to wattage

because if you want less airflow vicious

if you start dialing down the airflow

you really need to lower the wattage as

well or you may end up having a dry head

pushing the right amount of airflow to

cool down that mesh strip inside at such

high wattages is critical as far as the

two different mesh strips provided they

both fight very much the same however I

feel that the nichrome mesh strip is a

little bit more reactive it ramps up a

little faster which is to be expected

when comparing nichrome to candle so my

pros and cons remained pretty much the

same as far as the tank as I've given on

the previous Deus Ex review which by the

way I will have linked in the corner for

you to watch if you haven't already yet

I would like to add the fact that I love

them releasing additional bill decks

weren't already released an amazing RTA

I think this is a very easy to build and

wick mesh bill deck with a springy yet

more stiff spring-loaded center block

than others on the downside though as I

said if you are not experienced in

building and specially wicking mesh

coils dry heats from an atomizer such as

this one can be quite nasty and actually

hurt to be precise they really do hurt I

also love the fact that they include

plenty of spares and supplies to get you


though you can then buy other styles of

mesh strips to play around with you

there's even amazing ones from ofr F

finally as I said in the previous RTA

review I love how it is a top airflow

RTA making it a lot more leak resistant

than other bottom airflow RTS yet

without compromising on flavor if I was

to write this one I would have to

this one and a and apprehensive a

because I still think these are ta being

mesh isn't for everybody this is we and

again this is because dry hits from mesh

can really hurt the thing is from a

performance standpoint and its overall

machining I can see yet how it could be

better than what it is I actually try it

hard to find more cons honestly do you

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