What You Need To Know About Coronavirus And Vaping

Fox News has been told that the

president is likely to declare a

national state of emergency or national

emergency what do you make of the call

today that coronavirus is a pandemic

it's the World Health Organization has

now confirmed what many epidemiologists

have been saying for weeks

the corona virus is a pandemic with

coronavirus or kovat 19 officially

declared a pandemic many people are

worried about becoming infected and also

running out of toilet paper now we did

do a previous video kind of covering

this topic but that video only kind of

pertained to the availability of product

or block thereof if you did want to

check out our first video then I'll link

it in the description down below but

today I mainly wanted to focus on some

misconceptions and precautionary

measures to take when it comes to

handling your vague device all while

keeping down the risk of contracting

coronavirus but Before we jump into it

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kick off this video with some

precautionary measures to take

regardless if you're a vapor

disinfecting and washing your hands

frequently along with refraining from

touching your eyes nose and mouth is

highly advised also if you are sick or

feeling ill self-isolation for at least

14 days will help minimize the risk of

spreading the virus it's also highly

recommended to get checked for the virus

by calling your doctor ahead of time

instead of just kind of showing up that

way they can take some precautionary

measures and prepare accordingly

researchers are saying that symptoms

typically take about 2 to 5 days to show

up so if you're feeling completely fine

that may not necessarily be the case but

definitely wash your hands or disinfect

them as frequently as possible now let's

get into the vaping side of things it's

quite a common practice to kind of let

your friends or family try your vape or

just to try what flavor that you're

vaping now I highly advise against that

especially in these times we have even

taken the steps within all of our retail

stores to temporarily halt the sampling

of flavors to help minimize that

risk of spreading the virus now the key

word there is temporary

we will resume sampling as soon as

Public Health says it's safe to do so

one thing we need to take into

consideration as well is the PG and E

liquids PG or propylene glycol which is

one of the main ingredients any liquid

tends to dehydrate you which can in turn

lower your immune system so drinking

plenty of water to help counteract that

as highly advised now on the topic of PG

many people believe that PG can actually

disinfect and kill flu viruses but as

absolutely amazing as that would be

there's just not enough research

supporting that the study pertaining to

this claim was done all the way back in

the 40s with lab rats they exposed two

groups of rats to influenza type A

viruses but one group was also exposed

to aerosolize PG lab rats exposed to PG

did not get the flu while the other

group all will died now lab rats are a

very inconsistent subject to test on

especially in comparison to humans most

lab rats are actually bred to be in a

laboratory environment meaning most of

them also have underlying health issues

also we don't know if the PG actually

killed the virus or if the virus just

bonded to the PG molecules which helped

prevent it all we know is that one group

died and one didn't and that's it

there's just way too many variants and

missing information here to consider it

a conclusive fact so until there's more

research done on it I wouldn't put too

much trust in it but going back to the

actual devices themselves I highly

advise you to kind of handle all of your

vape devices with clean hands picking up

your device off a table or grabbing it

out of a pocket you can easily

accidentally grab the drip tip and in

turn that drip tip goes right into your

mouth again I can't stress enough the

importance of clean hands and

disinfecting your drip tips and devices

and whatnot now following up our

original video saying how stock may get

very low and hard to come by is

unfortunately becoming very true stock

is continuing too deeply and there's no

telling when we're gonna get our next

Shipman other shops around the world are

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are pretty much just running on what

they have so with that said we also

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weeks in our previous video I did

mention that liquids might be fine from

the stock issue but unfortunately that's

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Canadian now this is definitely a hectic

time if you can call it that I mainly

wanted to make this video to keep all of

you lovely viewers as safe as possible

now if I missed any tips or you have

some precautionary measures that you

take yourself that I didn't mention in

this video leave them in a comment in

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pretty much wraps up today's video now

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