Will Vaping Cause Flu | Vaping-Related Illness

Oh season is right around the corner and

when you think of the flu you think of

nausea a coffin a fever but those are

also the exact symptoms of a vaping

related illness newsChannel 5's Jason

Lam talked to a doctor who says the

identical symptoms croup could prove

dangerous this flu season doctors across

Middle Tennessee are preparing for flu

season but this year they're also on

alert for vaping that's because doctors

say a cough fever shortness of breath

and vomiting can apply to both illnesses

at this time we don't have a great way

to differentiate if someone just came

into our doors to the emergency

department with that constellation of

symptoms we wouldn't be able to say oh

you have flu or this is from vaping or

anything else

doctors say teens who do vape need to be

honest with their parents and doctors

something that doctors say is happening

less now because of the stigma attached

to vaping now I think we're having a

little bit more difficulty with people

being more truthful about that and in

addition what they are vaping as well

whether it's just the nicotine whether

it's just the e-liquid whether there's

other substances and involved so experts

are warning parents don't brush off flu

symptoms this season and if your kids

seem like they have the flu you need to

talk to them saying hey are we vaping at

all you know not in the manner of that

were angry or were upset but more just

having the frank open and conversation

because if that's the case then

oftentimes you can say well let me need

to stop for now and if symptoms don't

improve they certainly need to see like

a medical provider there have already

been several vaping deaths in Tennessee

this year more reason than ever doctors

say to make sure parents know what could

truly be behind your child's COFF this

year Jason Lam News Channel five