Will Vaping Cause Lung Health ?

with all the reporting we've been doing

on the coronavirus lung health is

certainly getting a lot of attention one

habit that compromises lung health is

vaping in today's report on the dangers

of vaping Channel 3's Caitlin Francis

gets insight on why that's the case the

dangers of vaping is brought to you by

Yukon health this is Logan Kron the

Wisconsin teen shared these pictures

with the world late last year to show

how his vaping habit nearly killed him

hospitalized with a case of chemical

pneumonia directly linked to vaping he

suffered damage to his lungs that he'll

be dealing with for the rest of his life

while Logan survived other users of

vaping products have not the Centers for

Disease Control reports 68 people across

the country have died as a result of

vaping that number includes one death

right here in Connecticut and look at

these statistics over a period of just

three months last year 34 Connecticut

residents suffered lung injuries linked

to vaping of those cases 22 patients

were under the age of 30 for clean air

should go into a person's lungs nothing

else should go into a person's lungs

Wilcox is a specialist in pulmonary

medicine at UConn health for years she's

been treating patients with smoking

related lung issues she's concerned that

vape or East cigarette use by our youth

is undermining the gains made from years

of stop smoking campaigns what scares me

the most about this generation and

vaping is that they will switch over to

combustible tobacco and that all of the

gains that were made with getting kids

to not start smoking that will be lost

the nicotine in traditional cigarettes

is extremely addicting when nicotine

levels drop in those who smoke or vape

the cravings kick in and that often

brings them back to then dose themselves

again with nicotine whether it be with a

cigarette or an electronic cigarette

and let's be clear east cigarettes

contain nicotine they also contain other

things that are dangerous to the lungs

so besides nicotine which is included in

all vaping products which makes people

addicted to the product there is also

propylene glycol it's in antifreeze and

in paint solvents also in e-cigarettes

cancer-causing chemicals heavy metals

and some of the vape flavorings which

are especially enticing to younger users

contain a chemical called diacetyl which

according to the CDC is linked to

serious lung disease these ingredients

can lead to inflammation in the lungs

and trachea which can impact breathing

more seriously there is concern that

they can lead to scarring of the lungs

which has serious implications so

scarring of the lungs is going to make a

person feel short of breath doing

activities maybe even everyday

activities and that's going to really

limit both their ability to lead

productive lives

and how unhappy lives over the last six

months state and federal laws have been

enacted to help prevent these issues by

making it illegal to buy tobacco or

vaping products if you're under the age

of 21 and efforts to completely ban

flavored tobacco products are moving

forward on the federal level I'm Caitlin

Francis Channel three Eyewitness News