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Michigan State University Helps You Understand Vaping

Will Vaping Disrupt Your Sleep?

News Now tonight our series on vaping

continues and it is a big threat to


Chelsea's Nicole Nalepa has the very

latest tonight the dangers of vaping is

brought to you by UConn Health good

sleep is important for good health so

you're not sleeping well or you're not

getting good quality sleep of course

it's going to impact your health did you

know that vaping affects your sleep dr.

Deborah Priya data is a pulmonologist at

uconn health so it causes insomnia then

as the night Ewald you fall asleep there

is the chance that you're going to

withdrawal because they've gotten levels

in your blood drop and then that wakes

you up so it causes sleep disruptions

and it's disruption in your sleep is

just one of the many symptoms of what it

means to be NIC sick which is a nickname

for sickness caused by nicotine

overdosing nicotine causes the lining of

the upper respiratory passages in the

nose to become inflamed vaping also

suppresses something called slow-wave

sleep which is like a deep sleep and

this is the stage of sleep that causes

restoration of your body and you know

helps your tissues regenerate and repair

themselves imagine what a lack of sleep

can do to brains that are still

developing it'll certainly affect brain

development in young in the young people

who you know because your brain keeps

developing till you're in your 20s and

perhaps what's even more alarming even

vaping once can affect your health

vaping has not only nicotine but lots of

other harmful chemicals that are

carcinogenic can endanger your life

doctor data says there are some brands

of e-cigarettes that carry huge amounts

of nicotine I was reading something

something like 18 milligrams per ml of

the liquid and you take 15 puffs of that

I mean that's a lot of nicotine so

you're getting a high dose it's more

potent nicotine that you're getting very

quickly so that you know sort of

explains why you get lung injury because

the potency and the increased stones

that you're exposed to anyway the moral

of the story just don't do it and

nicotine by itself has an addictive

potential so there's very like a very

high likelihood you'll get addicted to

vaping too and just in the end of your

life and your health for Channel three

Eyewitness News

I'm Nicole Nalepa


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