Coronavirus Creates Challenges for Those Who Want to Quit Vaping

our GMA cover story about the impact

that COBIT 19 has on vapors and smokers

now according to the CDC

78% of patients who have been in the ICU

have had an underlying condition which

includes smokers the author of a brand

new book called quit vaping says that

knowing that could push vapors and

smokers to finally kick the habit

Deborah Roberts spoke with him and joins

us from her beautiful home good morning

Deb hey Robyn so good to see you

by some estimates as many as seven

million Americans are regular vapors and

many of them have damaged their lungs

which leaves them vulnerable to the

coronavirus well one former cigarette

smoker is offering them a lifeline

saying there is no better time for them

to quit I know that's bad because I know

I'm supposed to be quitting 25-year old

Chris Trotman a Maryland Social Work

student is struggling with his vaping

habit I'll probably hit this thing about

like 250 times in this hour great

he's also got sickle-cell anemia and

knows that baby can cause additional

complications so Chris is trying hard to

quit at Johns Hopkins tobacco treatment

clinic vaping has surged in popularity

amongst America's youth in 2019 more

than 5 million middle and high school

students admitted using e-cigarettes in

the past 30 days now with the kovat 19

crisis some nicotine users are sounding

the alarm like actress Patricia Arquette

who tweeted one of the most important

things you can do is quit smoking and

vaping the opportunity to change is

right now Brad lamb who says he smoked

cigarettes for 20 years is author of a

new book on how to quit vaping is this

message more urgent now than ever before

I wrote this book thinking that it might

help a small set of kids and parents

help a loved one quit vaping

I never imagined that there would be

this global pandemic going on it lambs

advice includes a four step program

first setting a date to quit working on

your cray

with things like gum or patches getting

friends and family for support and

maintaining a healthy lifestyle so what

can family members do to be supportive

really hold them accountable to say hey

this is the most important thing that

our family could do in this moment is to

help you stop and stay south the

National Institute of Health

even issuing an alert that people

recovering from addiction now faced new

challenges getting access to social

support and medication due to kovat 19 I

think a lot of people recovered are

finding it difficult to connect to the

very things that have helped them stay

stopped as for Chris the road to

recovery won't be easy and if someone's

nicotine addiction is really severe you

got to prepare the patient that it may

take 1 2 3 even 6 months before they

start feeling the medication really work

for them for those still struggling lam

offers this advice I promise you it will

not kill you and baby may s for support

during this time of social distancing

Lam advises use social media you know

FaceTime WebEx seminars and of course

the American Lung Association offers a

lot of tips as well and for those of us

who are doing live shots at home for the

first time we've got support to supposed

to say let's say hi to the Lucas Lucas

Lucas Lucas we're on the clock there you

go there you go I couldn't resist Robyn

she was sitting there at my feet I had

to let you say hello oh so good to see I

know we've been hearing from a lot of

viewers the fact that we are showing our

dogs and they're sending us pictures of

their pets that are helping them through

a very difficult time it's great to see

you Deb great to see pepper is very

chill you too there you go

she's she's really chill eternally in

the mountain be well oh my gosh well yes

that's all we can do quit vaping is out

well hey there GMA fans Robin Roberts

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