GeekVape Zeus X Mesh RTA Review

we're gonna have a good time hi guys

taught here today we're going to be

having a look at the Zeus X mesh by geek

vape now if you remember God will almost

be a year ago the Zeus X was a

rebuildable RTE it was pop air flow you

could get Joule coils in there and it

wasn't half-bad

well this is basically the same thing in

fact the dick for the mesh version is

interchangeable with the dick from the

old X but this one is mesh and it's it

has to be said

the deck is kind of similar and the way

the profile worked you know you've got a

little hoop of mesh

what's a cotton in there and yeah that's

what you've got at the bottom once again

is top air flow it is and yeah I'm not

really somebody that blows massive

clothes and you can with this thing I

mean you can ramp the wattage up you can

go through a gallon of juice in an hour

and there yes you'll impress all your

friends or if you're like me who's

somebody the VIPs are own 25 maybe 30

watts and a 0.3 4 ohm coil

well you can't turn the air flow down on

this and you can reduce the wattage nice

almost restricted direct one and you can

still have a reasonably nice vape with

this but I'll cover that in the

close-ups and this summary at the end so

here we go now this is the one that I've

been vaping over with for the past

couple of weeks but there I do have a

brand new one here and we'll open that

up and have a look here we are this is a

reviewers box so what you get it may not

be the exact same but they put

everything inside should be the same so

ripping this out of here we have there

one as this X mesh and you know the

usual I'm sure it's going to come in

lots of different colors and so on but

this is the stainless steel and it came

pre-installed with the bubble and I'm

pretty sure this is a four and a half

mil that this holds if I just measured

the so and

did come out of a three mil or just over

so with a string class but for the

review we'll stick with the bubble don't

hate me for it

so standard glass tank we've got an

Ultima drip tip here as well as well

this one here in the bottom we have lots

of duties we've actually got a few bits

of me and then once again I hope this is

what you're gonna get in the retail one

but you can see that we've got some

cancel mesh going on there we've got any

tea as well this is supposed to be

coming at zero point one seven this is

zero point two some cotton in there as

well hello baggy we've got lots of spare

o-rings we've got their spearing

screwdriver tools a coiling rod and yeah

what's the stuff good on there we've

also got a 510 driptip adapter height

wise you're looking at just a tad over

thirty nine millimeters and who else

it's a actually measures it 25 at the

bottom but you can see how it actually

comes right out so you're almost looking

at like between 26 and 27 when it comes

out to here and even further if you're

using the bubble tank but you should get

it on a mod 25 mil mode with no overhang

on the very bottom here we do have an

810 drip tip here you can see we've got

an orange on the inside there I've had

aftermarket drip tips on there no

problem and we do have the 510 drip tip

adapter take the top cap off it's just

that time like that it works well we've

seen that before with other geek vape

stuff and I have zero complaints on this

at all no leaks at all because the

airflow is up the top so you're not

going to get just coming out the bottom

here at all we do have an EFC here and

the air flow control ring I can actually

pull that off and you can see that

there's all rings that are keeping it in

place it's popping it back on there you

can see that we have that that's the

only movement you have in it it's not

like it spends a full 360 which is a

good thing obviously it's a it does open


it opens quite a lot and you'll say did

there we have a geek vibe going on there

key clip again and the other side

heavily engraved one bubble tank we've

got Zeus on there we have the usual Zeus


some rating on the bottom and you can

just unscrew the bottom you know that's

just tight for a new one take that off

and then we have the deck now if you

want you can yeah that it's dead easy

changing the tank over you can see I can

pull that off there just now no issues

at all

if you're curious how the air flow

actually works you can see here the air

is going to come down there and you see

all the holes and the inside there so

that's where your ears coming through

one thing that is a bit then I don't

find an issue with it but there if you

look at you've got this little piece

here and here

these have to look hit and you can you

see you've got a notch in there

and I'm not there so if you just

randomly throw this on and don't line

anything up you see it's not crashing

astray but if you just keep spinning it

it drops in and then I can just start

humming it I know some people aren't a

fan of that system and it bugs them but

yeah personally I don't have an issue

with it it's just you don't have to look

to line it up just put it on spin it and

then it will drop in and that's you good

to go now looking at the deck here it's

there you can see that we've got our

well there in the bottom here so here

are our two else this is where the

cotton is going to set in here and it's

going to wake up through the bottom I've

yes once again no leaking even though

leaking issues to worry about here we do

have two positive screws positive screws

I'll take that back two Phillips screws

even on either side here and you can get

a little notch cut there so you can set

my screwdriver and there it goes and

your problem or you can use the supplied

tool we do have this system going on

you've seen this before in other devices

but this goes up and down here and the

reason for that is that when you pass

your cotton through here it puts

pressure on the cotton and it keeps the

cotton in contact with the mesh that's

going to go over here because the very

very very important thing when you're

using meshes that you need to keep the

cotton encanta

with all of the mesh and make sure that

it's you know saturated that way you

will not get any dry hits if yeah you

just do not want a dry hit with a mesh

tank it's not to boot now for this one

I'm going to use the two on one or the

point two I should say the the kanthal

one because I'm using the thing as point

six was it in the the other tank so what

will give this one a bash but you can

see here that I do have two strips of

mesh you'll have seen this next bit

before basically you're going to take

your little bendy tool here take your

bit of mesh and I'm just going to push

that over that like that that's all

there is to it just push it over it and

you see that it comes off we've got like

a half moon and then gonna back off the

screws here you can see the posts you

know it's working there be careful that

you don't back off too much like I just

did there

and they're just popping that out now

I've seen it with the profile and

whatnot some people like to put that

coiling tool actually in here I tend not

to bother and you can see that you've

got our see the mesh so yeah as mesh and

then you've got like this flat edge

there I normally just drop the flat edge

in you can see how that's just sitting

and say there it only goes so far and

it's gonna rest on the screw and then I

just tighten that off see Manila shade

that's it job done know everybody is

different my personal take on it is I've

actually popped on a magis snow and I'm

going to give it just a little pulse

until it glows a little bit and that's

me I'm happy I'll let that cool down now

before I put the cotton on it's just to

bond any you know you don't know who's

been touching that mesh and and it's

just to bond any oils or residues off of

it like once again it's entirely your


not everybody does that so you're just

name we've got one of these cotton

shoelace things and once again don't

forget that this will actually push it

down so far and or just red team cotton

shoelace and I'm just going to pull this

through there will be tape but you can

if you want you can push down and pull

at the same time the reason that's going

to be tight as once again you want that

cotton making

contact with all of the mesh here you

cannot afford it just has to touch

everywhere now I've cut this off and

then obviously once again this is going

to be going down into that well there

now you do have one massive but if

cotton I mean look at the size of that

it's huge so I'm actually going to tease

that out now the thing is when you tease

it out you want to make sure that you're

not pulling any cotton out from

underneath this mesh once again you need

to make sure that the cotton is

contacting the mesh I've also given a

little 45 degree angle cut up the top

here and then I'm going to grab my

tweezers and we're going to put this

cotton going into the whale so just

poking this down and no there's there's

just I'll talk about how I found this

works for working at the end but there

yeah we'll just get that top down the up

so you can see that's all down in there

and taking my tweezers I can happily

pass that down there it's not random

because yeah what I found is if you Ram

the cotton in there it doesn't wake that

great now it mean wick really will at

the start of the tank because you get

the weight of the juice there but as you

go down then when you get to the bottom

half of your tank of juice it stops

working so well so it just make sure

you've got lots of space in there and

you'll be okay I'm gonna load this up

with some pistach just now make sure

that I get this completely saturated

that's one thing you should remember is

that when you're loading this up

probably I don't know it probably holds

a bit of mil and a half of juice all

this court in here it's in the scene I'm

just gonna Pat this down here just

remember you wait to put your tank over

the top of this there we go that's a bit

better and pass this over here and then

just spin it till it catches and then

paint my tank then we'll then fill this

up screw this back down I'm just gonna

start this off at 50 watts just now and

there we go they've been or equate the

thing one thing that always gets me is

that even after saturating the cotton

once you fill the tank up you fill it to

the brim

I mean you burn it and then you leave it

and then you

back that and you see this actually it

sucks up that that's so much just held

in the amount of cotton there it's

insane I've done several reviews on mesh

tanks now DS in the past no and I kind

of yeah I'm kind of on the fence with


my one mean take away from them is that

I believe that you have to give them

quite a lot of power to get not just

decent flavor but warmth as well I can

at lore wattages I can get plenty of

vapor but the flavor and the warmth is

is just dead dead in the water I think I

did see it a start that I can v8 that's

about 35 watts now what I've got here

just now as you can see that I've got

the ear floor tongue quite well down

I've actually got a 510 driptip on here

and I'm vaping at 35 watts and this is

funnily enough both bits of mesh from

different packs the both came out is

0.15 0.16 strain from but anyway here we

go the kin of vapor I would expect for

that yeah there's nothing absolutely

nothing there there is no real warmth

than that and there is just very very

little flavor at all even though it

looks like it's taking the boxes now if

I turn this up I'm up at 45 now and I'm

still restricted they rate one with a

510 driptip on this thing

that's good that is really good I really


the flavor is come pistache is coming

through loud and proud I'm getting a

nice warmth that I would expect from

this kind of VIP and and it's doing the

job and I'm going to have to wait five

minutes for the vapor to clear out of

the room that's a little bit better

no I am fully open and I am at 55 watts

just now and I have the Eton drip tip

and God all I need now is a beard than a

snapback that is that's actually quite

enjoyable that I like that viv I

couldn't do that all day long I really

couldn't because just that might have

just that you go through to get that I

understand why people like it I'm not

judging anybody here you vape the way

you want to vape as long as you're not

smoking but for me you really have to be

if you like me and you normally VIP

about between 20 and 30 watts with 0.3

to 0.6 or Moyles and little fuse

Clapton's and things like that and artis

then you all have to close this ere

floor right down and V about 35 watts

with supplied mesh to get a compatible

kind of VIP actually but 40 watts if you

open the airflow up even more and give

it some power then yeah it's good

I mean it would be so easy for me to do

not calls in this because I'm grumpy but

I do enjoy the vid from this quite a lot

I just kind of fun kind of fadh2 via

like that it must cost a fortune

as far as pros and cons go I really have

with the tranq I mean it's the same as

the old ex and remember that there if

you have an old ax than the decks and

the tanks are interchangeable

it's the just flow and the fell in the

tank dead easy 510 driptip adapt our to

810 drip tips it's all good in that

respect at top air flow so you don't get

any leaks that's a massive thumbs up you

get the bubble tank if you like bubble

tanks and you also get the street glass

as well that obviously the straight

glass is going to hold a little bit less


the deck is yeah we've seen it another

devices never seen it is very similar to

the profile and it is once again mesh

the main thing here please I know I'm

repeating myself but it's so important

that little springy thing and it's for

helping to push the the cotton up

against the mesh you have to make sure

every single bit of that mesh has

saturated contact saturated cotton

making contact if you don't you get dry

hits and you will taste that

straightaway is really really not nice

the other thing is do not put you want

lots of cotton air in the middle making

contact but as it comes down into the

whales a lot less you you need a lot

less if you put too much in it mean wick

well when the tank is full but as the

capacity drops and it doesn't stops

working as well so you have to make sure

you get that cotton bang on some people

may not like their you know really you

have to take the tank off to get the

deck out

I don't find a great hassle I'm not

going to get upset over that this is it

says this X they are good at what they

do and it's down to you whether or not

you enjoy ripping at higher wattages

because you can really crank this up and

there might have just there it goes

through because for me they are

negatives but that's just because of the

way I've eat normally I mean just for

badness and though it's 70 watts

stell mojave a stomer hot hot it's

that's actually the kind of heat that I

get from a twenty five fifty what with

on my own

RT is I just really strange that but

it's very flavorful yeah that's that's

the major downside for me

you have to crank it up to get any kind

of heat but the flavor is bang on once

you turn that wattage up as well cons

and this is always strange for me I

wouldn't use this day to do it it's not

my kind of VIP but even at that I'm

still struggling to find coins with it

it's not bad Beckett now buy a better

cut toll the only thing is and yeah I'm

gonna see it as I wish there was

something a bit more unique about the

deck that put more of their own spin on

it I know there's only so many ways that

you can have that bit of mesh over there

and two clamps but we have seen it in

other devices I just wish they'd put

their yeah put their own stamp on it but

that's it from me and the Zeus X mesh

thank you to you for sending this on and

to you guys this should be out by the

end of the month so you can grab it then

but until next time bye for now