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Review of Narada- the Augvape Druga Narada Pro

How To Rebuild Coils for the Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit and The Smok RPM

hello there welcome back or welcome to

stumbling across my channel by accident

I'm Sophie

welcome to Sophie reviews or even today

rebuild cats they sent me six different

kits but I'm only gonna rebuild two

coils it's cuz I only have two of them I

got the caliber and paws and I do have

the smock RPM point 4 ohm pots

well not quite goes with the Caliburn i

didn't have like a Caliburn pod but I do

have a caliber in a cocoa pod which is

pretty much the same thing so I'm gonna

use this kit to rebuild that coil the

schmuck RPM does have a replaceable

coils so I'm gonna pop out that coil and

then try to rebuild it with this kit and

I only had the point 4 ohm I didn't have

the point 6 ohm which they also Sammy

let me show you guys these things up

close there's an RB kafir geek vape

boost this is the RB k 4 vu pou Vincey

Boo Boo's and poopoo with me so I don't

shoulder stuff anymore this one's for

the smoke rpm point 6 ohm coil and

lastly there's this one I don't really

know what this one goes with RB k for

RBA all right let's get to rebuilding

I've never actually done anything like

this I've done builds but I've never

rebuilt coils in pots I've built coils

on RTA's RTA's Rd TAS but never anything

like this

look at that craftsmanship

yeah sure you betcha I did my nails for

this video I'm looking at this stuff

I seen my pod I pull up my quill and

this is about as far as I've gotten so

what I do when I don't know how to do

something I go on YouTube and I look for

a tutorial

luckily coil master has a YouTube

channel yep I'm gonna watch this and try

to rebuild the coil


I'm scared to grab this there's like a

nail sticking out of it

it says I'm supposed to keep screwing Oh

awesome looking at their video there is

a weird edit at this part so it looks

like they struggled with it as well

maybe if I take this out and then try to

pull it apart this this is not a good

idea this is a really really bad bad

idea this is a bad idea

this might ruin the coil I only have the

one yeah that worked I would have used

little tiny pliers but I don't have any

in this kit and I can't find my other

ones so yeah each one of these is

actually five pieces and it looks like

they grabbed three of them so that I

need to fold this in

then I gotta cram all this cotton into

that little piece and in their video it

looks like there's another edit I'm

guessing they struggled with it some all

the hard parts I've noticed our video

has edits there we go keep this one back

and cut off all of this

okay max I'm supposed to wrap this

cut the

and then this gets stuffed in to here

so they're kind of coming in at an angle

and just clipping it like so

did it end up hammering this together a

little bit because that gap right there

was just too big and that's it I hope

this works

Caliburn 1.2 ohm the closest thing I

have is this one it is 1.2 ohm

resistance but it's from the calibre and


it appears to be held in place in four

points so I gotta wait it out


oh yeah I'm supposed to take the cap off

I didn't grill masters video this stayed

on but when I took this Hulk out mine

flew off so good I guess

do you see that in the video there post

looks completely different than mine the

video did not show if they break this

apart or not but it looks like the guy

was just using one of these pieces spin

your own I didn't wanna rap what if I

hold the coil in place in a hole in a


the guy makes it look so easy and it's

not alright so they're saying leave

about twenty two millimeters

continue wrapping

the slide with the gap I'm gonna align

it with the hole

in the video they say press this part

together then you see the guy hammering

away out it with pliers I'm gonna try

pressing it I'm doing this really gently

it's like well look at this thing then I

gotta take this piece I kind of mangled

up a little and stick the leads through

each one of those holes this does not

look like it's gonna be the lead

all right okay just a little bloodshed

but now it's over done great thing about

this stuff is it's actually pretty cheap

they're like seven or eight bucks for

ten oils witches

hello cheaper then buying five coils for

this or four pods for that I think

that's how they sell them five packs

four packs something like that they can

be like 15 to 18 bucks and Eve are like

seven and eight bucks right now so I'm

not cheaper Peru for that also a lot

less wasteful the coils on those are

just massive yeah you can reuse a pop so

that's good but with this you got to

chuck the whole pod with a rebuild kit

you know you just rebuild the inside so

that I like another pro but enough

yappin let's try these out I never

reviewed this smock scented they wanted

a review and then they didn't I didn't

look at the coil to see what I can bait

this ad so I'm just gonna start it

really low and then slowly work my way

up resistance of showing point 3 6 ohms

something didn't knock all right so I

went back to coil masters video and I

looked at the comments and one thing I

keep seeing in the comments is people

complaining about this ohms too low so

I'm wondering did it Swart out cuz the

ohms were point three six which is not

too low I'm thinking it shorted

somewhere so next up the Caliburn all

right here we go I almost feel like

someone's telling me not to do this you

well I hope the safety features on this


okay all right

it works

not bad

I'm gonna tape it

it works I like this one because it

worked it worked very well and it's

cheap it's a lot cheaper than buying a

replacement pot

I approve so that's it review complete

please subscribe

ring the bell as well and I hope to see

you next time


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