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Review of Narada- the Augvape Druga Narada Pro

Review of Acrohm Fush Nano Limited Edition and CHANGING LIGHTS & MESH Coils Function Tutorial

that's what for a review today the Fouch

nano by Akram Yas watch another fish

actually I think this is the limited


it doesn't say limited anywhere on the

box here is how they come packaged I

don't see it on the side either but

check out the website if I click on

products you see Fouch daddle standard

and then you see foosh me I don't

limited-edition and the difference is

the kappa now they never sent me the

standard version but this one also came

with this so I'm assuming this is the

standard pod although it is not labeled

anywhere but it looks just like the top

in the picture so that makes me think

that this one is the mesh coil pot there

is something printed on here oh there we


foosh pod awesome thanks Akram it's

gotta be mesh I mean why else would they

be sending it to me this late I mean the

Nano has been out for a while but the

mesh Nano has not so this must this must

be mesh in here a type-c USB cable oh I

hate nail polish it's a big step plant

and once you get it on there wait an

hour I don't have to you think it's dry

it's not it's not yeah just hold your

hands like this

just sleep just like this on the other

side there's a standard pod or is it is

it standard or maybe I'm just supposed

to switch out the mashing matchy cap but

this one let's find out

oh yeah that helps you can really see in

there can't ya

so they're both mush both coils are

indeed mesh that would explain why they

won't taste the same the other pod is

already on the device and I've got a 1

ohm coil and on the bottom there is a

warranty card and a user manual here's a

closer look at the device inside is a

550 milliamp hour rechargeable battery

and it's kind of cool how they have this

because if you look around there's a new


there's no USB port it's hidden

I've never reviewed a Fouch but I have

shown one on this channel I went to a

vape convention and I brought one of

these cuz I thought it was just like the

coolest thing at the time and I'll show

you why I'm sucker for lights

one two three four five clicks turns it

on it is a pod kit so it's super simple

there's two ways to activate it one of

them is just pull it buff and the other

way is to push the button on the bottom

I guess that would be kind of awkward

probably want to if you don't care about

the lights that's it that's that's all

you got to do to use it so next the

lights so now that it's on one two three

clicks brings on the lights so this is

just constant one shake changes the

color and there's a few colors constant

light is pretty awesome but it is gonna

drain the battery quicker so that's


there's also breathing mode to get

breathing mode I'm gonna turn off the

lights one two three clicks turns them

off but not the mod the mod has to stay

on so while it's on shake it twice and

now it's in breathing mode so it's not

costly on it's just what I'm using it

with the lights off I'm gonna click the

fire button twice

you saw it flash so now

it's not you see that it's not doing


it's locked unlock it one two I know it

works again keep shaking it changes the

color so I'm gonna lock in this green

color hopefully two clicks yep that

locked it so to unlock it one two it's a

little pods for this they come packaged

like this and it doesn't actually tell

me how many of these things are in there

so prepare yourselves for yet another

unboxing - we should probably show you

the pod closer up so the top unscrews

and then there's like a little rubber

plastic doohickey here

not my favorite I don't like these I

have no nails so like getting this there

we go

see it's got this little thing hole the

manual says these are 1.5 milliliters

but on the website it says they upgraded

it to 1.8 milliliters so I'm guessing

it's 1.8 even though I'm being told here

it's 1.5 I don't know be cool if they

updated the manual you know if you're

gonna release another model the manuals

kind of lacking information cuz the last

thing I wanted to show you guys it's not

even in the manual there is a way to

switch this thing between MTL mouths

long vaping and DTL direct alum DTL is

more vapor MTL less vapor the manual

doesn't mention it the website does and

the other place remember this thing

inside of the box like this the other

side of it there's more instructions the

top of the pod are rotates

so depending on how you rotate it it'll

be a different vaping experience so I'm

gonna start with it all the way down the

pole is more on the restrictive side so

if I open this up I'll just turn I don't

know how much to turn it it is a little

bit area what if I turn it more it's

about the same I think so yeah that's

air flow control

I feel a DTL oh and it's like a little

bit open I lose a bunch of the flavor it

kind of alters it it's meant for MTL

yeah yeah that's better

I don't even want to use it in detail

the only thing I don't like is the DTL

the flavor is just not as good not it

completely changes the flavor of the

liquid it almost feels like it's hitting

too hard it's not quite burnt but it's

not the best flavor

yeah completely different MTL is the way

to go with this so so that's it if

you're interested in it Google edge is

double check because you're gonna find a

lot of like Fouch nanos with this top

and if you want the mesh coil

limited-edition look for the matchy

matchy top to dilute Lily oh yeah I

think that's it that's all I wanted to

tell you guys

so bye I hope to see you next time


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