Review of Vaporesso XTRA Pod System Kit

what's happening everybody MDG Osby

Remsen welcome back to the channel

vaporetto is another one of those

companies who have already gotten as

accustomed to good quality products

they've had some flaws in their firmware

when it comes to box mods which they

have since corrected now still product

after product no matter which style you

prefer they just keep impressing most of

us so today and yeah I know another pod

system but pod systems have their place

in the market as well but maybe not

flooding the market that's a discussion

for another time because today we will

be taking a look at the extra pod system

extra without the II just ex DRI inside

the box you will find the extra in the

color you've chosen and with the pod

already installed in the sticker to keep

it protected during shipment you also

receive an additional extra pod a type a

to type B micro USB charging cable no

type C with this one unfortunately you

receive the user manual in a couple of

different languages a warranty card an

authenticity verification card finally a

card with the specs on both the included

pause as they are different from each

other but despite them mentioning most

specs they do not mention the material

of the crowns inside them which as you

know is a con in my book ok let's not

sugarcoat this this is just another pod

system yet not just another pod system

in some aspects like the construction

looks but also the feel with a little

more than half of the device covered

with this is exquisite vinyl wrap the

construction of this device behind the

wrap is clearly zinc alloy or some other

kind of metal and looking from

underneath you can see the shape of it

something I would consider quite a funky

shape for sure maybe due to the higher

than usual battery capacity for a device

of this size but very original at the

same time and it even feels nice in the

hand when you hold it the section that

is rounded and with metal exposed also

has quite a few dimples just for looks

it doesn't really add much grip the

vinyl wrap does that at the top of the

device you find two little holes for for

you to attach a lanyard if you want as

well as the pod

comes pre-installed these spots have a

rather comfortable mouthpiece and they

are also rather transparent however

wants the symbols inside the mall you

only see the liquid level above the

mouthpiece since it's also clear and

that is nice as I said the potting stout

comes protected with the sticker there

once removed allows you to see the

context in the airflow intake hole

inside the device you see the contacts

as well two little magnets in the hole

for the automatic draw switch this one

is not raised so let's see if these

spots will develop too much condensation

that could possibly clog the automatic

drawer switch as mentioned previously

these two pods are different from each

other in the coil they utilize they both

have vertical coils inside but one is a

little mash coil and the other just a

simple round wire coil both pods have

different color plugs to distinguish

them from each other but they also have

the specs imprinted on the other side

excluding the material the coils are

made with by the way again that's a card

both variants of these spots will be

sold separately for replacement both

available in packs of two for the most

part these spots are fairly easy to fill

in refilling the plug is even clamped in

place by the bottom section of the pod

so it does not come out yet sometimes

and depending on the viscosity of ure

liquid I sometimes find a little more

challenging to fill the pod in its

entirety when there's air trapped on the

other side of the vertical coil head by

the way these pods attach back to the

device really well and we'd barely any

play whatsoever and that's something

greatly appreciated for sure if your pod

is in place and you go to take a puff

and find it doesn't work well that's

because at the bottom of these device

where you also see a few very

ventilation holes you also find a little

recessed on and off switch so with this

button you can turn this device on and

off as well as check the battery level

when you hold it pressed

it's also worth to mention here the fact

that this button does not serve as a

fire switch that little LED above the

microUSB port will show me the battery

level when you press the on and off

switch and when you vibe green and your

berries between a hundred and seventy


blue between 70 and 30% red between 30

and 0% so soon you will have to charge

it that

micro USB port not type-c yet

unfortunately can be used and should be

used to recharge the internal battery

once it's dead

just for the sake of size comparison

here is a extra right next to the old

small I just revealed which only has 350

million power capacity built in very by

the way these spots are not compatible

between one another by the way they are

different shape in different size spots

so the extra available in grey black and

red silver silver and rainbow rainbow as

well as rainbow resin for around $25

which I believe is a damn good deal to

be honest yet due to YouTube's policies

on nicotine related products I cannot

tell you places that are selling it you

will have to search online and find them

yourself what the extra is is the device

that performs just like the small ones

great for beginners but packing a bigger

battery without increasing its size a

whole lot compared to competitive

devices and since we are talking

comparisons how does it vibe well with

the mesh pod it flips very similar to

the callee burn to be honest and even

the flavor to yet with a bit more warmth

when I compare both to be fair I don't

know if they built a constant output on

this device achieved by boosting the

voltage consistently throughout the

discharge of the battery but I really

don't feel any noticeable drop in

performance when using the 0.8 or mesh

spot and that's an aspect that impressed

me a lot especially when we compared the

extra to the Caliburn for example this

one I do not notice it dropping a whole

lot throughout the discharge of the

internal battery and that's a really

good thing perhaps they actually built

some voltage boosting capabilities who

knows but it feels very very consistent

when I say it vibes very much like the

Caliburn of course you know if you

watched my Caliburn full review I would

not consider this one a mouth to lung

device but an al khaimah fulong device

as it provides a rather loose mouth

along draw you can also do a restricted

direct lung draw which is how I have

been vaping it to be honest and I quite

liked it that way the flavor is good as

can be expected from a tiny mesh coil

the warmth is on point if you stick to

thin area liquids yet it decreases quite

a lot when you use the

liquids moving to the regular pot the

regular coil pot though the airflow you

have available is actually very much the

same as the mesh pot to be honest

there's not a noticeable difference here

between both but I don't get as good

flavor as I get from the mesh pot don't

get me wrong it's not like the flavor is

better or anything it's just that once

you are spoiled by the flavor you get

from the mesh point that the mesh pot

provides this one is just not there at

the same level yet because the 1.2 ohm

regular pot is a higher resistance pot

that will put out about 11 watts rather

than 16 watts with a mesh pot it's

better suited for higher nicotine

e-liquids because of its lower vapor

production and lower vapor density so

keep that in mind the mesh spot in the

other hand it performs a little better

with thicker e-liquids like the 70 VG 30

PG e-liquid I have inside of it right

now remember if you go thicker them then

you feel the crease in the warmth right

away it just does not put out enough

power to vaporize super thick e-liquid

it's the same way but that applies to

other devices like this it's not just

this one and that is the reason why

variable wattage devices are so much

more versatile because they allow us to

change that variable and achieve the

quality of vape we want with the variety

of e-liquid viscosities in terms of

battery I measured 801 milliamp hour

capacity charges and with charges

averaging 0.86 amps and takes one hour

and seven minutes to recharge very close

to one hour so I'm not gonna complain

too much

summing up I like the build quality and

I actually like the shape to the vinyl

reps they used feel nice it comes with

two pots the battery capacity is decent

and above many other pot systems of

these size to be fair it's just an

overall good bang for the buck on the

downside it has no adjustable air flow

the material because inside the pots are

made with is not stated anywhere the

Barry LED indicator is on this side

though it still stays lit for about two


and that gives you enough time to look

and see after you take a puff Lesley

still no USB type-c port but rather the

updated and rapidly dying micro type B

standard if I wasn't right this one I

would give this one a B it's okay vibes

well and with the battery capacity above

average for this size of device yet at

this point as with so many other great

pod systems in the market it would have

to be a little more special or a little

more innovative or even have more than

one wattage level for me to give it any

higher than a B and maybe even

adjustable airflow o something that I

almost forgot to mention but I will not

include that as a con is how there's no

window to see the liquid level inside

the pod that is because the mouthpiece

section is so clear that actually allows

you to see a little bit of the liquid

you have remaining inside if you tilt

the whole device upside down so I don't

see it as a big of a deal in this case

you don't see all of it but it gives you

a pretty good sense of when you are

about to run out of anyway also I

mentioned the fact that the hole that

leads to the automatic draw switch

inside is not raised to prevent leaking

organization from getting inside and

actually clogging the switch but I've

been using the mesh pot for a week and a

half and you can see it's still bone-dry

so I think they actually they really

nailed these spots there's no

condensation no leaking whatsoever these

two have been running completely dry for

about a week and a half well the mesh

coil I've been using for a week and a

half and the regular coil I've been

using for a full week so yeah no

condensation so far do you want a

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