The Entire Review of The Voopoo Navi Pod Mod Kit

what's going on inside its juices jacket

beeping insider today we got another pod

a i/o system for you I'm talking about

the boo boo Nabby before we get into the

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Facebook group I got the red one let's

open it up look at that kind of nice

looking right I kind of like that black

around the edges right to the red finish

check that out

not bad right of course voop who cannot

help themselves they love branding even

though everybody kills them on it and

they had to put voo poo in big letters

and they also had to put Navi spark your

life I guess they didn't learn their

lesson with the drag so disappointing

anyway there's your buttons right there

nice and raised fire button right there

plus - and you can see we got a micro

USB port right there on the bottom it's

got the gene chipset a little bit of

venting take it to the top here pod

comes off just like that let's go over

the insides first then we'll go over the

pod over here you got your two gold

plated pins alright they're gonna hit

your coil and that's what's gonna fire

your coil over here you got your draw

sensor right here this is draw or push

the button to vape either way will work

here's your pod right here non removable

drip tip it does not move kind of like

the smoke our PMAT same type of drip tip

it is a 510 feelin drip tip but you

cannot replace it nice strong magnets

right here help keep the pod in place

this is where your coil is gonna go

right there okay and here's one of the

little wacky bits about this thing see

this right here

that's your tab in order to fill it you

kind of got to get your fingernails in

there and give it a pull

it's better than most it's got a

decent-sized fill port

alright the tab is a little better than

most it's not that hard to get a grip on

I actually like it you can

kind of swing it out it away as well if

you want to just try not to pull the

back piece out because it is a bitch to

get back in all right so we're gonna

leave that open for now on the bottom of

the box you're gonna get this other box

I'm gonna show you how to fill up your

tank put the coil in and fill up your

tank roopu recommends that you let the

coil sit for five minutes in a juice

before you take a pump inside set box

you're gonna get an a/v user manual

you're gonna get a warranty card and

you're gonna get two PNP coils you're

gonna get a point six own PNP coil and a

point four five ohm PNP coil

I like the PNP line of coils they're

actually pretty good we're gonna go over

them in a little bit more detail you

also get a cable a micro USB cable for

charging both coils come sealed like

this press them out like so this is the

point 4 ohm PNP coil good for 25 to 35

watts you can see it's mesh I mean Jesus

Christ vous pou you put your name and

big enough letters you think you could

mark the coil in a smaller print I mean

my god man what do you need like a

magnifying glass to read this thing I'm

getting so sick of this from all these

companies with the small print on the

coils they put their name in big print

but they put the coil parameters in

small print do me a favor China stop

that nonsense and start putting the

coils in print that normal people can

read here's the other coil that comes in

the kit same deal

pop it open just like that on this coil

the parameters are even tinier I'll be

honest with you I can't even read the

parameters and I got glasses on looking

at it on the screen I know that it is

the point six coil but I have no idea

what the parameters are I'll look them

up and put them down for you in the

specs also another mesh coil but I mean

that is so ridiculously small it really

pisses me off

juice we're gonna be using today is some

of that one vapes

blackberry custard first thing you want

to do you want to take the coil with the

tiny writing on it and you just want to

give it a little give it a little Prime

get some juice down the middle there

then prime it up on the sides just like

so get that cotton flowing maybe put a

couple more drops down the edge right

here get that cotton started off now you

take your pod part right here pop your

coil in just like so boom that's it your

installed now it's time to fill up grab

that little gasket piece hold it back

kind of hold it on a slant like this

stick your juice bottle nozzle in and

just fill it up with some blackberry

goodness from that one beep you guys

haven't tried that one vape juice yet

definitely go check them out they're the

ones that make that apricot custard that

I'm always touting once you gotta filled

up to the top like that let that piece

go push it down and now you might want

to let it even though you primed it let

it sit for a few minutes once you let it

sit for a few minutes take your pod and

install it it clicks in really nice hear

that clicks in really nice stays in

place I kind of like that in order to

turn your mod on five clicks you get the

vu poo splash screen Navi and gene chip

splash screen and now you got your

beautiful color screen that we've all

seen before this is very reminiscent of

the Vincey screen let's go over the

screen real quick

voop ooh branding in the corner don't

know why that has to be there

battery bar right there locked or

unlocked w4 watts

there is your wattage amount your puffs

your puff counter in seconds that is

your drawer right there let you know if

you're an auto or push to vape you can

set that I'll show it to you in a minute

there is your resistance there is your

voltage pretty simple screen we've seen

it before now if you want to change that

part right there go from auto to push to


to 3c it went to P that means I got to

push the button to vape 1 2 3

now it's an auto that means it's an auto

drawer I could just draw on it 1 2 3 I

can just do whatever I want I can push

the button or draw on it either way it

will work here are your up and down

buttons right here you can see it

Scrolls in 1 watt increments all the way

up to 35 watts and it's gonna tell you

you're at maximum wattage for this coil

now if I pull the pot out you can see it

does go all the way up to 40 watts

however it stops you with this coil now

watch if I put the coil back in it goes

back down the 30 Watts okay so that's

kind of cool I kind of like that they do

that that's kind of nice that it doesn't

let you go past the wattage of the coil

and it doesn't allow you to burn the

coil out kind of cool I like that about

the menu hit the plus and fire button

and you can see it's locked right that

means I can't vape on it and I can't

adjust the wattage hit the plus and fire

button again and it unlocks hit the

minus and fire button and it'll clear

your puffs okay and that's it folks

that's really the whole menu system not

much to go over here at all

here's the adjustable airflow right here

see that right there it's kind of sloppy

and it's kind of hard to adjust it in

the middle I wish it was more precise

and I wish it had more of a range I am

gonna give it a pro for having

adjustable airflow on a system like this

but I definitely wish it had more of a

it was it was more easily adjustable and

had more of a range wanted to give you a

size comparison between the vu pou navi

and the smoke nord - now I know they're

kind of different form factors but

they're both 40 watt devices pod /a io

types of kits and I tell you what

they're very similar in size

is I mean the navvies a little bit wider

kind of the same size right across the

top over there okay and the Navi with

the drip tip is just a little bit taller

but not by much since they're both 40

watt devices I thought it would make a

nice comparison let me give you a good

look at this thing

all put together and do stuff let's get

into the cons and pros we're gonna start

off with Don's as usual first kind is

gonna be it doesn't come really with a

mouth to lung coil and it's really not

great at mouth to lung vaping it's a

nice DL vape but the mouth alongside is

definitely lacking no RBA included

that's a con I'm gonna give all these

companies cons when they come out with

an RBA after the release of little kits

like that it's BS put the RBA in the kit

I do wish this thing charged faster it

definitely charges on the slow side it

lacks top fill you had plenty of real

estate on the top there why didn't you

make this a top fill device it's

definitely an oversight it's a con know

type C charging that's a con going

forward that shitty Bupa branding I

freaking hate it

I can't stand it why didn't you make the

panel's on both sides like a normal

company vopo nobody wants the name of

their mod plastered in big letters on

the side of the mod it sucks haven't you

learned anything from your drag branding

why do you keep making the same mistakes

but that's it on the cons nothing that's

really a true deal-breaker let's move on

to the pros first pros gonna be man

right off the bat right off the jump

these coils are good I get really nice


not bad for 30 watts not bad at all

I get a really nice restrictive DL vape

that I like it's right up my alley it's

a definite pro it's got that nice smoke

fetch type of

form-factor I'm digging it we'll give it

a pro for that it's got a beautiful

sharp color screen that I'm really

liking it's a pro it's draw or push

button activated it's got that smart

wattage lock that keep you from burning

up your coil that's a pro two coils do

come in the kit and both of them a great

it's good looking I like the looks of it

besides the branding I like the looks of

it especially the side without the brand

it takes the same coils as the Vincey so

if you're a vinci fan this is the same

thing just in a different form factor

plenty of coils available for it plus an

RBA section that's a pro at 3.8 mils

it's got a nice capacity let's score

this one on our 5 star system the first

section in our 5 saw rating system is

the looks when you look at it from this

side it looks really nice I like the red

I like the deepness of the color it's

got a bunch of nice colors that it's

available in the problem is when you

turn it over you got that crappy

branding so in the looks department

we're gonna score it slightly above

average we're gonna give it a 3 first

section is gonna be coiled performance I

already spoke about it a bit it takes

the Vincey coils the coils on this are

great they're very flavorful I just wish

it had a little bit more wattage to the

system I really do I'd love to see them

come out with an a/v pro go up to 75 80

watts with a single 18 650 that would be

fantastic maybe a little bit bigger

capacity as well that would be really

nice in the coil performance category

we're gonna give it a solid 3 or third

category is the airflow the airflow on

this is adjustable that's a huge Pro for

systems like this I wish it had a little

bit more range but I do like the fact

that there is adjustable airflow in the

airflow Department we're gonna give it a

solid for our last category is the value

category I've been seeing this thing

anywhere from 25 to 35 bucks I got to

tell you for a 25 buck

if you find it on the lower end it's got

really nice build quality and it does

vape well so I'm gonna give it a solid

three in the value Department a little

bit above average add up all these stars

we get a total score of 13 we're gonna

take these 13 stars we're gonna divide

them by 4 and we're gonna get an overall

score of three point two five three and

a quarter stars just about

three-quarters above what I consider

average let's go over some of the specs

on the Hoopoe Navi it measures in it 96

by 33 by 18 millimeters it has a 40 watt

maximum with a 1500 milliamp hour

battery it sports a three ml capacity

and it has one amp charging which means

it takes a little over an hour to charge

there is a point nine six inch color o

LED display there are six coils

available plus an RBA is available as

well in the kit you will get a point

four or five on mesh coil good for 25 to

35 watts and a point six on mesh coil

good for 20 to 28 watts so that's it

inside is that's all I got for you on

the vu pou

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