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Review of Narada- the Augvape Druga Narada Pro

Uwell Caliburn Rebuild Tutorial ReBuild Kit

why're this oobatz

that's right I'm reviewing another

wireless set of your buds that's so

awesome right yeah a Silla

h2 wireless in-ear headphones phone ya

know like I get at their wireless as an

you don't have to hook it up to a device

or computer you can use bluetooth Oh

according to this there's a free

Bluetooth shower

speak oh you can really see that perfect

I guess they choose people at random to

send like three blue to shower speakers

too if you review this on Amazon so

that's neat I don't need a shower

speaker you know why they're waterproof

well on Amazon it says they're

waterproof but I read the instructions

they're water resistant so supposedly

you can go in the rain or the shower

with them but not the pool they're not

as easy to lose as the last ones that I

reviewed those ones had well there were

no wires so straight out the box is

empty now but I charged them up it's

when it when something's brand-new and

it has battery in it you should always

give it a good charge so did that and I

took like 30 minutes according to

instructions it can take up to two hours

I guess my battery wasn't fully dead

when I plugged it in I got a red light

while charging the LED indicator close

blue so I'm using the red light most

maybe like a battery life indicator just

telling me the battery is getting low I

don't know I'm just guessing because the

instructions said that I should see a

blue light and then once it's fully

charged that light would turn off which

it did once they were fully charged the

light turned off so besides the cable to

charge it with it was also altogether

three sets of these earbud

colors so there's different sizes so you

can adjust them to size it here I'm just

gonna leave the ones that are currently

in there and this time oh good I have

four left in my hand there was thanks

plus there's two already on the earbuds

wait am I doing this right oh no there's

no picture and instructions I don't know

if I'm putting it in right I'm sorry I'm

really new to everything because for the

last five and a half years I've only

been showing themed stuff

yeah there's no picture how to wear this

I would like to see like an image of a

head we're just like a picture of

someone like wearing this so I know what

direction to put it in because maybe

maybe the logo should be illegible like

yeah well some of us need pictures asil

is it a co isil acil earbuds it looks

like I'm wearing earrings there's a plus

there's a circle there's a minus the

center part with the circle is called

the MF B button MF B button so the plus

is volume up the minus is volume down I

don't know how big the battery is but I

think it's in here and that's supposedly

last up to 11 hours so the range on

these is 33 feet from well is it do I

have a tape measure I don't have a tape

measure that's that long but what I have

is a pool that measures 15 by 30 so I

got 30 feet right there I'll just walk a

little bit extra I'm just gonna set my

phone down here and then walk the length

of the pool and see if I still hear the


it worked

pretty good it works so the battery I

will no I'm sorry I'm not gonna be

testing it but I can test the water

resistance the water resistance does it

talk about it do not submerge or expose

the headphones for extended period to

water or wear while participating in

watersports all water sports swimming

water skiing surfing etc okay do not

submerge for an extended period but it

doesn't what is that period like how

long can they be submerged for


let's go

okay yeah I know I know they said no

water sports but it's just taking these

and dunking them a sport now

I should probably go take care of excess

makeup but they work you passed the test

they passed all my tests

so once I'm in settings I'm gonna find

Bluetooth or connected devices and then

click on pair new device oh yeah and I'm

supposed to hold this button the mfb

button that's a pairing battery hi

oops accidentally turn it off

I'm only supposed to hold it for like

four seconds I'm just kept holding on to

it so it did find it I'm trying to like

give you the phone while I'm recording

hope it's the first one on there I'm

gonna click on it pairing I did not

allow it to connect to my contacts I'm

just gonna use this for music cuz no one

calls me I just I'm not I'm not the

biggest fan of phones so that's it

that's that's how you pair it it's

really easy

I love garbage so here we are over in my

Spotify and I found nocopyrightsounds

for videos so to press play or pause it

says to push the mfb button so I'm just

gonna say it's circle circle button

you definitely don't want it that allows

us like at full blast is it can it go

about cannot go louder it stopped me

from going any louder so to make the

volume go down might the - button that's

right might I put lip gloss on that was

a dumb idea cuz now I'm sitting here on

my lips I don't know why girls wear this

stuff I don't get it I just keep getting

hair in it so according to the

instructions if I want to go to the next

track I was supposed to push the minus

button and hold it for two seconds but

when I do that it just goes back to the

beginning of the current track it

doesn't go to the next track the

instructions kind of have it reversed if

I want to go to the next track I push

the plus button for about two seconds

according to the instructions this is

listening bring me back to the previous

track but it doesn't it just goes the

next one

so yeah I think they should update their

instructions that little circle button

it's not just for playing click it it's

also for pods with a phone that center

button is everything that's the only

button one click answers it one click

hangs up - clicks redials and if I just

hold it

it'll reject the call so that's it if

you want them get them I don't really


I already got paid I got paid to show

this video so that's whatever the link

is down below I think they're around 40

bucks at the time that I made this video

and that's it please subscribe

ring the bell and I hope to see you next



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