Vandy Vape Mato RDTA VS Vapefly Brunhilde

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going over a tallboy I'm talking about

the Vande vape matte Oh single coil rdta

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it is check that out kind of sleek

looking nice drip tip 8/10 style drip

tip all my other eight ends fit fine no

issues with that

it's even got like a little texture in

it like a little wave in it that I kind

of like makes it nice and comfortable

there's your airflow Stoppers on both

ends ok you can see pull the top cap off

it's not a two-piece it's one piece

right here ok nice finish I like that

gunmetal type of finish alright you get

a bunch of stuff with this first thing

you get you get a bag of spare parts you

can see you get a lot of stuff in here

you get a 2 allen keys you get a swamp

in which by the way is a two-piece

squonk pin when you take it out so make

sure you take note of that

alright you get extra grub screws some

extra gaskets 510 driptip adaptor and

some extra o rings you also get this

pretty neat coil cutting tool Vande vape

was nice enough to mark it for you on

the seven spot you get a triple fused

Clapton coil and I eighty owe me out at

point two six user manual there are all

the different colors it's available in

QC certificate and you get the stainless

steel braided wires assembly required

you actually have to put this atomizer

together I'll show you how to do it I'm

really annoyed that these didn't come

pre-installed they do give you one extra

cable and the packaging there is the

deck now you can see you've only got two

post holes one on this side one on that

side very much looks like a recurve type

of deck right it's got that honeycomb

airflow right there when I first saw it

I was a worried about it though because

there's a lot of space in between this

opening and the honeycomb over here I

thought it was gonna have like

hollow type of airflow but it doesn't

over here these four slots right there

that's where we're gonna put our

stainless steel cables I'll show you how

to do that in a second on the bottom you

can see meto by Vandy vape got a serial

number gold-plated 510 insulator ring

around that stainless steel threading

around that it protrudes enough to work

on a mechanical mod in order to get to

your tank section you just unscrew it

like this okay and there's a little cage

around the tank section this is not

glass you see the yellow tint it's like

a plastic and I gotta be honest with you

man I feel like Mandy babe really

cheaped out by not using glass I don't

like first of all I don't like the

yellow tint it looks disgusting to me

it looks like it's dirty okay second of

all what the hell of Andy babe I want

regular glass I don't know how this is

gonna hold up again cinnamon or citric

juices all right not only should have

you made this regular glass but you

should have made you should have put a

spare glass in there as well or at the

very least if you're gonna make this

urine looking colored glass if you're

gonna put this in pre-installed at least

give me the option of running a real

glass and put a real glass in the box

now as far as the bottom of the deck

goes see those four holes that's where

your stainless steel cables are gonna go

right over here you got this little like

bladder system here that's where you're

gonna fill your gonna put your needle

nose bottle in there and fill it not a

big fan a side fill but more importantly

if you swap out the squonk pin you're

actually gonna squonk from over here I

don't know if you can see it but there's

a hole over there and when you squonk

it's gonna go up here and it's gonna

drop down into the tank now remember

there's a screw here that you got to

take out with a flat head and then below

you're gonna need a larger flat head to

get the actual pin out and then you're

just gonna install the gold-plated

swanking pin you don't have to put this

screw back

and just make sure you don't lose it

okay so now let's install the cables

first thing you want to do pop those

cables out what you want to do first

before you install the cable you want to

put the tank section back on just screw

it on screws on rather easily okay once

it's all tightened down then what you

want to do you want to take your cables

and you kind of want to just drop them

in there just drop them in there very

very easy get him in drop see that get

him in there once you got them all

dropped in like that all right now

you're gonna be ready to build let's

take the coil they gave us and let's cut

it where they tell us to cut it so now

we're gonna find the seven spot on the

coil cutting tool right there

okay we're gonna turn it over we're

gonna take our flush cutters and we're

just gonna cut it right up against that

seven spot same thing on this side and

now we should have the perfect length

now we're gonna put this on our 521 tab

plus and if I didn't show you before

that's where your allen screw is it's a

1.5 millimeter allen screw just open it

up just like so do the same thing on the

other side see it opening up alright get

it fully open then you want to take your

coil and you just simply pop it in there

just like so hold your finger on it so

it doesn't move

give it a nice tightening down move it

to the other side and there you go

that's what your coil should look like

grab your coiling jig you might want to

push and pull it get it centered do

whatever you got to do to make sure it's

right and that looks just about right

now we're gonna do is we're gonna dry

fire it right now we're oming out at

0.15 probably gonna change we look like

we got some hot spots there hold on

alright let's see what it looks like if

it's burning from the end

sideout there we go now when you with

this you want to make sure your wicks

you cut them like right in between the

two o-rings right there you just want

your wicks to touch those cables you

don't need to dip them down into the

tank okay that's the whole reason for

the cables so what I like to do I like

to run my scissor right in the middle of

those two o-rings and just give it a

snip same thing on this side one uses a

right in the middle and give it a snip

all right this side looks a little

longer maybe even I'm out a little bit

okay but that's where you want to be

just like that now you take your

whatever tool you use to tuck your

cotton in and you just get your cotton

in there tuck it in nice and gently let

it sit on those rods same thing on the

other side get the cotton in there and

let it sit right on those rods and there

you go jous we're gonna be using today

is that one vapes blueberry yogurt first

thing you want to do want to wet those

wicks up get them nice and saturated

just get them started you need a little

help okay

and it's also not a bad idea to give it

a test fire make sure we got vape we

have vape and that blueberry yogurt

smells delicious oh yeah now we're gonna

find the side with that rubber gasket

alright we're gonna stick our needle

nosed bottle right in there do that and

we're gonna give it a squeeze just on a

personal note I can't stand these side

fill tanks I just find it just easier if

they just would have put a port on the

deck taking some juice okay the nice

capacity there so we fill it all the way

up all right nice and filled up maybe

juice it again just to get it started

and there you go

we got V put that top cap back on and

there it is all built and wikked and

ready to be

we're gonna go over the cons and pros

let's start off with cons first kind is

gonna be and it's a personal con but I

just hate those side fill tanks I

freaking hate them this one's actually

really good I just can't stand side fill

tanks they most of them are very messy

this one's one of the more cleaner ways

to do it because it's got that little

that little rubbery piece in there but I

hate side fill tanks so I got to give it

a cop a lot of people are gonna say it


this is tall for a single coil rdta

that's gonna bother some peeps it don't

bother me at all but I gotta chalk it up

to a con for the peeps that are gonna

have a problem with it and the last con

again doesn't bother me but I gotta

point it out the tank section on this is

not glass it's some sort of plastic you

know maybe people who run a lot of

citrus juices a lot of cinnamon juices

you might have an issue with it I gotta

point it out for you personally I don't

want a lot of citrus I don't run a lot

of cinnamon juices so it's no big shakes

for me but that's it on the cons real

nitpicky stuff let's move on to the pros

cuz we got plenty of them first pros

gonna be man I get really nice flavor on

this one you guys know I love my single

coil is I got it right now

62 watts with a point two two ohm coil

in there I got some strawberry rice

pudding in here check it out really nice

fully saturated flavor nice smooth

airflow I really like the flavor on this

it's got really good flavor this one's

pretty easy to build and wick it's

really not hard at all if you can build

an RDA if you've built an rdta in the

past you ain't gonna have no issues

smooth smooth airflow if you didn't hear

it when I vape

let me show it to you again this is

about half way open

nice smooth smoochie if I open it up all

the way I'll give you a listen all the

way open it's even smoother you close it

down you kind of get that swushi kind of

sound but overall very smooth airflow

I like the machining and the build

quality on this one it's got a nice

comfortable drip tip this thing wicks

like a dream with those stainless steel

cables we've seen before and the vape

fly Brunhilde z-- they work just as well

on this one too it's got a nice capacity

its squonk abou baby you can throw this

thing on ask Wonka you got 5 MLS in the

tank if you got an 8 ml squonk in bottle

you can walk out of the house with 13

mils nothing wrong with that at all

let's put this one through our 5-star

rating system in the looks department I

know a lot of people are gonna complain

that it's tall and that's the reason

it's gonna get the score it's gonna get

because a lot of people are gonna say

that's really tall for a single-coil

rdta and they're right the height

doesn't bother me personally but I know

it's gonna bother a lot of people so I'm

gonna read it at 2.5 just like average

as far as the looks go but in all

honesty I think it's a sexy-looking tank

if you can deal with the height but I'm

kind of gonna give it the score I gave

it because I know people are definitely

gonna complain about the height as far

as building and wicking goes this one's

super easy because the coil is kind of

inside the deck if you don't have small

fingers you might have to get a tweezer

to pull the cotton out but that's really

no big deal like I said if you can build

an RDA or other rdta s you're gonna be

fine with this one in the building and

wicking Dept we're gonna give it a solid

four stars as far as performance goes I

really like the flavor I get off of this

I've got no issues with the flavor at

all it's really really smooth I get

fully saturated flavor we're gonna give

it a solid whore as well in the

performance Department this thing

performs exactly like you would expect

it to in the value Department I've been

seeing it for like when

de to $49 there's kind of a big price

disparity on this one so make sure you

definitely shop around I mean if you

score this thing for under 30 bucks I

think you got a good deal you paid 35

it's okay to but if you get this thing

for under 30 bucks it's actually a good

deal because I've been seeing a lot of

the prices on the higher side I'm gonna

give it a 2 and a half in the value

Department we're gonna add all these

stars up we're gonna get a total of 13

stars we're gonna take those 13 stars

we're gonna divide them by 4 and we're

gonna get a total score of 3 point two

five three and a quarter stars now I

consider two and a half average this one

is definitely above average however

because of the height it's probably not

gonna be for everyone let's go over some

of the specs on the Vande vape Mito

single coil rdta it is 24 millimeters in

diameter 44 point six millimeters high

it weighs a hundred and 55 milligrams

and it has a 5 ml capacity be sure to

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