Vaporesso Xtra Pod System Review|Tiny and Reliable


well it looks like some products are

finally starting to come out of China

vapor Essos been around for a long time

very trusted company so today we're

going to be looking at the vapor reso




welcome to the vapor trail channel I'm

Tony today we're looking at the vapor s

Oh extra not a lot of stuff coming

through right now but there is I see

some promise on the horizon new stuff

coming out of China and other countries

and we'll see how everything goes is

everybody going to be coming out with

the same stuff or are they gonna up the

game everybody gets back into production

but you know vapor isso is a very

trusted company they do real good

quality and the coils are always top

notch so as far as the Box vapor is so

extra get more with less and well so

it's kind of a interesting way to look

at it you get extra with less okay it's

a pretty small device that's the

dimensions right there I'll leave this

up here for a second if you want to read

the specifications does have a three

color LED indicator and a biggie

is the 900 milli amp hour battery I mean

for something this small 900 milliamp

hours that is that's pretty good it's

very small and lightweight so depending

on which pod you put on here as how many

watts are gonna get with the meshed

unipod you're gonna get 16 watts and

with the regular unipod you're gonna get

11 watts and basically there are two

pods in here you've got your 0.8 ohm

meshed that's 2 mil and 1.2 ohm regular

standard pod which is also 2 mil all

your certifications and security over

here and some highlights here on the

side of the box 900 million of our large

battery compact design new meshed flavor

boosting now I can't really tell by

looking at the pods themselves but the

mesh looks like it's a really kind of

fine and intricate mesh and then new

cotton with denser clouds device is

sitting right there and then underneath

this a standard USB cable vapora so

though they always have quick charge on

here so I don't know if it's able to

quick charge or not with a standard USB

but they say it does and it does charge

pretty fast I can tell you that plus

these cables are really nice braided

cables with the spring on here so that

helps to keep them from fraying and

getting broken take this out of here

this is the pod that was not on it when

you get it this is the standard pod and

it has a great little tab right here for

filling you just pop that open and you

fill it on the side the other one has a

red one so it's easy to discern the two

of them just close it back like that

there's a little nail divot right there

you can stick your nail into and the

plug on that is really stout I haven't

had any leaking whatsoever plenty of

wicking and big wick holes in there and

it does say here on the side that it is


point to them other stuff in the box

you've got instructions for the

anti-counterfeiting label this little

card right here is a reminder card

telling you the red is the meshed and

the gray is the one point to them as

always the little envelope has your

warranty stuff in it so we've got a

manual and well it really couldn't be

much more simple I mean it does break it

down and tell you where everything is

the power button air inlet ring and all

of that I don't think these specs are

anything different from what we already

saw but if you want to read those you

can go ahead and pause it shows you how

to fill it and power it on and off and

that's a big deal to me that you can

turn this thing on and off because most

of these pod systems you can't just turn

it all the way off especially if it's

dry activated LED color for your battery

status pretty easy to tell if it's blue

you might want to think about charging

it if it's red definitely I thought this

is kind of interesting when you take out

the pods on here they're telling you to

turn the power off not a bad idea

actually I mean you know that way you

know everything's safe because you're

gonna be breaking in connection with

power in there and all that but I've

never had any problems might be a good

idea though and they do have plenty of

protections on here and that's a little

guide to what the protection indicators

tell you so going over the device itself

it's got these kind of guests are like

laser engraved on there and these little

dots and they actually act as kind of

grip enos to it but this colored part

right here it appears to be a sticker

let me see if I can I mean you know you

can pull that back pretty easily it's

one of those kind of fabric stickers

type of thing put that back down there

I'm not sure if that's gonna fade over

time it does have a little bit of grip

enos to it I don't know if you can tell

there's a texture to it and it's kind of

sparkly down here at the bottom that is

where your air is going to be coming

from it also works for battery

ventilation got a USB over here and an

indicator light right there this right

here is your power button so one two

three four five and it turns itself off

and one two three four five and it turns

itself on ends on green so if it ends on

red its turning off and if it ends on

green it's turning on that's pretty

simple so your battery clearly is over

here that's what it looks like to me I

mean it looks like they kind of found a

cell that had 900 milliamp hours and

would fit in there and wanted to make

sure the rest of it was still small so

kind of bulges out right there in a way

that actually is good because I usually

tend to grab it like this so I grab it

and you know it sits securely in my hand

that bulbs on the sides there helps you

hold onto it it does have a little thing

here for a lanyard there's no lanyard

included inside the box if you like

lanyards you probably have one or two of

those around again its standard USB and

the pod just slides out like this

there's magnets inside they're magnets

on here and your positive and negative

so yeah I mean it's just when you by the

way when you do plug it in you get a

green indicator on there and it also

does it when you take it out now there

are no windows on here to see how high

your juice level is obviously if you

turn it upside down you can tell if

there's juice in there but it's just as

easy just to pull that out and look in

it it does hold a good capacity of juice

again to fill it you just take this pop

it open fill it up and put it back in

and again the red on this indicates that

it is the 0.8 ohm meshed coil really not

a whole lot more to show you on this

it's a pretty simple device kind of a

quickie for a Friday that is the vapor s

Oh extra so it's interesting because we

just haven't seen that many new vape

products coming out mainly because China

has been completely shut down it does

look like some new products are starting

to come out I'm looking at things a

little bit more critically now and I

personally aside from using swans have

been using things like the dot AIO in

the Billa box a lot I'm really enjoying

it so I'm really curious to see how

everything's gonna go is everybody gonna

be stepping up their game or we're gonna

have less products but more quality I

really don't know no vapor s oh they are

a good quality company and yeah there's

a lot of pod systems out there that are

you know you take the pot out of there

you fill it on the side type of thing

one of the things that vapor Esso has as

their cornerstones is that their coils

are always very good and these are no

different these are really good coils I

did try one of the 1.2 ohm pods I just

prefer the 0.8 ohm meshed pod and inside

of here I've got 12 milligrams Nick salt

that I mixed up myself it's really very

good this is a Apple cranberry and got a

little bit of a citrus soda in there as

far as flavorings that I used on this

one it was awful Evora is it Flav aura

or is it flavour ah I don't really know

exactly how you pronounce maybe I'll ask

them but I really like their flavorings

and everything goes really well together

and 12 milligrams Nick salt in here at

0.8 ohms and the mesh coil works just

perfectly for things like pod systems

and stuff yes you can use regular

nicotine you could use 12 milligrams of

regular nicotine

I just find that these salts are a

little bit more smooth they give a

little different throat hit and I just

like it so mixing your own though you

could do it whatever way you like and

that's one thing I really like about DIY

yeah it works really well

900 milliamp power battery for the size

of this thing is really good it looks

good I'm not so sure how these stickers

that are on here are going to survive I

mean oils and your skin and stuff may

wear those down so I don't know if it's

gonna fade or what the deal is and the

details on it it just kind of it looks a

little bit washed out if you ask me it

is nice it has a little bit of texture

to it right here and this actually is a

little bit grippy too so that's good and

the fact that it bulges out like that

actually gives you a place to hold it so

you know it doesn't slip out of your

hands I can tell you that personally I

won't be using the little lanyard thing

that's on there I mean you know some

people do like to hang it from their

neck whatever you like it is there for

you to use one thing that I think is

really good about this is that you can

turn it all the way off just five clicks

on that turns it all the way off which

is it's a that's a big bonus to me

because there's times where you just

want to put it in your bag you don't

want to worry about it firing or

anything like that you know pressure

changes it can happen because the way

these dry activated devices work it's a

diaphragm basically so if there's a

pressure change theoretically it

definitely could trigger it and I've

even seen it happen with you know the

disposables a friend of mine has a lot

of bass in his car and he had that thing

thumping and it was boom boom boom

firing out that little disposable pod so

yeah it can happen it's nice to be able

to just turn it all the way off flavor

on this is fantastic I know this flavor

well because I've gone through several

iterations mixing it so it does it

tastes really good and the draw on this

it's not a super tight mouth to lung and

it's not a really loose straw it's not

even like a loose direct lung hit it's

just it's right there in the middle and

with the 0.8 ohm coil in here it's a

nice warm vape but it can actually be

hot if you hit it too hard or too long

that taste so good let me just get one

more hit

very nice yeah I mean like I say I'm

excited to see what will happen now will

there be a change will it just be the

same thing after everybody gets back up

and and moving and getting all their

stuff produced or will we see these

companies say well we're gonna pair it

down and make less items but make them

better of course the only time will tell

but this is it's a nice little pod

system if you don't have one yet or if

you just need to grab another one I'm

sure it's gonna be reasonably priced

that is the vapor réseau extra I don't

know if it's extra because the extra

battery or whatever but for this size

900 million powers that's pretty good I

want to thank you so much for your

support especially during this time I

know some of you have been praying and I

really appreciate that I've been praying

for all of you so it's just everything

is messed up right now the worst part

about this is that I see especially on

social media so much division it's it's

worse than politics people are like it's

a fake it's a you know it's some kind of

a conspiracy it's Q it's whatever it's

just basically everybody's got a

different idea about what's going on

right now and I think that maybe the

fact that everybody is cooped up and

everybody's kind of confused you know

it's it's very anxiety creating

situation that we're in so please just

be kind to each other so love more than

you do fear or or hatred on your fellow

social media person or whatever it's

just you know if you don't agree with

them just move on this is no time to be

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