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Review of Narada- the Augvape Druga Narada Pro

🔥Lost Vape Centaurus DNA 250C Mod Review and Tutorial

the centerís by las vape I hope I'm

saying that right

Centaurus a lot of times people ask me

what's the best mod and I always just

have the same answer

it's the one with a DNA chip goes like

they're the best and if you want to

modify and customize I never do

but if you want to you can with this

chip so today for review a mod that uses

a DNA 250 C the C stands for color I

only got the one but it does come in a

whole bunch of other colors ten colors

total this one's made by lost vape and

is called Centaurus yeah the chip said

cakes but but another reason people love

it is because with it you can customize

and modify some of the operations on the

device so you go to evolves website I'll

I'll put a link down below and you can

download something called a scribe for

this you need a computer like Windows or

Mac you download the software and then

you connect the mod to the computer and

you can change some stuff around but be

careful I heard you can also mess it up

next up I'm just gonna go over the

basics how it came I'm not gonna change

anything and just try to get through

this so that's next the color that I

have is called black ostrich chopped

carbon fiber and then this portion here

is genuine leather at the top there's

the 510 connection and this can hold a

DS up to about 26 millimeters after that

there will be some overhang top button

is up Center button select bottom button

down and I'm bummed that this is not

type C it came with the cable I'm not

gonna say this is for charging because

I'd prefer you guys just to use an

external battery charger for 18 650s so

I'm gonna say this is for East crime the

other cable that they included with this

turns it into a power bank but do keep

in mind if you charge your phone with

this it is gonna drain those batteries a

lot quicker ever since I took it off the

box and turn it on now

all I have to do is just push the button

one time which brings me to this screen

it's like a standby screen it's on for

30 seconds and then it goes dark

from here to wake it up further 1 2 3 4

5 and then to shut it down or lock it

1 2 3 4 5 so now it's back in this

standby mode I can use the UP button or

the down button to navigate currently I

have it on Kanthal which can only be

used in wattage mode if I click select

count all turns white and now I can go

in either direction up or down to pick

something else if I want to so there's

replay Watts

wattage boost nickel 200 titanium

stainless steel 316 and 430 and that's

it but through a scribe you can add

other metals at least I assume so by

what lost beep sent me which is this

here it mentions nichrome 80 and 90 I'm

a wattage kind of girl so I really don't

go into all the other ones except change

my wattage I'm gonna go down click


once it's white I can adjust it down

below in settings first one is atomizer

here it shows resistance the wattage

there's no temperature cause I'm in

wattage mode I can turn the boost on or

off and also adjust my punch manual

doesn't explain this I guess it's like

another boost I don't know the website

doesn't explain it either puff info so

this is the puff counter Diagnostics a

whole bunch of information then there

system more info here you can change the

time the date the temperature unit if

you're in temperature control and that's


oh yeah about so that's for kanthal

there's more there's a replay Jay haze

actually has a really good video on this

I can't figure it out I think it's only

for temperature control it's

leaves your perfect hit so it saves your

settings for that perfect hit and you

should be able to get it with this every

time after replay there's what's its

wattage mode wattage boost is I guess it

gives you preheat nickel 200 titanium

stainless steel 316 and 430 and that's

it if you want more you got to go to e

scribe I'm gonna go back to temperature

control nickel so here in temperature

control yep

that's accurate you can change pottage

and temperature control mode and of

course adjust the temperature so this

goes all the way to 600 degrees

Fahrenheit that stops and if I keep

going it does not round-robin so I do

have to go back I wonder if that can be

changed in a scribe I want to check out

settings it's pretty much the same stuff

except in here I'm gonna see the

temperature it uses 2:18 650s which are

not included those are my own I use Sony

veetc fives and then the door closes

like this but sometimes I do have issues

with the door once it's closed though

it's closed but sometimes it takes me a

few tries the wee little manual is a bit

too we for me I would have liked to see

more information as in instructions and

how to use it

sure it does tell me how to lock and

unlock it which is kind of like turning

it on and off

five clicks of the power button and then

every flee mentioned this puff replay

well this I believe is for temperature

control so once you find that perfect

hit you can keep replaying it basically

just saves the settings I haven't gotten

it to work but I did watch a video of

Jay Hayes's so I will link that down

below good luck and bye down below I

mean in the video's description the

other issue I have is here a scribe so a

scribe is a software that works with

these DNA mods you go to evolve site

which is not listed

what oh maybe this is it ah what evolve

shoes evolve you know evolve LLC maybe

is it yay

I'm using this with the drop RDA I don't

know if I can vape this much anymore it

does tickle a little bit I'm not gonna

lie I'm so used to podcasts I remember

vaping used to be something like this

and then podcasts happened to amp

charging it's also a power bank but that

is gonna drain the batteries pretty

quick but you can connect any USB device

to it as long as you have that little

cable I like the button on here like

that round button it's metal actually

like all the buttons on here and it's a

pretty good looking device it's got a

rugged look to it and a rugged fuel it's

heavy it feels expensive and it and it

is expensive because of that DNA chipset

yeah this is probably the best thing

I've reviewed since the last DNA chip so

please subscribe if you haven't already

ring that bell as well and I hope to see

you next time bye bye bye bye


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