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Review of Narada- the Augvape Druga Narada Pro

πŸ”₯ Review Of LostVape Centaurus DNA 250C Paranormal V2






what's happening everybody i'm dj lsbeps

and welcome back to the channel

how many of you are not familiar with

lost wipe at this point

if i would have to take a guess i would

say 99

of my viewers know lost vape at this

point in their amazing quality devices

always using amazing materials now it's

starting to look like the end of the pod

system's flood is closed

that's right lost vape is back at making

full blown up mods so today we are going

to take a look at the centaurus dna 250c

box mod

exciting times again for sure inside the

box you will find the centaurus box mod

this is the black ostrich shop

carbon fiber one simply gorgeous you

also receive a super tiny user manual

also a super short micro usb cable for

charging firmware upgrades and escribe


last but not least a micro usb 2.0 otg

cable that when plugged to the mod

allows you to use the mod with batteries

as a power bank and charge other usb


over usb the centaurus mod with the dna


board inside an amazing and gorgeous

looking one for sure and this one with

black ostrich

handle and shopped carbon fiber panels

on both sides

simply stunning indeed yet you may find

a lot of similarities with previous


that's right this is the ethereum with

the dna 75c

board inside you can find reviews for

all of these on my channel but the

ethereum despite the convenient battery


used to be a pain in the ass to access

and replace the inner battery in this

battery compartment

then we saw the paranormal this one has

the dna 166 board

and this time with the big change to the

battery compartment with the floppy door

yet there's a lot of reports of broken

battery doors because the hinge was made

of plastic and rather fragile

later on we also saw the dna 75c and the

dna 250c

variants of the paranormal as well both

built the same

and with the same battery door yet the

overall looks and choice of materials

remain unchanged

the centaurus though still looks very

similar but with some

minor changes on the sides of the top

section and top section itself housing a

wider 510 plate that also protrudes a

little more than the paranormal so

depending on the diameter of the

atomizer you use you may see a little

gap also the centaurus now fits up to 26

millimeter diameter atomizers flush

with the sides of the mod yet again you

may see a little gap

the other major upgrade was made to the

battery door that's right still spring


but now instead of sliding a sliding

battery door it has a locking latch

now the hinge was finally upgraded with

metal on both sides certainly and

finally improving its reliability

and durability for sure thank you lost

vape of course the centaurus also makes

use of 218 650 batteries which once


will allow the dna 250c bar to wake up

and as opposed to previous paranormal

mods which actually shipped with the

theme i designed for lost vape myself

the centaurus now ships with just the


and boring evolve default theme so you

can connect

it to escribe and upload your own or any

other from their forums

of course we have all the usual dna

modes especially the amazing replay mode

included here

i actually have a full interview with

the makers of this board explaining how

replay mode works

and how amazing it is this is a dna-250c

board inside yes but since it's running

on two battery cells

rather than three it's obviously limited

to 200 watts maximum wattage as expected

everything else remains exactly the same

here from the control buttons to the


and even the built-in options features

and settings there's no point on going


all of these once again there's no point

on going over all of these features and


as i've done that already so i will link

those reviews as well

as the interview about the replay

feature 2 in the description of this


so the lost web centaurus dna 250c box

mod is available in a variety of

different colors in the carbon fiber

series for

170 dollars also a few different colors

in the new zealand avalon

shell series for 180 dollars plus

three different colors in a step with

limited series of only 7777

units selling for 200 those are indeed

quite steep prices but you really get

what you pay for here

this device really belongs to the holy

grail group of mods more

than ever with the amazing materials and

packing a great

board again with the replay feature

which was and still is pretty



by the way the atomizer i'm using on top

is the destiny rta

and you can clearly see the gap i was

talking about because of how much the

510 plate protrudes

if you want to know more about how dna

mods work how the chipset works all its

features and even

everything you need to know about the

replay mode from the creator's mouth

you will find few a few links down below

in the description down below for all

those videos if you didn't watch them

already there's really not much i have

to say here that i haven't already about

the dna 250c board so

let's talk about the mod and its

construction instead

this is still the same kind of solid

construction you would expect from lost


yet refine at some levels and others


and also a little bit more industrial


industrial look i guess with the screws

on both sides especially when we compare

it to previous devices

of theirs i especially like that they

finally built a more solid battery door

hinge now myself

personally i own multiple paranormals as

you saw

and never had a hinge braking on me

however i've read stories and even

listened to feedback from some vendors

so i'm glad they finally got their act

together in that department


i still don't understand why the 510

plate now protrudes more than ever

creating a visible and rather annoying

gap between the mod and the atomizer

i also think they could have come up

with a more sexy and curved shape this

time rather than

the boxy look which to be fair makes it

easier to be fancy with the panels they

attach to it keeping things straight and

rather boxy

makes it easier on their part to

actually slap some panels some beautiful


onto these devices the choice of

materials though almost

makes me lose my words the thought and

imagination put into these materials

so much so that i think after this

review i will buy myself a limited

edition stabilized wood one to add to my


that's how much i like this device even

being boxy in part also because of the

board inside because it's really

functional and accurate like no other

the only ones that come close are the e

he boards

or e high and especially the higher end



so to be honest i have already talked

about everything i like about these mod

but i would still like to see the 510

plate mounted flush

maybe a more sexy look on another future


in sexier shape as well as type c usb

rather than type b micro however i do

understand that's what comes with the

board there's really not much lost web

can do to change that

on the evolv can if i was to rate this

one i would still give it an a minus

even with the protruding 510 play

that's how much i love this one and a

solid a

only if the 510 plate really was mounted

flush at this point but what do you


do you want any other lost vape devices

do you want any other dna devices yeah

let me know in the comment section down

below if you do or what you think about

dna devices compared to others

i have my formed opinions i expressed

time and time again in reviews of

devices that use the same dna boards or

other dna boards but i would like to

hear your opinion

alright that's it i'm done and i didn't

receive any extras to give so

stay sexy and vape on





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