Review of Narada- the Augvape Druga Narada Pro

what's going on inside is deuces jacket

vaping today we're gonna be

going over a little pod /ai okay I'm

talking about the old vape Narada pro

this one is different from the og Narada

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they're also naming this the vapor rizzo

alright let's check it out kind of neat

looking right kind of digging that woody


I'm kind of digging that wooden gray

look let's put it on deck for a second

also in the Box you get this box of

accessories you're gonna get a cable a

type-c cable this has type-c charging so

that's awesome and you're gonna get two


there's the type-c port right there

that's an awesome job by aw babe this is

the one ohm coil good for 13 to 20 watts

alright this is strictly for a mouth to

lung vaping you can tell by that small

air hole right there you're not gonna

get a lot of airflow alright this is the

one you want to use with mouth to lung

liquids like a Nixle or a hi Nick

freebase juice this is the point 4 ohm

mesh coil good for 20 to 28 watts I

believe that says really really hard to

see it does say that it's mesh I'll tell

you what man I gotta be honest the one

thing I can't frickin stand about these


look at that base that's a proprietary

base and that's such a bad move like why

didn't you make this compatible with

like RPM coils or rgc coils or artery HP

coils I mean make it compatible with

something cuz the problem is down the

line if you still have this six months

from now who knows if these coils are

still even gonna be available

I don't like proprietary coils it's an

issue here's the actual mod itself it's

a good looking mod man I like that would

I think it's really nice looking at

definitely different-looking I know some

people don't like wood I'm digging that

looks kind of classic I like the

battleship gray I think that's nice as

well on top there you got your screen

right there tiny little screen I'll show

that to you in a minute

510 driptip all right looks nice and

comfortable no issues with that

here's your fire button / scroll button

it Scrolls like almost like a squid

industries double-barrel right you can

adjust the wattage you have an LED light

over here okay this is an internal

battery mod there is your type C charge

port so this thing's gonna charge fast

now the nice thing about this type C

charging is the fact that this will

charge your battery from dead to 80% in

20 minutes that's kind of badass man

that really is that's kind of cool

950 milliamp hour battery in it and it

charges it 80% in 20 minutes now this is

also firmware upgradeable and all great

tells me they're gonna be coming out

with TC mode and voltage mode now none

of the coils RTC coils but they did send

me an RBA base which is kind of cool and

we're gonna go over that in a second

first let's go over the tank now on the

tank you see this little tab that's kind

of what keeps everything down now in

order to get the tank out you just kind

of pull it out that way okay and inside

here you're gonna see two gold-plated

contacts they're gonna make contact with

your coil and they're gonna make it fire

all right you got another third contact

in there right over there and it's a

little hollow in here so this part of

the tank is gonna plug into that and

then you got that little tab right there

that's gonna plug in to this part right

there if you install one of the coils

right remember I said I didn't like the

fact that it was a proprietary coil the

one thing I do like that they did was

you see this little nub right here you

can get your finger under there pretty

easily and pop it out I do like that

that's an awesome job I don't know

it's worth the difference between having

a proprietary coil and having that easy

access to the coil maybe it would have

been nicer if a grape just made a base

like that with that tab and would allow

you to use some more coils that are more

prevalent in the market I don't know

that's up for you to decide but this

works pretty well I do like that here's

your little plug right here nice big

opening that's definitely gonna be a pro

man you'll be able to fit most juice

bottle nozzles in there you might even

be able to deal with a bull nose with

that really really nice job on that I

like that all great now let's go over

the RBA because this is actually really

different and I'm gonna show you how to

build it as well okay pop the Box open

pull out the bag and you're gonna get a

bunch of stuff in the bag first off you

get a bunch of spare deck screws you get

four of them right there inside the bag

you get this base that's gonna allow you

to fire your coil you get some spare

o-rings and this little screwdriver now

they kind of did something a little

ingenious with this right what's nice

about this is you can plug that in just

like that and now you can take your

chimney section off and it reveals the

deck very small simple deck with air

flow right underneath the coil but now

you're able to fire the coil and get out

all the hot spots so let me show you how

to put a build on this first thing you

want to do take your Phillips head

screwdriver loosen those post screws so

now here's another ingenious thing they

did you see this part right here let me

show it to you these little boxes are

hollow so even though your post is right

up against there it's gonna allow your

coil to pass through enough in order to

get the coil in there kind of smart

really is man kind of clever I really

dig that

I like seeing shit like that so you run

your coil right through there just like


and what I would suggest is

get that one side in first right once

you get that one side in tighten it down

now that that side is in now you can

worry about this side now you can get

that side in right and kind of hold it

in place

believe me this is not easy to do on

camera these are very tiny post holes

once that's in like that that looks a

little janky we're gonna fix that don't

worry about it

let's just go after our leads for now so

you want to get them give it a little

cut get them over there give them a

little cut you can pop it out you could

have built it on the outside as well if

you wanted to either way is correct

whatever way you're more comfortable

with now you take your quailing rod and

you kind of want to make sure you

straighten out that quail and you don't

want it touching anything got to make

sure it's not touching anything right

kind of make it look just like that

that's actually perfect now we're gonna

take this and we're going to dry fire it

make sure there are no hot spots so now

we turn it on and we're gonna take our

little wheel here see this wheel that's

how you adjust the wattage we're gonna

pop it up to like 20 watts and we're

gonna give it a test fire make sure it's

glowing evenly we got a little bit of a

hot spot there we're gonna stroke it out

fire it again there we go looks like

we're good

we're glowing evenly from the inside out

now what you're gonna want to do is

you're gonna want to wick this thing

grab yourself a little piece of cotton

pop it right through there

just like so nice and snug okay now you

don't have a lot of room here for cotton

you're gonna need really really short

wicks on this one I would say cut it

right up to the base let me show you

what I'm talking about you're gonna cut

your cotton on this just run your

scissor right up to the base and snip it

right there same thing on the other side

and that's how I would run my cotton now

you want to take your tool and you just

want to kind of

get in there kind of almost want to use

the damn method on this right it's nice

and easy just like that want to repeat

the process on the other side just like

that that's how your deck should look

something like that

all right now you just pop it out now

you can pop that part out

once those wicks are wet you take your

barrel section you screw it on just like

that all right

make sure the end of your wires are not

touching the barrel otherwise you're

gonna short it out then you take the RBA

head and you just pop it right in there

just like so now you can fill it up and

beep on it all right

I'm gonna beep on all three of them I

will tell you exactly how they all vape

on the up top portion of the video also

if you want to lock your wattage in so

you don't accidentally spin it right

let's say I want to lock it in at 23

clicks you see that lock emblem appear

now it doesn't adjust anymore but you

can still fire you want to unlock it

three clicks all right let's do a quick

size comparison all right

this is the vapor rezone errata Pro in

the middle of course this is the smoke

Nord 2 and this is the smoke rpm 80 both

the smoke mods are internal battery mods

now you can see the RPM 80 is much much

bigger but it also pumps out 80 watts ok

as opposed to the Nord two it's almost

the same size as the Nord 2 Nord two's

definitely taller

all right the Nord 2 also does 10 more

watts this is a 40 watt device you know

they both have screens the Nord has it

on its side right there this one has it

on top the Nerada Pro does 10 watts less

both do not come with an RBA section I

wish or grape would include the RBA

section in the purchase with this I

think that would be nice

let's get after those cons and pros

we're gonna start off with time

first towns gonna be the RBA section is

a separate purchase I'm gonna start

handing out times for that with these

little pod /a i/o systems I've already

started to do it

I think it's BS if you're gonna make an

RBA section you need to include it in

the kit I get it I get it

people gonna say but uses companies want

to sell coils yeah I get it but it

doesn't cost much to put that little RBA

section in there and give people choices

I'm all about the choices baby the RBA

section as far as that goes it is very

tiny and difficult to build on another

kind on this one is gonna be the same as

the OG it's got a very very limited

airflow range

I wish the airflow range was wider I

just don't like the range on the airflow


I do wish the fill port on this wasn't

on the inside in other words you got to

slide it out to access the fill port I

think they had enough real estate to put

that fill port anywhere over here I

think they should have done that I think

it was a mistake it's a con and the last

times gonna be that charge port is on

the bottom you guys know I hate that

it's one of my pet peeves

I gotta point it out but that's it on

the cons nothing crazy no real deal

breakers here let's move on to the pros

cuz it's got plenty of pros first Pro is

gonna be it's got really nice build

quality to it this little guy has a nice

feel and weight to it just got a

heftiness that exudes quality I'm really

impressed by that it's a pro even though

I'm not happy with the range of the air

flow the air flow on this is smooth

I got a halfway open right now let me

show you what I'm talking about I mean

it's just smooth baby it really is I do

like that I do like the smoothness of

the air flow I've got to give them

credit for that you see it man it's tiny

its small its compact its pocketable all

pros it does have adjustable wattage I

like that 510 driptip that's a pro you

can use all your other five tens getting

back to the adjustable wattage

I like the fact that they kind of did

that sweet thing with the dial there

it's kind of cool it keeps things simple

it's a pro nice coil is available for

this thing really good flavor especially

on the point 4 ohm coil the other coil

is really not my jam

but the point floor is just nice I got

it at 25 watts let me show you what I'm

working with here man

and that was with the airflow about

halfway open I feel like when you shut

down the airflow halfway you definitely

get better flavor especially on the

point for mesh coil nice tiny yet very

bright screen I got no issues seeing it

it's a pro I love the way the pod system

slides out from the side and not in from

the top it just seems more stable it's a

really nice design it's a pro this one's

simple to use power mode only it's as

simple as it gets and the last pro is

gonna be well I don't like that charge

port on the bottom it is a Type C charge

port and I love that because that means

we're in for some fast charging let's

put this thing through our five-star

rating system we're gonna start off with

looks I love the looks of this little

guy I even like the gray with the wood

the other colors are even better-looking

another thing I like about this little

pod slash a i/o kit is the fact that

it's small its compact and I really like

the power to size ratio on it we're

gonna give it a pretty good score in

this category probably one of the

highest scores I ever handed out I'm

gonna give it four and a half stars as

far as the coil performance goes in that

category I said it already

I liked the point 4 ohm mesh it's

fantastic I'm getting really good flavor

off of it I tried the other coil really

wasn't my jam but this point 4 ohm mesh

is really nice of 25 watts we're gonna

give it a solid 4 stars in this category

in the airflow category is where this

thing really loses its points it loses

its point

because it's lacking in range it goes

from a tight DL to a loose mouth to lung

I would have rather have had a little

bit more looseness on the DL side and a

little bit more tightness on the mouth

to long side

I wish the range was wider the airflow

is pretty precise it's more precise than

the OG one but it just needed to be a

little wider so we're gonna give it an

average score of two and a half stars as

far as the value goes I've been seeing

this thing from anywhere from 20 to 35

bucks if you can get it in the twenty

dollar range this is a nice little kit

it's got really good build quality and

the big quality is there as well in this

category we're gonna score it a point

above average and give it a three and a

half star rating we're gonna add all

these stars up we're gonna come to a

total star count of fourteen and a half

stars we're going to take these fourteen

and a half stars we're gonna divide them

by four and we're gonna get an average

of three point six two five stars so

it's a little bit it's a point above

average a little a point than some

change above average probably exactly

where it belongs do I like it better

than the first version of the Narada

absolutely I like the adjustable wattage


I even think the build quality is a

little better on this thing let's get

into some of the specs on the ugly druga

Narada pro it measures in it seventy by

forty by eighteen point five millimeters

it has an 1,100 milliamp power battery

two amp quick charging is on deck

it does charge via a type C port it has

a 30 watt maximum 3.7 ml capacity two

coils are in the kit 0.40 mesh coil and

a 1 ohm regular oil colors include black

carbon fiber gray wood and red black


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today make sure you keep living that

vape life

we're out of here deuces

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