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Review of Narada- the Augvape Druga Narada Pro

🔥Review of Uppen Kit by Upends The First Antibacterial Vape Pen?

hello I'm Sophie and this is Sophie

reviews a pen up ends up ends up in a

pen by opens pod tips that look like

pens yep 10 get a pen huh that's oddly


oh here they are in silver and black the

clip right here is 18 karat gold-plated

now one thing I'm noticing right away

the black is black all the way around

the top bottom same color the silver one

colors not uniform throughout the cap is

darker than the rest of it so that's the

pot well that's the mouthpiece to the

pod and there's something important that

they wanted me to tell you about the

mouthpiece apparently it's anti

bacterial anti bacterial nanometer

silver ion mouthpiece according to the

Box 99.99% antibacterial I don't know if

it is or not it's what the box says is

it I have no way to test that so ah


the pod itself holds 2 milliliters of a

liquid because I just and everything

going on I am that's yeah that's my

Magnum and I'm not gonna do it with how

bad my heels are believe me that these

pods hold 2 milliliters of a liquid and

they fill on the side

so with the new I can't hold on to it I

got you liquid everywhere how did I do

this with the new pod give it like five

minutes so that cotton and once I'm

ready to use this I'm also gonna pull

off this thing attaches by magnet seems

plop it in there any old way and it

vibrates once it's in there correctly

the coil in here has a resistance of 1.2

ohms in this part is the battery the

battery is 600 milli amp hours it's a

hundred and thirty four millimeters long

and it's sixteen millimeters thick the

average output power is ten watts to

recharge the battery it recharges

through the bottom with a standard USB

cable which is inside of this box along

with the instruction booklet most

companies are doing c-type now but but

they went with standard so once I

connect it a little light turns on and

for whatever reason it looks yellow on

camera but it is in fact that's right

there we go I'm serious it's red drink

charging red light will be on the white

light will be on for one minute till

fully charged huh not confusing one bit

so the light will either turn off or

change colors when it's done but right

now it's red even no it's red there we


that light also turns on when I stick in

a pod and when I'm vaping if it's white

when I'm vaping the battery is in pretty

good shape if it turns red

I gotta recharge it eventually the pods

do wear out they're reusable up to a

certain point you'll know the flavour

will diminish and then you got to get a

new one they'll come packaged like this

in boxes of two so according to the

company they're the first ones to make a


that's anti-bacterial and it's also

supposed to be in the shape of a

clarinet mouthpiece I used to play

clarinet for like six years so yeah it's

like a little mini clarinet mat with

peace I hated clarinet I hated it

my parents made me pick like either the

flute or the clarinet sounds like that's

work no yeah right here that's good all

right I'm gonna I'm gonna try it now

no buttons and it's just pullin buff the

pole it's not too Airy not too tight I

would say it's a little more on the ear

ear decide for a pod kit this should get

people off of cigarettes cuz it's so

simple to use that's it that's all there

is to it it's super simple even a smoker

could use it it's so simple and next up

the chain babying test I'm checking for

flavor warmth just to see if it works

I'm hoping I don't get a burnt flavor

that's like the worst thing that can

happen so let's see how it does with

just regular liquid it's not even like a

mixologist regular a liquid with no



hey okay the flavors not changing it's

not getting warm or hot performing just

fine it would be cool if the ball was

metal like I want it to feel heavier

kind of does it kind of house like a

plastic you feel to it I would like the

body to be like heavier metal and just

feel really expensive I don't know how

much this cost so maybe they're trying

to keep cost down and this is in expect

I don't know I don't have a pace point

I'm sorry it happens so quick it's

really hard to see but when you position

this incorrectly and then pull it out

it's in the right spot so that's it my

job is complete I showed you guys a pin

a pin up a pin so so that's it you

subscribe and I hope to see you next


to doodly-doo bye oh hey I got one more

complaint it only comes with one pod

that should commit to at least two


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