Can Skinny Girls Waist Train For More Curves

hey dolls welcome back to Lux curves

where we talk about all things body

shaping and waist training yeah today's

videos for those of you who are slim and

you are wondering can a waist trainer benefit me

can it waist your benefits someone who

struggles to put on weight someone who's

been skinny all her life and is looking

to develop and build some curves in her

body or is waist training just for

people who want to lose weight so I'm

gonna answer that question for you today

I'm also gonna share with you what's

realistic and what's not realistic

because you know waist training is great

but it really can only do so much and

sometimes we have these crazy

unrealistic expectations like this is a

magic pill so first and foremost always

train can help you if you are looking to

build some curves so if you are a skinny

person and you want to build more of an

hourglass figure and just have more

curves in your body the way sugar will

help you but maybe not in the way you

think it will

so what's not realistic is thinking that

the waist trainer is gonna help you

build her booty that it's gonna help you

build your boobs that it's gonna help

you build curbs around your body it's

not gonna make you any little bit bigger

it's not gonna make your body

measurements bigger there's no way it

can do that only food can do that

but what it can do is it can create an

illusion in your body that gives people

the perception that you have more curves

and that's literally how the hourglass

figure works so the more that the waist

trainer snatches your waistline the more

that your waistline gets smaller the

more that your hips your booty your

chest is gonna look bigger so even

though these measurements never change

they're the same size I haven't grown at

all the more that my waistline gets

smaller in proportion to my butt and my

boobs it's going to look a lot smaller

and so basically these ones are going to

look bigger so when I was so right now

I'm on the very last joke of the sways

trainer as you can see right here but

when I was on this hook I've actually

gained a little bit of

I was having a much smaller waistline

and people asked me tatyana how did you

grow your hips and I my hips ting grow

they're the exact same measurement but

because my waist was smaller my hips

just looked bigger so that's essentially

what it is it's the same thing in

bodybuilding when a woman will go to the

gym and they'll work really hard on

building out their back and their traps

because when you build out your back

your waist in proportion to that will

look smaller so that's how the waist

trainer works so it can help you it's

not just for women who are looking to

lose weight and that's why it looks

curves we have like a variety of

different sizes so this is our beautiful

galaxy print waist trainer one of my

favorites it's got like blue and purple

and black and it's just so epic these

Waifs trainers they come in a variety of

sizes ranging from three extra small so

meeny-meeny-meeny mini to four extra

large so we tailor to a whole bunch of

different body types because let's be

honest like every woman has a different

body shape so we have a very wide range

of sizes because you know we're not a

one size fits fits all so yes it can't

help you now if you're worried that

you're going to be losing weight while

wearing the waist trainer I would just

suggest to you that you make sure that

you're eating enough food and high

quality foods okay so you know making

sure that you're not having a calorie

deficit so if you're not eating enough

food during the day through someone who

likes to skip breakfast or skip dinner

or you know you fast for maybe too long

you are gonna be burning additional

calories throughout the day and that's

going to eventually lead to weight loss

so you really want to be on top of it

and just make sure that you are at least

maintaining your calories and then you

should be fine wearing the waist trainer

so having said that I would I want to

give you a few tips about you know body

sculpting and you know this entire time

that I've been filming the video I've

been standing on an angle and that gives

you more of an illusion that my my hips

and my butt is bigger than it really is

okay and that's called the that's

the illusion that's the effect of

cameras and you know when you look at

people on Instagram and you you know you

feel like oh my gosh she's got a perfect

body well they just know how to pose

oftentimes that's what it is

so if I stand straight right now you

know I'm a lot more straight then you

saw when I was like this so this is like

the common Instagram pose you know

you're sticking out your hips as much as

possible your backs a little bit more

back and you're pulling your shoulders

back so that your your arms look smaller

than they are it's all an illusion and

that's why it's really important to not

be persuaded by this and to not get

consumed by trying to be like everybody

else and like what you see online

because oftentimes what you see online

is not real it's not reality and it's

really hard because it sets the bar so

high and it's so unattainable that we

kill ourselves trying to be like that

and it's it's really unfair especially

to those of you you know ladies in high

school and you know who are you know

you're trying to be like that and you've

got a lot of hormones going on a lot of

different things and your bodies aren't

developed like that at that point so

just know like it's really about angles

and posing even as I record this video

my camera it's not here my cameras not

at my eyes the cameras down here this is

the level of the camera so I actually

look bigger and I look taller than I

really am because of the camera angle

don't believe what you see all the time

that's what I'm trying to say to you is

to stay realistic about these things

because sure if you want to build curves

there are so many things that you can do

including weight training which is a

game-changer if you have an incorporated

weight training yet and you're trying to

build at your curbs girl go for it

weight training is one of the best

things weight training helped me sculpt

my body in a way that waist training and

nothing else can it's just such a

beautiful thing and yes it requires

effort and you gotta watch youtube

videos and learn about what to do at the

gym but once you get into it you start

seeing results after a number of months

it becomes like addictive because you're

like whoa I can actually sculpt my body

like you can actually be the sculptor of

your body and so that's one way to build

curves so just when I sign and share

that message with you waist means great

it can definitely help you but it's it's

more of a tool so you could do this in

addition to maybe making sure that

you're going to the gym lifting weights

and if you are doing that make sure that

you're eating a lot like you need to

make sure your calories are up because

lifting weights will burn a lot of

calories you're going to be using a lot

of energy and you can even be in a

fat-burning state after your workout

where you continue to burn calories

throughout the day so you want to make

sure you're consuming enough protein

enough high quality fats and some

healthy sources of carbs so this doesn't

mean to go to McDonald's and eat these

empty calories which are really depleted

of any nutritional value it means to go

to really get high quality sources of

real foods you know and so that's my

advice for you ladies so if you are

interested in trying a lux curves waist

trainer there's a 10% off coupon code in

the description of this video or go to

Lux curves comm slash waist and you can

get the code there this if you're

curious is the beautiful rainbow waist

trainer which is like a metallic color

and so it's shimmery we also have one

like this that's a fish

mermaid waist trainer which is gorgeous

this one here is the galaxy print which

is my favorite it's just like enough of

like blues and enough pinks this one

here is the rose waist trainer which was

one of our most popular at the time and

this one's here is the black Paisley

which a lot of people like you kind of

don't like a whole lot of color so

there's a lot of different colors and

sizes you can go have fun with that

hopefully this video was helpful for you

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