Review of GeekVape Aegis Max Kit With Zeus Sub Ohm Tank


well if you're a fan of the geek vape

agents you're really gonna like this

video this is the latest it is the geek

vape Aegeus Max and it comes with the

Zeus sub ohm tank





welcome to the vapor trail Channel I'm

Tony yes this is what we're looking at

today the aegis max kit now on their

website they say this is military-grade

super-strong ip67 water resistant and

all that and the aegis is definitely

known for that super strong durability

so they say ultra durability mesh coil

powered by the AES chipset which the AAS

chipset is a very fast chipset if you

want something to fire like immediately

the second that that you know the

millisecond that the button is pushed

this one definitely does that it

operates just like the others I don't

know a lot of difference between this

and the others as I look at it this

particular one is a kit and I don't know

if they're gonna sell the mod by itself

I think this is a kit only type of thing

also geek vape doesn't send manuals with

these review type products so a lot of

it is sometimes guessing I got to figure

out how to use it and stuff I'll open up

a little box that's inside of the

package there there's a lot of stuff in

here we've got a standard mini or micro

USB got a little bag this thing right

here helps to take the coil out that's a

little tool for that and a lot of extra

o-rings this little thing right here is

a battery adapter so you can put in 18

650 in here and double the post in here

extra glass and one of the mesh coils

we'll go ahead and open that up ka 1

means kanthal this is 0.4 ohms and it's

rated at 60 to 70 watts

nice big open mesh that's in there

pretty sure I've already shown this tank

on here but this is the Zeus tank that

comes with it so Zeus here on the bottom

is designed by geek vape adjustable top

airflow you just turn that there are no

clicks or anything like that it's got a

good little bit of resistance on there

so I don't think it's going to spin

freely 810 style drip tip on here so all

of your 810 style drip tip should fit on

it and then we just take out the top

here that is where you fill it one of

those two holes right there teeth that

are inside of there clamp into this

right here when you turn it on it goes

on there nice and secure take out the

base so you could take this little tool

right here and put it like on to the

edges of the coil and then you can pull

it up like that and that's your coil

again nice big open wide open mesh like

a gate type of thing

glass can come off of there replace the

glass whatever you like to do when you

put the coil back in here you'll notice

that there's these two little wings

right there

and the wings are gonna slide into those

little indentions right there so you

just do that slide it until it goes all

the way down just like that I'm not sure

what this little tool right here is for

again I don't have a manual but

typically you'll see those in a

rebuildable so I don't think it's for

this taking a look at the mod it's very

familiar if you're used to the aegis

mods they've done some different stuff

here with this silicone coating that's

on the outside of it give a little bit

more grip and some more design features

to it of course your USB is inside of

there plug it in make sure that you keep

that dry because the board inside of

this is not waterproof so just got to

make sure you keep water out of the mod

I know in some of the previous agencies

I've had people tell me that it worked

for a good long time and then they got

water down inside the screen somehow I

don't know if I've heard any of those

issues anytime recently but that was

something with the original one huge 510

up here I mean that's I'm sure you could

fit a thirty millimeter on here if you

wanted to when you put the tank on there

it's pretty good-looking overall setup

right there I don't know though the take

kind of looks a little bit big on here

doesn't it but as you can see there's

plenty of room here for a bigger

atomizer like I said I think I've had

this tank on here before but the airflow

goes in those down the sides and then

back up to your coil

the familiar leather on here with orange

stitching and this might be aluminum I'm

not sure it could be plastic I feel like

they could do something different with

this display so it's not just one big

faceplate that can get scratched up and

stuff and you know if somebody's going

to be using these things in outdoor

situations and for that durability

factor this might get scratched up

because they're using it and rougher

environments either way take off this

right here your battery cap yeah that is

on there snug man because you got rubber

seals inside there or silicone of course

views the adapter you could put in 18

650 in here this is a Samsung 40 T 21

700 it's gonna put that down with the

positive down that way and then we'll

put this on just like that go ahead and

click this yeah yeah pretty fast load up

time on this very familiar screen I'm

not gonna go through all the operations

of the screen on this because well it's

it's been done I think that's good

though you know what I mean if your

stuff is that consistent that I know

from one ages to the next I'll know how

to operate it that's good but you know

three clicks is let me take this on from

here I don't have any juice in it but

just that up and we'll use that on

screen three clicks one two three

and then that's highlighted up there so

you can scroll through the different

ones on your different settings and

stuff yeah I mean it's it's then you've

got this you can change your coil down

to the next one your puffs you can reset

those and hold that down and now we're

out of that so I mean it's pretty darn

easy man up and down and if you hold

these two down at the same time you'll

unlock or lock it there you go so it's

not locked now the little lock is gone

hold them down and you got a lock on

there so you can change that so because

of that consistency it's really really

easy to operate especially if you've

already had one before

perhaps it's called they just max

because it's replaceable battery and all

of that but it's still it's pretty darn

small and with that battery in there I

think you're gonna you're gonna have a

good amount of battery time I didn't do

the water test and the drop test and all

that this time because well I already

know the products do well not to mention

by the time this video gets up probably

everybody has already done that but yeah

that's an Aegis that is from geek vape

and it's the

Aegeus max so while this is a single

battery mod now that it is not exactly a

small mod it is comfortable in the hand

it is it's not exactly a super-heavy mod

because I don't know that they used as

much zinc alloy in manufacturing this

because it seems like it might be even

slightly lighter than some of the other

Aegis mods does have that AAS chipset in

there though it's super fast and I love

that it's consistent because if you've

got one Aegis mod you know how to

operate all of them so that is a good

thing the only thing is I would think I

mean isn't it maybe about time for them

to put a color screen on this thing I

don't know if the shutter role on that

is making the screen look like it's

flickering it isn't but I mean it's it's

kind of blah you know they could throw a

little color in there might be nice

there's their sub ohm tank and hold up

to 5 mil of eliquid so that's nice this

one doesn't seem too terribly different

than previous agencies I mean there's a

couple of different design flourishes on

it I don't know if it's meant to be a

tribute to the aegis 100 like it says on

their website or just the latest one but

it does have 18 650 or 21700 that's

great and of course the ages is known

for being shockproof ip67 dust and

waterproof or water-resistant but

remember the board inside of this mod is

not waterproof so if something were to

happen and liquid somehow gets in there

whether it's user error or whatever it

is the board can still get fried by

liquids water just something to keep in

mind I didn't do the water test with

this because I know that these things

perform quite well with water I've used

them for years I will tell you that this

chipset man it fires fast it's like boom

it's just instant fire oh man if you

like to blow big clouds and get lots of

flavor this is the type of thing you

want I mean the Zeus was a great tank

the rebuildable version of it so when

you make it simple and just throw a coil

in there that is just plug and pull well

I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of

people that are happy about that because

they just for whatever reason either you

can't build you don't build you don't

want to you don't feel safe or whatever

so that's a nice option

I don't know sometimes I'll fire it with

my thumb but really I feel like it's

meant to be held like this and fired

with that finger man voluminous clouds

lots and lots of flavor

yeah four milligram liquid in here a

pink lemonade and it is tasting really

really good so for the most part the

ages name speaks for itself there I know

there were some early ones I remember

maybe the first run of ages where liquid

was getting up underneath the screen and

it did it fried the board so I know

there were some problems with some

earlier ones I only because people have

told me I never really did myself but

people told me about it so you know how

that can go but for all intents and

purposes it's a good mod and if you like

this style of mod if you like the aegis

mods I don't think you can really go

wrong with it I guess they see people

that own an Aegis and maybe it's it's

time to replace it maybe picking up the

aegis max if you haven't picked up an

Aegis and you're thinking I'd really

like one maybe the Aegis max I

personally preferred to the one the dual

battery one with the big giant screen on

it it's just you know to me the

functionality and the size of it are

just much better I don't really see

putting in 18 650 in here though if you

get a good 21 700 you are set yeah man

she works she works really well that is

the aegis max from geek vape and I want

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