Review of New Styling Hastur 88w Vape Mod Kit

we're gonna have a good time hey guys

torte here with a baseball cap and it's

raining outside that's why today we're

going to be having a look at this this

thing here this is the Hastur by Cthulhu

mods and this is first off I really like

the way this mod looks I will like this

it's just like actually you can't see

that if you look at it there it's just

like a tube mod with a bit bolted on the

front with a chip inside or a board it's

single 18 650 it is easy to eat Watts


it's got atom chip and say that you can

do firmware upgrades for you can change

the boot logo as well and it's about I

think about 80 pounds I'm pretty sure

steam island in the UK are selling it

for $79.99 or you can go to the Cthulhu

website direct and order from them

everything else we'll cover in the

close-ups and the summary at the end

when you buy yours it's going to come in

at in late this it will have a little

coloured dot on here to tell you what

virtually you've got you'll also get a

manual that's going to cover the basics

there's not actually a lot in here it's

quite a simple mod and save you will

find one mod and one USB charging cable

I think this only charges at one amp

that's what you've got on this board but

once again you can do firmware upgrades

on it now that it's end on this is the

green one and the black as you can see

and there is one you should see the

photo you've seen the photo whereas

silver also but once again this part

here is aircraft aluminium and this part

here the stainless steel tube is 304

grade stainless steel height wise you're

looking about 85 millimeters and height

about 55 millimeters across and if we

look up the top here I'll show you this


it is about 24 millimeters across the

top the only thing I want to make it

aware of is that there you can see here

within a slow Shalford

around here so when I take something

like a dwarf which is 24 millimeters in


screw you down you will see that you

know you've got you can see a little

shine for the interim there so be aware

of that this is a 24 it still fits on

there no problem but for me it looks

this best with a 22 or 23 just for a

quick look there's the har RT which is a

22 and you can see it that doesn't look

a little bit better that but ya know you

know hey we do have a filing button here

that there's no no rattle no nothing

from this it's actually quite well

screwed together up and down buttons we

do have a USB singing here as well if

you're interested if you want to take

this tube it's two little screws here

two at the top and two for the 510 oops

just clicking that too for the 510 and

this part here just pulls off the 510

will drop oh and I'll pick up a lot of

photo showing you guys like inside so

yeah there's there's no seal and goes

around here at all or down the edge and

so if you had a catastrophic failure

with juice or whatnot I don't see that

you wouldn't have any issues with just

getting in st. here but I cannot confirm

that but I just wanted to point out that

there is no gasket or anything running

around here it has a spring-loaded 510

have no issues with that with the depth

of it or anything like that and there to

put a battery in we just unscrew is this

on the bottom there's a few times to get

this cap off the threading is it's not

exquisite it's not buttery smooth but

there you can see here from the threads

there's nothing terrible about it as

such stop plugging them in with these

home life batteries here positive up

there is actually a negative symbol on

the bottom of the battery cap good job

there screw this down

and it just you see that I just fire

it's so fast

they just fires into life straight away

this thing is pretty impressive and

that's it I mean that's it for how she

looks and that's it for how bright the

screen is there's not a lot you can

actually do with this board as an adjust

the brightness and so on and things like

that there's no east gray bar it's just

it's quite a simple board but it's well

laid out it's nice and clear clean and

yeah you can see that it times out quite

quickly as well pushing the fire button

you can see that we've got Jake atomizer

one two three four five and it's locked

if I hold my finger on the fire button

it should switch off I then have to do

one two three four five again to bring

it back to life so once again five

clicks is going to lock it and then hold

your finger on the firing button

switches it off completely you can see

here we've got it what and by god it

goes fast I mean it goes really fast

this that's as a slight nickel for me

it's if you're like your mouth too long

and you know you're around the lower

range yeah your tap in the button one at

a time if you hold your finger on the


it just it takes off quickly so that's

something to bear in mind and you can

see here that you know you've got the

time for your vape you've got the

resistance and the voltage and a battery

indicator at the bottom if I do three

clicks one two three that will take me

into here so we've got regulated bypass

mode where it gives you all the power

from the battery we've got the

temperature and we can just go back if

you're going to temp stainless steel

nickel titanium and TCR when the

stainless steel and I can actually

change the fan right here if I go right

down again I'm into Celsius if you hold

that there up and down button at the

same time getting temp control you'll

see that there the wattage starts

flashing and you can then change there

wattage and here also which is great but

I'll do one two three back into here and

we'll go back and then we're just gonna

go for regulate it and that is pretty

much it for the atom let's in say this

mod once again I just walk point now

this is out this solid mod this and I

did see a comment somewhere somebody

said that wish that this was all

stainless steel if this would be all

stainless steel this thing we do with a

ton that really would have I've just

gone and weeded and it's with a battery

in it it's two hundred and fourteen

grounds so that's yeah it's a solid

little guy but enough on that we'll go

back up top and I'll let you know what

it lips like well see that the

temperature control on this works just

fine that is using stainless steel

that's the only wire that I've used to

test the tent control and just operating

at four twenty four thirty with 50 watt

kick off it throttled back it didn't

burn the cotton I had zero issues using

it in temp control as far as DT D use

goes it's it's quite up I enjoy using

this mod I have no there's no deal

breakers with this for me and once again

it is quite a simple board that's inside

it you can there is software available

on the website where you can change the

logo and is going to be formula

upgradeable that didn't see any firmware

available at this point in time but I'm

29 what's here with the har

go to be quite the thing as far as

battery life goes with the screen here I

haven't noticed that has got a terrible

battery life it's just given me what I

would expect from an 18-6 50 more to be

honest I think the thing for me on this

one is the styling it you know there's

one thing I hate when I do reviews or

from people see things on Instagram and

they see it looks like I just hate that

and for me this reminds me of the old

Zane and for those either remember it

was like an art deco looking mod there

was much the same I had a bath that it

should with a bit bolted onto the side

it reminds me of that that actually

looks better

because if you remember the Zen looked

terrible in 18 650 mode because the

troupe came down here this is for me I

think this is quite a classy looking mod

it's 80 pounds in the UK I don't think

that's an offensive price for this

little device 510 works looks good with

a 282 you'll get a 24 on there remember

that there's a sham Ford round here and

the menus very very simple you can

change wattage and Tim control mode the

battery cap is just a screw on a fear is

yeah it's quite a simple regulated more

this bit seems to do everything really

really well it looks good I think you

should be aware of the weight of it

though that's one thing to be in mind

that might not be for everybody I'm not

sure how long the I mean the only thing

if anything that I would have any kind

of concern about I would only know

through long-term testing or daily use

for an extended period of time

it's how the paint finish is going to

hold up on this aluminium piece here but

obviously I can't give you that

information just now because I would

have to use it for a few weeks and then

feed it back to you but fingers crossed

touch with that it will be spot-on but

but that's it for the the hosta

or the half star I should say I really

think they've done a good job with this

we think it because of the way it looks

and that the atom seems to be working

quite well and so that's it from me and

the hosta from Cthulhu mods thank you as

always for watching and check out the

Cthulhu mods mods website there are

places that are selling this across the

world and until next time bye for now