Review of OXVA X AIO Vape Kit Battery Test

what's happening everybody I'm DJ's with

Apps and welcome back to the channel do

any of you remember or watched my review

of the origin AI Oh kid bio xva if you

didn't I will add a link right here in

the corner for you to watch as it is a

very good solid AI Oh from a brand-new

company that goes by the name of oxv a

dead one was a little more advanced with

a control screen allowing us to set the

wattage well it looks like they are

releasing another one this time called X

the Oh X VIX AI Oh kid it's a little bit

of a different approach without a screen

yet still offering multiple wattage

modes and using the same coil heads as

well as an upcoming RBA it still has the

same kind of presentation with the main

features when you open the lid inside

you find the device which will be

available in a few different colors but

this one is the carbon fiber styled one

you receive a warranty card in quality

control certificate a warning card the

user manual replacement coil Han then

finally a type A to type B micro USB

charging cable the x gate is actually a

heavy solidly built a i/o device and

heavier than similar devices out there

that are shaped the same the frame is

zinc alloy the panels even though carbon

fiber looking feel plastic this time it

has an internal battery and a large fire

button that is mounted flush with the

body with barely any travel or click as

well it has five LEDs right above it

clearly it has a heavy quality feel to

it like I said the pod section is small

intemperate at the top even though still

larger than most and not the most

comfortable it's attached by pressure

and it actually attaches very securely

it comes with a coil head pre-installed

these are the same coil heads as before

with the origin and it mounts in a

plug-and-play fashion as well though

it's a little hard to pull out when it's

dry the mouthpiece section is slightly

tinted and the fill part is located on

the bottom and covered with a thick plug

you have to remove however and please

note that

not attached to the tank so be careful

not to lose it still they will be

selling the replacement tank separate in

packs of two when you need more they

just don't come with the airflow ring as

well there are replacement coil hands of

course in packs of five and they also

have a one ohm coil head available as

well for mouth tool on there will also

be releasing an RBA section soon I have

the prototype here it came inside with a

plastic bag with a 0.6 ohm coil already

pre wrapped in the screwdriver

I have already built this one to start

testing and providing feedback but so

far I can already say it would be nice

to have threads on the outside of the

wicking channels to help secure the weak

inside the threads are very rough making

it very hard to screw the chamber back

to the build expecially when you already

just it up finally it should be shipped

with the five tenets out there as well

allowing us to screw it to a real mod as

it is I only know the supplied spaced

coil is a 2.5 millimeter diameter coil

in 0.6 ohms resistance because I used my

LCR meter to measure the coil it is the

same situation with the coil heads in

the same situation with the airflow as

with the origin where you have an

adjustable airflow slot in the coil head

or in this case the RBA section screws

on to these little base first and then

slides in plug-and-play fashion just

make sure you align the flat sides and

push it all the way in the coils

included by the way are the same coils I

already talked about in the origin

review a 0.3 ohm Esch coil head in a 0.5

ohm mesh coral head with the airflow

just a smidge more restrictive both are

using a net style coil inside and again

no material stated which is a con to

fill it remove the plug and he needs

some protruding fingernails by the way

you also need a long tip on your

e-liquid bottle by the way as the fill

part is rather deep but wide enlarge so

it's pretty easy to fill and refill I

never made a mess with this one when you

attach the pot section with a coil if

the device is on the LEDs will blink and

it vibrates too that's right these one

vibrates indeed of course we have the

usual five clicks on five clicks off and

it doesn't it vibrate as well hopefully

you can hear on the side there's also

what appears to be two buttons though

in reality it's just one it doesn't

matter if you press up or the down you

always go up in power that's right that

button which by the way is more clicky

than the fire button allows you to

select the power output from five

different levels holding either the up

section of the button or the lower

section of the button locks the device

completely even from firing instead of

just the power selection which is pretty

redundant when I can simply platen press

the fire button five times and turn the

device completely off other than that

just the type B microUSB port on the

other side to charge and recharge the

internal battery though you can still

vape it while it's charging then just

some certifications and disposing

warning as well as the battery capacity

down at the very bottom that's pretty

much it here are both side by side DX

and the origin very close in size

actually and like I said the coil heads

are the same and interchangeable even

the airflow ring where the coil attaches

to is the same with the same amount of

airflow and adjustable all Joe with the

origin you can use your own 18 650 Barry

and the tank refilled without the need

to pull it out and ultimately a lot more

versatile with the control screen even

though the X also provides five

different power levels depending on the

resistance attached there were actually

a little more specific about the

wattages on the user manual with the

different resistances attached finally

all the 5 LEDs that represent the power

output selected when you fire and now

lighting up green will actually light up

yellow or red to letting you know the

percentage of battery you have left

three different battery level indicators

to be precise


all right the oxv AXA i/o kit is

available in four different colors for

around $39 by now you know the drill

due to YouTube's policies you have to

research yourself and find places

selling it okay

this is literally a simpler version of

the origin kit or a more dumbed down

version if you will some folks don't

care about screens if that means an

overall smaller device which is really

not the case here yet sometimes it's

just convenient just to not have that

many settings although having at least

five power levels is a good thing in my

opinion and they actually have the

different wattages you get depending on

the resistance attached on the user

manual but again it's kind of hard for

me to measure and actually tell you if

those wattage azar right without having

a 510 a standard 510 connection here

still you do feel the difference between

the different levels it's clearly not a

gimmick here


it's really nice that they kept the same

call heads and everything like the

airflow bottom the airflow control

bottom section is the same - yet I still

think that little airflow base should be

included with the pack of Tanks just in

case you lose it because as far as I

know if you buy a pack of Tanks which

comes with two it doesn't come with that

bottom airflow ring though they send me

a ton of them just in little plastic

bags maybe that's the reason why

but the final retail versions should

include that to be fair I still prefer

the origin because it's around the same

size uses the same coil hands but has a

screen and the feel part is more easily

accessible I also don't see a reason to

build a device with a Type B microUSB

port rather than the latest standard

type C yet again the origin wasn't

really released that long ago and that

one uses the same USB port anyway the

RBI section they will have coming out

which is actually a similar right now

inside of the tank vibes really well to

be honest it's very restricted though

even closing the airflow tight it's a

sloppy mouthful on draw however as a

restricted direct lung vibe the RBA

section vibe stellar with a great flavor

but as I said it needs some improvement

like for instance threads on the outside

for the wicking channels to hold it the

weak smoother threads and the 510

adapter included with it at least I hope

you should also keep in mind the lowest

you can build on that RBA section that

this device will fire is 0.3 ohm so you

can't go crazy low and I believe the

same applies to the origin I finally got

a hold of that 1 ohm mouthful and coil

has simple round wire coil heads

vertical coil heads and oh boy let me

have a vape

oh boy they nailed it

these coil head is spot-on even with

just 9 milligrams free-bodies nicotine

e-liquid at the lowest wattage let me

have another vibe like I said at the

lowest wattage yep I'm sold on the

mountain performance of the 1 ohm

mouthful on coil head it's just a little

disappointing to use this device with

lower o mesh coil heads when it only

holds two MLS of your liquid I have to

keep refilling it so often however it

complies with the TPD for ear oh but you

should have an optional tank with higher

capacity don't let the looks and size

fool you because this one is built super

super solidly may be way too solid and

heavy for what it is but hey it has a

quality feel extreme quality to be

honest for the price they are asking

still the panels are plastic carbon

fiber looking but plastic made because

when I squeeze the mod they flex for


I just don't understand how the side

button looks like to and up and the down

button meanwhile it's just one the same

way I don't understand the need to lock

the entire device with that button when

I can just turn them all off having it

locked to power adjustments only would

make a lot more sense battery wise it's

indeed close to the advertised 1552

milliamp hour capacity it starts

charging at two amps but you can clearly

see a descending curve so let's say it

averages one point six amps and reason

why it takes one hour and four minutes

to recharge still not that bad so the

build quality is out of this world and

the coil heads are interchangeable with

the previous model the battery capacity

great for its size and having five power

output levels is very convenient the

same airflow control is another great

Pro in the fact that they have a

rebuildable coil coming out just amazing

on the downside though the material the

coil heads are made with is still not

mentioned anywhere the mouthpiece is

large and not the most comfortable the

feel port underneath is probably the

only solution but not the most

convenient especially when you have to

fill it often giving that it only holds

two ml of e-liquid the airflow ring is a

little difficult to adjust as it is a

little recessed when assembled into the

pod finally no type-c USB yet come on

guys USB type-c port is becoming the

standard in all devices very rapidly as

it is reversible and so much more

convenient if I was to write this one I

would still give it a beat the coils are

the same the 1 ohm coil head provides a

phenomenal mouth to LAN draw they have

an RBA coming out soon a lot of good

things indeed yet I would go as high as

a B+ if the mouthpiece was smaller and

more comfortable and if the pod or the

tank held a little bit more than the

leek the amount of liquid that it holds

and if it had a better feel part system

also if it had the type-c USB already

won a special opportunity to score one I

will also include a pack of pots and a

couple of different coil heads YouTube

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