Caffing Vape Review Snowplus Models Sample Zero Nicotine Pods

today I have I don't know where to begin so it is a pod kid don't leave please don't just come back I'll try to make this fun so it's a little bit different just a little different from what I normally show it anyways it is a closed pod system that's right so why would it be on this channel a channel where I don't use nicotine this company has a zero nicotine option so I agreed to do it cuz otherwise it doesn't matter how much money you offer me I'm not I'm not gonna show a closed pod system where there is no zero make option I'm a quitter and that's that's why I got into vaping was to quit and not just quit cigarettes to quit nicotine as well so that's why I'm agreeing to show this ok maybe not this one because this one actually does have a nicotine which is why they sent me additional pods without nicotine yeah which means I'm gonna be vaping more than just tea time today I have this classic milk tea flavor I'm guessing it's like boba tea golden energy I don't do energy drinks they just make me vomit and my tummy doesn't feel good so I'm really glad that I'll be able to at least try the flavor of one maybe that's that's what it is I don't know I also have this fruity [Applause] before but the thing that I'm most interested in is in here cappuccino coffee pots here's a look at the back of the box where it has the caffeine content and also a list of ingredients the caffeine content in here is 0.4 milligrams because I haven't done this I'm gonna do more of a first impression kind of review so yeah it is straight out of the box I'm gonna open all three of these so we can see what each one of these looks like so first up is a snowplough starter kit yeah well you can't lose this one it is like look and it has a 400 milliamp hour rechargeable battery it's just a standard port not c-type here are the specs if you want to pause the video no it's not a manual kind of like a weird little thing it talks about the design specs safety guarantee paperwork I've never seen anything quite like it it does come on to pogs I'm not gonna be showing them because I don't show nicotine on my channel but that's what the kit comes with and in here is the USB cable for charging I guess I can say that one pod was mint and the other one was tobacco next I'm gonna open the snow plus pro the snow plus pro is a little bit taller this time it appears that there is a user manual Oh oh yeah it looks big but it's just in a bunch of different languages mmm so it appears that it is bigger because the battery inside is bigger 450 milliamp hours this one it is type C so I guess there was no pause with this kit it was just the device and a cable for charging and lastly there's a snow + light again there is no pods the device and in here a standard cable for charging this one also has a 400 milliamp hour rechargeable battery both of these have 400 milliamp hour batteries the difference with the light is it's actually lighter this one smooth to the touch and this one has like as rubberized finish it's nice and soft it weighs 30 grams and this one weighs 21 grams the big one weighs 37 grams all right let's try this liquid okay maybe not LEDs I'm going to try some of this liquid now milk tea I do like milk tea so that's a definite hell yeah each box has three smaller boxes and inside of these smaller boxes are the pots inside of here is 1.5 milliliters of liquid so the red one has the caffeine this one has the milk tea and then this one how's the energy drink if I tap it twice that little light is a battery life indicator there's also party mode one two three four five and now I'm vaping there's gonna be all these colorful lights it's draw activated you don't fill it prefilled pods and this one's filled with caffeine 0.4 milligrams I've never done this I'm kind of nervous here we go I like it I like the pole on here as well it's really smooth not too Airy definitely on the tighter side it's nice that's a nice little delicate pole the smell is just so potent that even if I forget which ones which I can just smell the pod and and know that this one's milk tea I was not expecting that it's like a minty milk tea but it still makes sense like in real life I don't know if I'd want to drink a mint tea now I kind of actually won't you don't get it right away but like halfway through the head that like overpowering menthol mint enos whatever it is kind of comes through you're like whoa and then when you exhale out you still get that that menthol enos but you can also taste the milk tea so like a Thai tea and now for the final flavor golden energy because unlike a Jeffrey star I can't just drink energy drinks all day I can't even have one I tried a half of a Red Bull the other day I did not feel good hopefully now at least I can have that flavor again in my mouth without that nasty after effect I might I might actually cry a little bit not just because I can't stare at this because it's so bright that flavor is spot-on yes I love energy drinks but I can't have them this is the closest I have ever had in my life and I've tried a few different liquids that tastes that are supposed to taste like energy drinks they got it the closest as far as the vaping experience goes they're all the same they all use the same pods but my favorite is this one because it's got the biggest battery and a type-c connection I think the biggest difference between these three is the price these two are 40 bucks and this one is 15 I really don't care if you get this or not I'm not here promoting it's just like a review so my opinions that's it I have a pretty good opinion of this very good actually so if you're interested check it out or don't the website is snow plus tech dot-com and right now they have like a promotion going on 20% off so so that's yeah I got to go toodaloo Li Lu I hope to see you next time