FreeMax Autopod50 Vape Pod Kit Review Tea Fiber Cotton Double Mesh Coils

Remax auto pod 50 supposedly this has the world's first double mesh coils and they last a really really really long time according to three max 30 to 40 refills here's how it comes packaged and here's a closer look at my horriffic do they hurt absolutely and here's a look at the back of the box underneath the auto pod 50 their lives another box and inside of this box there is an extra coil type-c USB cable for charging extra parts and all the paperwork so this is a warning card a warranty card and this warranty is good for 90 days it only covers defective products make sure to keep everything just keep it all the Box receipts whatever you can and finally this is the user manual the auto pod 50 it is a pod kit but has adjustable wattage this is the on and off button or the fire button as well screen in the up and down button the battery inside of here is two thousand milliamp hours it is rechargeable it takes about 80 minutes and you can recharge it through the USB port on the bottom the pods hold four milliliters of a liquid and these are reusable the only thing that's changed out is the coil the manual is missing instructions on how to remove this coil that is hard to get out it was put in wrong by the company there's like a flat area here another one over here it's supposed to line up with these two this is a last resort method don't take the pliers out unless you really have to you can just barely see what I'm talking about but there's a little flat spot right here and it's also on the other side so those flat areas match up with these I want to match it up it usually comes out if I don't I gotta use pliers this blue part that is the stopper for the fill hole this is a point 2 5 ohm coil that can be vape between 30 and 50 watts the other coil is a point 5 ohm coil this one can be vape between 15 and 35 watts both of these are mesh coils and the mesh is made on a stainless steel 904 L the coil screw into a base and then this whole thing goes into the pot just once again make sure it is aligned and the base also acts as an adjustable airflow there's a hole on this side and another one on the other side 1 2 3 4 5 clicks turns the device on 1 2 3 4 5 clicks turns it off the device goes between 5 to 50 watts in increments of 1 if I hold down the button it does this a lot faster once we get to 50 it stops and it does not round robin to avoid bumping the wattage out of place this button can be locked hold down both plus and minus at the same time once it says key lock it's locked but just this kick the fire button still works to unlock it hold those two again and now it's unlocked to flip the screen hold down - or down and the fire button at the same time another thing the manual completely missed one two or three clicks of the fire button gets me to this part so in here if I click on set first thing I can change the timeout time so this is how many seconds before the screen goes so it's between five and fifteen seconds after the timeout time there's puff counter so in here I can look at my puffs oh you set them and there's time not sure why you leave that factory reset if you click on this just resets it back to factory settings and I believe that's it in here first up in info is battery then there's the version temperature and that's at they also sent this to me in blue and here is gunmetal with a brand new coil give it at least five minutes so that cotton gin saturate so the metal in the coil is stainless steel 904 L and then for the cotton they're using t fiber cotton so I got the point five ohm coil in here resistance is showing point five three that's pretty close I'm gonna start it off on the lower end that is what the manual says to do so this is the coil that can be vey between 15 to 35 watts yeah the flavor is really nice here it is at 25 watts wow that's that's really flavorful and I'm gonna take it off to the full 35 watts I like it so I'm gonna try to leave the e-liquid in there pull this out and try the other and here is the point 2 5 ohm coil I'm gonna start this one off at 30 watts that is nice ooh the flavor is it's a bob average that's good 40 watts to go further I'm gonna open up the airflow all the way let's try this at 50 watts yeah aside from the flavor the most important thing when it comes to this is how long the coils last which I'm not going to be testing I don't fake that much anymore to be able to even go through as many tanks as these quills supposedly can handle which is 30 to 40 refills and that will depend on the e-liquid you're using cuz if you use something that's really high in sweeteners the coils are gonna get messed up quicker it is true I don't Veit much anymore but I'm gonna be keeping this one out the one con I have noticed is just like taking this thing out taking the coil out cuz if you don't put it in there correctly and it's not the easiest thing to line up I they can be a struggle getting this out and then for the fill hole I would have preferred to see a latch not this little stopper cheapos stopper silicone do that I want something nice or something more durable I don't like these things especially on a reusable take give me a latch so eat I must go now to edit and I will see you in the next one whatever that video is about there's an RT 8 coming up that videos not sponsored not at all so yeah please subscribe if you haven't ring that Bell so you can get the notifications and my videos go up and I'll see you next time hopefully bye - 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