Full Review of Aspire BP60 AIO

what's happening everybody i'm dji specs
and welcome back to the channel
going back a few years aspire along with
kanger tech both dominated and
revolutionized the industry with
products they were releasing
for example the clito the nautilus and a
few others
meanwhile kanger tech pretty much
disappeared when they began
releasing subpar products and aspire
always stayed relevant
and always releasing good products so
today we take a look at the bp60aio kit
it's quite a chunky one but with
adjustable airflow and the color display
inside the box you will find the bp60
with the tank section already attached
this one the gold colored one by the way
you receive a little sewing wire
in case you want to secure the
protective cap to the device the user
two different coil heads then last but
not least a type a to type c usb
charging cable it's not quite clear
whether or not this device is firmware
so as i said the bp60 is in fact a quite
chunky aio device for sure but with big
coil hands
and some neat features under the hood
with the controls and color display on
one side
airflow control dial on the other much
like the breeze nxt
on the back we have a colorful matching
plastic panel and on the other
the little holes you can use with the
sewing wire to keep the cap attached to
the mod
then finally thank god a type c usb
charging part this time
at the bottom though just a couple of
ventilation holes nothing more
detaching the protective dust cap
reveals the rather large mouthpiece
which is part of the tank section the
tank section which attaches to the
device by magnets
the magnets are really strong also
inside the mod you see all the contacts
and main air flow channel coming from
the side airflow dial
and the automatic draw switch posts as
well two of them
that's right an airflow adjustment dial
on the side that allows for
very precise airflow control actually i
would say with the perfect amount of
the coil heads are different from each
other they do install
plug and play fashion just like the
aspire breeze nxt
however there are different coil heads
this time not backwards compatible does
creating more market fragmentation
they do not mention the material these
coil heads are made with but we have the
regular specs
one is a 0.6 ohm round wire vertical
coil head rated to be used between
15 and 25 watts the other 0.3 0.30 mesh
coil had rated to be vaped
between 30 and 40 watts it actually
vapes the best at 40 watts in my opinion
still just like with any other coil head
you do have to prime the inside wicking
material with a few drops of your liquid
before you install it
again in a plug-and-play fashion just
slide it in after that reinstall the
tank back to the mod
and it actually fits and makes
connection in either orientation by the
to feel the tank section there's this
little tab on the side that reveals a
fairly wide fill
part i haven't had any problems or even
created a mass filling and refilling
this one
still it's worth to mention that the
tank is tinted
though it's still rather easy to see the
liquid inside
as it's not tinted too much to operate
this device there are three buttons they
all protrude about the same
and all with the same mushiness though
the up and down buttons are just a
little more clicky
we have the usual five clicks on five
clicks off of the fire button that is
also you may already seen yes the screen
is quite dim and hard to see outside
also the battery bar on the top left
corner is filled with gray bars inside
or green bars
and i can never really see the battery
level major con
right here they should have went with
battery percentage instead anyway
display on this screen you also have the
mode puff counter
wattage locked or unlocked time of the
current and last puff
applied voltage and attached resistance
pressing the fire button three times
allows you to lock the up and down
or also unlock them by pressing it three
times again
the buttons allow you to adjust the
wattage from one watt all the way up to
60 watts in one watts increments
it actually scrolls fast and does not
round robin when you have a part
attached however
when you don't have any pot or coil head
attached it does round robin actually
that's because of the smart feature
built into this device
that's right hold both up and down
buttons at the same time
and you are able to choose between auto
and manual manual
will give you the full range of 60 watts
because they actually have an rba
section coming out which
i can't wait to try while auto will
limit the maximum wattage to the maximum
wattage that the attached coil head can
preventing you from burning the coil
head you also have the recommended
wattage range anyway yet
even though vupu was the first
manufacturer implementing this kind of
smart feature
as i mentioned previously it's a feature
all these devices especially beginner
devices should have thank you aspire
then if you hold fire end up at the same
time you can clear the puff counter
finally if you press both firing down
buttons you can change the firing mode
that's right a means auto using the
built-in automatic draw switch
b means button using the fire button to
fire and vape
a b means auto and button so you can use
either or
to fire and vape some other aio devices
provided the same choices before and i
think is really neat
both modes fire the same and incredibly
fast by the way
just for the sake of size comparison
though here is the bp60 side by side
with the lost vape orion and
as you can see not that much taller
when we compare the side though the bp60
is substantially larger for sure by a
all right the bp60 available in five
different colors for around 38
yet as you already know due to youtube's
policies you have to search yourself and
find places selling it
it's a quite beefy one yes but packed
with some nice features and solid
it's quite nice to see another device
where the automatic draw switch channels
are posted go inside the pod and closer
to the coil heads perhaps why the
response time is so damn fast with this
even activated by draw it's also great
that we can choose
whether to activate by draw by the push
of the button or both
it's also really nice that they
implemented the same feature voopoo has
been doing
where the device recognizes the coil
head and limits the maximum wattage
available to prevent you from burning
that coil
head they also allow us to go manual in
anticipation and incoming
rba section that's right an upcoming rba
which i can't wait to get my hands on
the performance i get from these coil
heads is also pretty great
and very comparable to the clito coil
heads although a new type of coil head
creating more market fragmentation which
is unfortunate
when they could have used the coil heads
they made for the breeze nxt the 0.3 ohm
mesh coil head performs great with dense
juicy and
flavorful vapor production especially at
the maximum recommended wattage of 40
watts and the airflow wide open
it still performs well with half of the
airflow but it's best with full airflow
the 0.6 ohm coil heading on the other
it's a little more restricted performs
better with smaller airflow settings
not as well as the mesh coil of course
but incredibly close
just don't count on the 0.6 ohm regular
coil head for mouth to lung i tried it
with a range of different wattages and
the airflow closed from half to a tiny
and the the mouth along draw just
doesn't feel right perhaps
they could release another coil head for
mouth along but i also think the
mouthpiece is too large for that
the airflow though no matter which coil
you use is smooth all across the board
but on the loud side honestly
on most of the settings especially the
wider settings
as far as its internal battery it's a
1241 milliamp hour capacity battery
recharges averaging 1.52 amps and reason
why it takes 57 minutes to recharge
so i like the concept it's built solid
and light
the tank section holds five ml of
eliquid and attaches very well and
securely the coil heads are great and i
would say a little better than the smok
rpm and comparable to the vupu vinci the
screen has all the relevant information
it fires very fast and responsively and
we even have a type c usb port for
charging yet
on the downside they are not clear on
whether or not this is firmware
upgradeable which is especially
when i think they should fix the battery
bar it's horrible and
impossible to see the battery bars
outside the screen is also too dark the
material the coil heads are made with
isn't stated anywhere
and finally with this large of a tank
and this large mouthpiece i think
they could have made a better top feel
system slash
top fill part rather than a side top
fill part
if i was to rate this one i would still
rate this one at b it's a good package
with above average performance but
for me to go as far as giving it an a
they would have to iron out some of the
cons i mentioned
especially the battery bar and the
brightness of the screen
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