Full Review of Yacht Vape Pandora MTL RTA

what's happening everybody I'm DJ's with
Apps and welcome back to the channel in
a year saturated with pot systems and a
iOS it's quite refreshing to see
something more advanced coming out and
especially exciting when it's a
rebuildable even more so when it's a
mouseling rebuildable atomizer for sure
so it's with great pleasure that today
we check out the Pandora mouth tooling
RTA from yacht vape which is a company
I've never heard before so far I can say
I'm quite surprised with its performance
inside the box you receive the Pandora
mouth among RTA this is the black
colored one you receive a tank extension
ring spare o-rings and spare flathead
post screws cotton and pre wrapped coils
though no specs or material type which
is a big con a pretty decent flat-head
finally they user manual the pandora is
a rather small stainless steel main
mouth along RTA we kind of the same
looks as some kayfun versions especially
the tank though as you can judge from
some paint already missing this is not
the most durable paint job so I would
stick to the stainless steel color
version laptop we have a 510 driptip
with a nipple style ultimate tips and
also unscrews in the same fashion which
the kayfun drip tip does so I wonder if
they will have different color tips
available at the top is also where we
have our top fill part that unscrews
revealing two large kidney-shaped slots
it's also the place where you can screw
the tank extension bringing the total
liquid capacity from two MLS up to 3.5
ml of your liquid yet there is another
con to mention see how the extension is
a different color from the tank
definitely two different shades of black
for sure so I hope that gets corrected
on the final retail unit as it is very
noticeable especially during the day at
the bottom we have our airflow
adjustment ring and at the very very
bottom our 510 connected with the very
protruding center pin the airflow
adjustment ring allows you to dial down
your airflow with the wider slot on an
individual hole from a series of holes
that range from one millimeter to 1.2 to
1.4 to 1.6 and finally 1.8 millimeters
in diameter these airflow adjustment
ring also comes off as it is held in
place by a
here you can see all the different holes
though and screwing the base reveals the
build deck and something very Nevada
Vande unique in Massillon RTA's the bill
deck is simple with two posts and large
screws to capture your coils either
above or below the screws that is
depending on whether your coil was reb
clockwise or counter clockwise you also
see the wicking channels with a hole to
feed the liquid from underneath GTA
style are pretty much a fun style in
this case then the airflow under the
coil that's right
there's the screw on the side that
allows you to pick the airflow of your
choice right under your coil which is
what usually makes it mouthful and RTA a
lot better than others dialing down your
airflow right under the coil and control
the air velocity right there rather than
just on the outside there's also the
different airflow hole size is engraved
onto the peek insulator how clever and
nice is that the coils included are
three millimeters in diameter that's the
only speck I can tell as they don't give
us anything else and the leads and on
the same side and you have to undo them
a little as we need the leads coming
opposite to each other before you
install your coil of course you have to
undo the post screws both of them as I
said depending on whether your coil was
wrapped clockwise or counterclockwise
you may use the top or at the bottom of
the post screws to trap your leads it's
super easy to trap your leads here to be
honest and they are captured very
securely when you screw down the post
screws it's always better to use a quad
rod to steady and get your car in place
from my test so far it should be as
close to the airflow as possible however
always make sure the coil is not
touching the post or the bottom of the
building or it might short out go ahead
and snip the leads flush with the posts
if you create a contact call just like
the ones included go ahead and use a
rather low wattage to glow the coil and
work out any visible hotspots ceramic
tweezers are a big help as they are not
conductive I use 12 Watts by the way and
the coil included appears to be a 1.2
ohm contact coil we still don't know the
gauge or type of material of the wire -
wicked I used cotton threads by get
cotton as they make things extra easy
for me and for you I trimmed both ends
with the o-ring at the bottom that's the
perfect length right there then use some
tweezers to fit the wicking into each
one of the wicking slots just like sure
to fit the ends of the cotton first and
if you built a three millimeter diameter
Carl it should be the perfect amount of
cotton anyway the space between the
posts won't even allow you to build
wider than three millimeters in diameter
to be honest now let's go ahead and
prime both the coil in the wicking with
the few drops of your liquid let's screw
the tank section on back to the base
let's fill it up screw the top filled
part back to the tank let's go back on
top and vape on it
so another month along RTA the Pandora
mouth the Lang RTA it's available in
stainless in black for around $32 as
always YouTube policies do not allow me
to tell you where to purchase this
device so you will have to Google you
have to go online and search for
yourself what the Pandora is is an
amazing month along RTA that does what
the cog RTI tried to do but a lot more
effectively that's right for the best
month long experience the air velocity
and restriction has to be set as close
to the coil as possible and not just on
the outside with air bouncing all over
the place from the point of entry and
all the way to the coil let's be fair
though the cog tried to do the same by
being more convenient and innovative at
the same time adjusting from the outside
without the need to unscrew the build
egg and spin the airflow screw however
if you watched my cog review my cog RTA
review the solution was really not the
however the Pandora really nailed it yet
as I mentioned you need to unscrew the
bill deck to adjust the air flow under
the coil which is not a big deal because
the way the tank was designed to allow
you to unscrew the bill deck without the
need to drain the tank that's a huge
huge bonus I can actually show you
because the tank is pretty full of
liquid at this point and I can just
simply unscrew the bill deck without the
need to drain the tank I can work on my
build I can adjust the airflow again and
screw the bill deck back into the tank
again without the need to drain the tank
the airflow settings are all great and
smooth but in my opinion they didn't
even need to have air flow control on
the outside because controlling it on
the inside you can even go with the
wider slot on the outside that won't
change anything it won't give you more
airflow on the inside once you dial down
the airflow on the inside still don't
count on this one to be the most
restrictive mouth to lungs but being
that the smallest airflow option is one
millimeter in diameter if you are one of
those Multi lung vapors that prefers a
super restrictive multi lung it would be
nice to have a 0.6 and the 0.8
millimeters I am an airflow option but
we don't one millimeter diameter is
still restrictive for me anyway and the
perfect mouth length for my liking
actually with the 1.8 millimeter
diameter option you can even do a really
nice direct line pipe really nice and
super restricted direct line vibe and
every single air flow setting lips
smooth and quiet but man mouth lung on
this thing is really outstanding
even with 6 milligram freebase nicotine
e-liquid with a coil provided at 15
watts the punch is amazing the truth hit
perfect and defined almost like a kayfun
mouth line type of draw and flavour to
be perfectly honest I just wish they
would give more tank options and maybe
even glass still the way it's built is
solid there's not many parts to break
even if you drop it I would like to see
a more convenient top view part two so
the construction is solid the mouth lung
vibe quality at every airflow setting is
out of this world
the flavor is on point with the kayfun
or at least very close the bill that is
super easy to build the vanaf ever
evolve our style airflow control under
the coil even though not the most
practical is the most effective so far
the drip tip is 510 and it comes with
all the supplies just an overall great
bang for the buck on the downside though
the tank extension doesn't match on the
black colored one and the paint doesn't
seem durable either as it's already
coming off in some areas the flavor
diminishes a little when you use the
tank extension finally they don't even
provide the specs or the material that
they included cars are made with that's
all as far as cons really if I was to
write this one to be honest out
giving a b-plus plus because it's dead
good I really wanted to give it an A yet
the pen quality is really preventing me
from doing so
good job yet vibe correct the flaws and
this one will sell like hotcakes but
please correct the flaws keep bringing
even more innovation on the next one
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