šŸ”„KangerTech Ibar Vape Pod System Kit Review

[Music] what's up peeps my tips in today we've got an exciting review it's on this odd kit thingy Steve actually told me to say the most exciting review you got excited cos there's a microUSB cable in the packaging anyway the name of this device is called the I bar and it's from a company called kangertech they're still around good for you guys kangertech I don't know if a lot of the beginner vapors the newer vapors and the past couple years might not know who kangertech is but kangertech was one of those companies back in the days with their subtank mini z' the sub tanks that they were making some home tanks they were like on top of their game ever since then they kind of like slowly vanished yeah but they got a pod kick out so let's go to the dive down let me show you guys everything about this we'll come back vape on it and talk about it some more and here's the packaging the eye bar pod kit by kangertech comes in inside the packaging you get a user manual you also get this card here which will tell you obviously how to fill it and how long to wait obviously when you fill a brand new pod wait at least five minutes for it to saturate the kind kangertech also supplies you with a micro USB charging cable steve hey for you baby and the Aybar device coil material in here is canfil it's a 1.2 long coil holds two MLS of e-liquid they only supply you with one pod in there and there is no replaceable coils with this yeah I'm not sure I'm digging that but this should have at least included a second one in there very surprised with kangertech don't you watch reviews kangertech you should know better battery in here is an 800 million power battery in this two modes of output here for power so you're gonna have a red light which is gonna give you full power output the green lights gonna be at 3 volts constant voltage output here's an up close look at the pod the drip tip this is all a one-piece to fill it you got this little arrow thingy there point that way so that would be from there which it's not because that arrow is on the wrong side arrow should have been over here because this is the way you open it up to fill it and like I said Holtz to a miles of e-liquid when you do get its gonna have this safety stick around there simply just pull that off it's gonna say kid 2006 what the hell is a kid 2006 after you filled it up oh look at that it says kid 2006 there - that's crazy so anyway that's the way we'll go in got a few magnets right there just clips right into place on the side you're gonna see a little hole there a little hole there that's your airflow controller you have your fire button there also to power the device on and off your little indications here for battery life and your light indication for what mode you're in and then the bottom is your micro USB charge ports here on the bottom when you do press the fire button you're gonna see the three lights like I said your battery indicator and also when I press the button it's on red right now it's on the powerful mode 1 2 3 C now it's switched to green alright now it's on the lower power mode the device also has a built-in puff count reminders that's what they're calling is so basically what happens here is if you take 15 puffs in 15 minutes time it'll vibrate the motor will start vibrating twice basically letting you know that your yeah it's basically if you want to keep count of your puffs and stuff like that the device gonna come in a bunch of different colors you got this rainbow color going on here a solid like it's almost like a gunmetal color this reddish - blackish color and the green fade to black and there you go that was the I bar pod kit by kangertech let's go back up on top let's vape on it and I'll give you guys my thoughts and there you have it the up-close eye bar by kangertech Mike your thoughts on this one we will start off with cons first con but for Steve it's a pro is micro USB charging cable should have been type C in my opinion people about why it's just a pod who cares I care that's why you know when you're in a dark and you're gonna plug in you're like this huh does it go this way you know that way and I just you just want to grab it and plug it in obviously it's a built in battery you're gonna be charging it that way so type-c would have been better Steve like I said likes his micro USB stores make sure to check out his eBay store he's got about thirty thousand of those right now in stock he has good deals on them so anyway that's gonna have to be a con another con in my opinion which is the biggest con of this whole thing is you only get one pod one pod what if kangertech what if this was a defect and I had bought this what do i do then kangertech you Tommy I'm waiting Steve you want to talk for kangertech Steve turned his head he's like I don't want nothing to do with this yeah this should have been the second one included for just in case purposes it's gonna have to be con now this point here is going to be subjective obviously it's not a replaceable coil you throw out this whole thing here and you replace it I don't know it could have been nice to have had a one that you could replace the coil instead of throwing this whole housing out maybe they can make something that'll work with this in the future not sure what their plans are but like I said should it came with two of them it's gonna have to be a con let's go into pros here device it's an M T L device I'm gonna have to give it a pro for sticking to their guns here to make it an empty L device now MTL it's on how do I compare it's more of a loose MTL not super loose but it's on the loose side I like it to be a little bit tighter than what it is this is that airflow that my wife likes so yeah anyway but it does empty all nice it's got 12 milligram inside here let's have a flavours great on here fires right away construction is aluminum I think they're sexy I love these matte colors that they did with them would have to give it a pro fire buns nice I'm gonna give it a pro the power they have two power modes in here definitely have to give it a pro for that another problem to give them is this is pretty cool if you think about it puff counter internal puff counter you don't see the actual puff counter but in 15 minutes of vaping if you gone over 15 poles it'll alert you to tell you or maybe you need to slow down you know or whatever just to give you an alert about it I'm gonna have to give them a pro for that it has haptic feedback and vibrates and shit like that so we're nice to give them a probe all in all you know what it's a pretty nice pot system it's nice nothing mind-blowing going on here we've seen these like so many times right it's like on and on all these companies come on we need some rebuildable x' we need box mods kangertech come on baby we know you could do it let's see some good stuff come out of there some rebuildable x' some some maybe get back into the subong tanks you guys used to be the kings back in the days reclaim your throne kangertech yeah buddy all right that was the I bar by kangertech in the description below there are no links to these not allowed it's a YouTube's policy thingy just my links as you see links down below as always that's it I'm done [Music]