🔥Omari-O Slyeek Pod System Vape Kit Review

hello welcome to the thumbnail today on

half-ass Sophie reviews a lot more putt

kids this one's called the sleek right

yeah by Amar'e oh here's a closer look

at the box

I like that they actually put up above

this warning that the only time in of

nicotine in here is when you put it in

yourself there's no liquid in these this

is an open pod system kind of neat Holly

put the manufacture date on there

there's a user manual the manual misses

the most important part of being a

manual it doesn't tell me how to use the

product Oh cute they tossed in a

quality-control certificate this is the

USB cable for charging and it is type-c

also there was one of these it says

don't eat it so I guess this one you

can't eat but it doesn't say don't eat

these other things I'm not really sure

obviously comes a to pods and there's

the device for size comparison here's

this week with the pod in it and here's

my lip gloss inside of here is a 1000

milliamp hour rechargeable battery and

it recharges to the USB port on the

bottom these are the pods they hold

about 2.4 million illiquid and the fill

holes right here I don't think anyone

likes these stopper dealios this is hard

this is really hard without a nail I

have now pushed in two Stoppers just

trying to open this up

I've now pushed in three Stoppers not

put my tools back sooo you don't have

pills so the best way for me using a

tool every single time honest let's see

if I can get it up with me just using my


there's no nails nope can't do it every

time I try to lift it up it just goes in

the stopper is not good with a brand new

pot I give it like three minutes so that

cotton in there concentric comes in a

whole bunch of different colors I'm just

gonna play some music or this here's how

the replacement paws come packaged in a

little box of three

the device is both draw activated and

button activated as well next listened

for the draw so the microphone I was

just using that's my old one my newer

one has sadly broken so to the person I

keep saying I should buy a new mic

you're gonna get your wish so I had the

mic really close to here that way you

can hear the draw instead of me trying

to explain the draw it's better to hear

it I think in my opinion and this one on

here is pretty darn smooth flavor is

good not like the best flavor out there

I would say it's about average for a

pocket good size battery thousand

milliamp hours should definitely get

most people through the Dave not onto

the next one it may be an other one

after that I don't know depends how much

you they hate the stopper everything

else is pretty decent about this kit and

that's it I gotta go I hope to see you

next time

- rudely Lu hey I know it's kind of

ending but I know yeah it's a cheesy Oh

true I know