🔥Oxva Origin Vape Pod System Review

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today we're gonna be going over a single
18 650 pod this one was designed by the
og designer of the geek vape ages I'm
talking about the Aqsa origin before we
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18 650 pod check out the packaging on
this thing man they did a nice job on
the packaging look at that very very
check that out man let's take a look at
this thing that's kind of sexy looking
I'm not gonna lie man I would definitely
rock that I like that white and blue man
we got other colors tootle I'll show you
in a minute but you can see you got this
kind of indented fire button right here
right and sometimes it can be a pain in
the neck to find like you kind of like
sometimes I find myself pressing over
here but it works it's nice and clicky
okay this is just an up button there is
your screen right there
there is your micro USB port by the way
2 amp charging on deck
ok even though it's a micro USB port
Oxford branding over here that's where
you get your airflow
there's your juice sight glass window
all right kind of neat they put open
over here right you stick your little
fingernail in there pop that bad boy
open and this is plastic but it's got
nice magnets and the door does click on
rather nicely and it don't move it don't
go nowhere man nice job on the door the
door is plastic right but they did a
solid job with it there's your battery
strap there's your magnets on the mod
your chipset is obviously behind here
okay gold-plated spring-loaded contacts
negative side up when you put the
battery in battery indicator markings
black on black that is a con you just
do that alright now when you get to the
pod right here you got this little got
this little cutout right here right kind
of dig your finger in there and pop that
bad boy out all right nice clear pod I
like the way they did that nice job over
here you got your little fingernail tab
right your little rubber gasket you pull
that up and now you can fill it all up
alright it's a little tough sometimes to
get back in at first but once you get
some juice on it it'll pop right in
alright but it sits nice and flush okay
there's your air hole right there
adjustable airflow with Stoppers on it I
like that a little bit of knurling all
right kind of get your finger in there
dig out the coil it's one of those
plug-and-play coils so here's the coil
this is the one that comes pre-installed
30 to 40 watts point three ohms nice
little mesh pattern in there this is my
favorite coil
I love running this coil at around 35
watts the flavor is just bangin the
other coil you get in the kit is the 0.5
ohm coil good for 20 to 25 watts alright
also a mesh this one's good too but I
like the other one better
the other one is definitely more my
style so like I said in order to put
this thing back together it's a plug and
play style coil what I would suggest is
that you put the airflow towards the
edge here because you want it closer to
the to the holes in the mod so you can
get the maximum amount of airflow going
through there right the only bad thing
about the adjustability of the airflow
is you do have to pull the pot out to
make your adjustments I wish there was a
way to do it without pulling your pot
out but what are you gonna do at least
it is adjustable right now I'm gonna get
this thing back in you kind of want to
like caddy corner and in there like that
right and then you just kind of finagle
it it gets a little tough sometimes and
pop it in there just like that those
contacts will loose
up over time and you'll be able to get
it in and out easier now here's another
kind I wanted to point out this is a
proprietary drip tip the the the
designer of the Aegis is the guy who
designed this and he should have
definitely known better it does have a
510 type of bore the problem is its
proprietary and there's only one in the
box so if you lose this you're Sol baby
all right so let me show you the one
I've been using in order to go over the
menu system okay this is the red and
black one all right you can see got a
battery in there all right
does have a nice heft to it while you
got the battery in there five clicks on
you can see the ox4 splash screen and
boom it boots up right away now check
out that screen right there you can see
my wattage my voltage my resistance my
battery and Oxford had to put their name
on the screen what is going on with
these companies putting their name on
the screen why why are you taking up
valuable screen space with your name on
the screen it's really starting to get
annoying it's a trend I've been seeing
coming out of China and it's starting to
annoy the hell out of me we don't want
to see your company name on the screen
alright rant over you can see the fire
button like I showed you earlier got an
indent in it this is an UP button Oh me
and there is your microUSB port
let me show you how this works it
Scrolls up when you get to maximum power
you get 240 watts it does round-robin
okay scrolls rather quickly no issues
with that but it's only in one direction
all right so just keep that in mind let
me put this at thirty-eight watts all
right now the only other thing you can
do besides shut it off as you can hit
the UP button and the fire button and
it'll lock the mod which is kind of
useless right because now I can't fire
it and now I can't adjust the power they
should have made that only lock the UP
button not the power button right
if I really want to lock it I know I
don't need to do that I can just hit hit
the button five times and shut it off
but you know that's a very nitpicky
minor complaint but I would like to have
a lock feature on the wattage button
that's for sure
all right and that's it folks that's the
whole menu system all right let me show
you all the colors they sent me okay
this is the carbon fiber one this is the
rainbow loving that sexy green blueish
type of panel this is the silver Aurora
and here is the black and red all right
I'm probably gonna be doing a little
something-something with the two in the
middle in my Facebook group
make sure you watch till the end of the
video all right I wanted to give you a
quick size comparison to the view drag X
and the reason I wanted to do that is
because the drag X is also a single 18
650 mod and look how much smaller I mean
yeah it's just as wide right but it's
definitely slimmer in the hand
definitely feels sleeker than the vopo
drag X I got to tell you man from a form
factor standpoint I am very impressed
with this aqua origin let's get after
those cons and crows for the Aqsa origin
first cons gonna be and I pointed it out
down low that proprietary drip tip bad
job man not only is it proprietary you
only get one so if you lose that one you
are Sol baby first of all it shouldn't
have been proprietary why don't you just
go with a 5 10 second of all if you're
gonna go that route you need to put at
least two in there Oxbow no type-c
yes it's got to amp charging but it's
not type-c I hate devices that are not
type-c my phone is type-c all the wires
around my house a type C I want my new
mods coming out to be type C it's not
that hard
get it done China those battery markings
black on black come on
and you know better than that they got
to be more distinctive it's a kind that
fire button that fire button it's got
that little indent which you would think
would make it easier to find but I'm
really not hitting it with the point of
my finger I'm normally hitting it with
the side of my thumb and I find myself
missing it a lot of times I wish instead
of being indented I wish it protruded
more it's a nitpicky con but it's
something that's been bothering me as
I've been using it but that's it on the
cons nitpicky stuff admittedly we got
plenty of pros on this one let's talk
about them first pros gonna be look at
look at the size look at the form factor
it's thing man it's barely bigger than a
single 18 650 battery bang-up job
occifer I get great flavor on this thing
the coils on this thing just Rock I'm
enjoying the hell out of it
check this baby out oh yeah man ain't
nothin wrong with that and the flavor
the flavor is just rockin man awesome
awesome job ox but this thing it's dry
it's dry as a bone
no leaks whatsoever you can fill it
while the pod is installed I love that
that's a pro I already touched on it but
it takes a single 18 650 battery that's
awesome man and it only goes up to 40
watts so you get great battery life it's
a pro to the bull it's a pro that it
takes in 18 650 at all really really
nice and well thought out I love it it
auto detects your coil - amp charging is
on deck it's got adjustable air flow and
this thing is super super sleek I love
the carbon fiber one the carbon fiber
one is just classy looking man this
thing is just really nice to hold it's
very very pocketable I think from an
exterior aesthetics point of view they
did an awesome job on this thing let's
get into that five-star rating system
first category is the looks
I love it it's sleek it's sexy it's
classy I love the looks of this thing
it's getting a solid four and a half
stars in the coil performance category
it's fantastic I'm getting great flavor
and great longevity off of it
the 0.3 ohm coil is fine I haven't tried
the 1.4 mount alum coil yet and there is
an available RBA base for it so in the
coil performance department we're gonna
give it another four and a half stars as
far as the air flow goes it's smooth
it's adjustable
what more can you ask for from a little
pod system like this I'm diggin the air
flow on it I'm giving it four stars in
the value category I've been seeing this
thing anywhere from 38 to 45 dollars and
I have to say I think it's a pretty good
value when you figure into the equation
the actual vape quality that you get off
of this thing it does perform
beautifully it's getting another horse
stars so now we're gonna add all these
stars up we're gonna come up with a
total star count of 17 stars we're gonna
take those 17 stars we're gonna divide
them by four and we're gonna come up
with an average score of four and a
quarter stars and let me tell you
something this thing deserves that score
it's a fantastic little pod system
beautiful form factor it performs well
this is one of my go-to pods it's not
going on the shelf any time soon let's
get into some of the specs on the Aqsa
origin pod system it measures in at
thirty eight point two by twenty three
point five by a hundred and thirteen
point five millimeters it does take a
single 18 650 battery with a maximum
wattage output of 40 watts
to amp charging is on deck in the kit
you're gonna get a point 5 ohm mesh coil
and 8.30 ms coil there
is an optional 1.40 mouth to lung coil
and an RBA base is available
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