Review of Aspire BP60 Vape Kit Vaporizer

this should be a thumbnail I gotta start doing these pod casts and of different because pod kits are really simple like this one here from aspire the BP 60 this is a cover this is a pod it's the pot holds coils the coils are the only thing that need to be replaced you know what is this even a pod kit is it is it really I don't even know what it's a vaporizer the device has adjustable airflow on the side it goes up to 60 watts and it has three different modes so you can either use the button to fire this with or no button maybe you're not into buttons you can have it draw activated or the third option is just to activate all of it and you can have it either draw activated or the button as well the color that's on the outside is not necessarily what's on the inside the colors are listed right here and here's a look at the back of the box um I don't know there's also a user manual this is the USB cable for charging and it is type C and lastly there's two different coils and here is the BP 60 this thing has a 1400 milliamp hour rechargeable battery and here's the port at the top there is a dust cover I always lose these these are good for like one day for me that's it this is the pod and it holds two milliliters of a liquid the coils just shove in like this any old way any directions fine and then this fills on the side right here I'm not the biggest fan of these stopper dealios but at least this one is a substantial compared to some of the others I've seen in the past I'm gonna squeeze in some mixed berry from teatime ignore the warning I don't use nicotine this stuff has absolutely zero nicotine it's just VG vegetable glycerin PG propylene glycol and flavorings with the brand-new coil I like to give it like three to five minutes with a cotton in there can saturate one two three four five turns it on and five clicks also turns it off you notice a little lock symbol one two three clicks removes the lock symbol so what's unlocked I can adjust my wattage it goes between one all the way to 60 watts if I hold down a button it does us a lot quicker and it stops at 60 if I keep going it round robins one two three clicks it's locked again when it's locked I can't change any of my settings so this has three different modes depending on how you want to use it click these to the bottom button fire button you see it says a mode that's for automatic draw the fire button will no longer work in this mode click these two again and here is B mode and B mode only the fire button will work and you can't draw activate it to have both click it one more time and now both modes are activated if I stick this coil on here it'll automatically adjust the wattage to the resistance of the coil and it caps me at 40 watts because this coil can be made between 30 and 40 watts it will not go past the max of Kyle can handle and this will even prevent it from round robin the manual says an auto mode that this will happen but I've tried it in all three modes and it caps it out just that was a mode there's B mode in B mode same thing a B mode same thing swapping out the coils was a bit messy I had a full tank popped out the coil how did sideways but some liquid still came out alright so with this coil it sets it to 22 and max 25 oh I've really mucked it up with my fingers so last thing on here this button top button if you click them at the same time it'll clear the puff counter with the mesh coil the mouthpiece got pretty hot I think the coil is a bit too much for this device the moulds aren't kind of cool this way you can pick fire button draw activated either or I love the adjustable wattage and that around Robin not sure how I feel about the cap on the coils but it's their adjustable airflow it is on the tighter scientists go so it doesn't get bumped out of place the stopper not my fav I think with these were usable pods they should use a latch with a hinge to be much better so that's it - Ludo Lee Lu


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